2017 Review: GermGuardian Mini Air Purifiers

Mini Air Purifiers

It’s been a while since we’ve done a review of the Guardian Technologies line up. We did touch on the features of their wifi enabled air purifier here, and some of their other products a while back. Today the focus is some of their mini air purifiers. All three products ditch the standard combination carbon/true HEPA filter in favor of a single UV-C light bulb to sanitize the air and remove unwanted odors. Let’s take a look and see how three of the Germ Guardian team’s smallest players compare…

GermGuardian GG1000 Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer and Odor Reducer

First up we have an air purifier that plugs directly into the wall, the GermGuardian GG1000. This convenient feature makes for a pretty long list of possible applications: next to the garbage, near the cat litter box, above the diaper bin… you get the idea. The GermGuardian GG1000 turns places you don’t want to go into places that aren’t so bad anymore.


Small size and no features to set up or configure make this product one of the easiest to use in the Guardian Technologies product line.

Since there is only a single UV-C light bulb, there are no filters to replace. Similar to the GermGuardian true HEPA filters it follows a 6 to 8 month manufacturer recommended replacement timeline.


While only having to replace the light bulb was a pro, the lack of a true HEPA filter is a downfall for the GG1000. Because of its small size, there isn’t really a way to get a HEPA filter into the product. Be aware that you’re trading convenience for some functionality you would expect from other Guardian Technologies air purifiers.


This product can be installed wherever you have an outlet, providing powerful and highly focused air purification. The GermGuardian GG1000 is a solid product that can put the finishing touches on your quest for fresh air throughout your whole home. This product uses the same LB1000 replacement bulb as the next purifier we review, the GermGuardian GG1100 Elite. Skip over to Amazon now, or continue reading to learn more about GermGuardian’s other space conscious solutions.

GermGuardian GG1100 Elite Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer and Odor Reducer

As we mentioned before, the GG1100 and GG1000 both use the same replacement bulb. The main differences we’ll encounter here are aesthetic in nature. With the exact same replacement bulb, the choice here comes down to style. Compared to the silver, cylindrical GG1000, the GermGuardian GG1100 presents a lower profile rectangle shape available in black and white.


The updated GG1100 Elite Pluggable offers two more options to match your home décor while keeping your air clean. The black and white versions both offer the same performance as the aforementioned silver colored GG1000.

The black fits in with earth tone colors and southwest themed rooms.

The white blends in seamlessly in a nearly all white beach house decorating style and also with the wildly popular teal and coral color schemes.


Definitely a step in the right direction with optional colors. However, the stark black and white will still leave some buyers struggling to blend their air purification appliances with their existing furniture pieces and wall colors.


The GermGuardian GG1100 takes the same great options the GG1000 and repackages them in a more modern style. Since it ships with one bulb already you may want to order a second to be stocked up for about a year. In the final review today we more away from wall mounted models and review GermGuardian’s compact tabletop air purifier, the GermGuardian GG3000BCA.


GermGuardian GG3000BCA UV-C Air Sanitizer and Deodorizer

The last model we visit today is a compact unit that stands on its own while relying on a cord that plugs into the wall outlet. The pluggable units we just reviewed use a UV-C light bulb to purify the surrounding air. The GG3000BCA also sheds the HEPA/carbon filter used in most GermGuardian air purifiers. The GG3000BCA does use a different replacement bulb, the EV9LBL.


This model conserves space and also leaves your outlets readily accessible for other appliances. Its small enough that it can easily share an end table with a lamp or speakers from your home entertainment system. Other applications include desktops and kitchen countertops near the toaster or microwave where cooking smells originate.

It has the strongest fan of all the GermGuardian compact air purifiers reviewed in this article.


The GG3000BCA has the space conscious benefits of being a compact air purifier. However, does not use a true HEPA filter to capture particulates and remove them from the air.


The GG3000BCA is the giant in the compact air purifier section. It does offer higher power that some areas of your home may need to deal with. While lacking some of the better air purification mechanisms of their other products, the GG3000BCA offers a lot of flexibility if space is a concern.


Today we revisited the GermGuardian product offering to give you an update on some of the new air purifiers on the market. All three purifiers: GG1000, GG1100 and GG3000BCA are available on Amazon, use replacement UV-C bulbs and do not require filters. The main advantage here is cost saving although it does lose the true HEPA designation most buyers expect in an air purifier.

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