Advantages of Mini Air Purifiers

Advantages of Mini Air Purifiers

Advantages of Mini Air Purifiers

Many people do not realize that the air inside your home can be just as polluted—or even more polluted—than the air outside. This can be particularly true if you live in an apartment or small home. In these situations, many find that mini air purifiers have a number of advantages over larger units. Remember to check out the reviews of three GermGuardian products that fall into this category.

Perfectly Sized

First and foremost, the size of a mini air purifier is one of the best advantages to this type of air purifier. If you live in a 500 ft2 apartment, a mini air purifier with dimensions that are roughly 12” x 12” (1 ft2) takes up only a small amount of floor space but still does the work needed to purify the air of pollutants. For an apartment dweller for whom space is already at a premium, a mini air purifier can provide the air quality boost that is needed without taking up too much space.

Seen But Not Heard

An additional advantage of a mini air purifier is that they are typically quieter than larger air purifiers. This is particularly good for those who live in small spaces. It is also good for those who work in a home office. A mini air purifier in your home office can provide much needed air purification without distracting you while working or, more importantly, while talking on the phone with colleagues or clients. A full-sized air purifier in a small space could produce an overwhelming amount of noise, but a mini air purifier will be substantially quieter and less obtrusive.

The Best Air Purifiers for Pet Dander

For those with pets, mini air purifiers are also a great investment over larger air purifiers. mini air purifiers are typically less expensive and handle a smaller amount of space, enabling a pet owner to have multiple purifiers in different rooms of the home, rather than one large purifier. Having several mini air purifiers in different rooms will help keep pet dander and allergens under better control than a single, large purifier that can be shut off from other rooms when doors are closed or when air flow in the home is stagnant. A compact air purifiers are also the perfect size for the area where your pet sleeps. These air purifiers are small enough not to bother a pet, and small enough to get very close to one of the worst pet hair and dander trouble spots in a home—the pet bed area.

Do Mini Air Purifiers Help With Allergies?

For those with severe allergies, a mini air purifier is a great option for two reasons. First, a mini air purifier is a great addition to your bedroom; because it is smaller and quieter than a larger air purifier, it won’t disturb sleep that may already be difficult due to allergy suffering. The only way to get quieter would be air purifying plants for your bedroom. A mini air purifier can remove the same types of pollens and pollutants from the air as a full-sized unit can; it does it more quietly and in less space, making them ideal for the bedroom.

Second, mini air purifiers are great travel options for those with severe allergies. Mini air purifiers are small enough to put in a car trunk or, depending on airline regulations, in checked baggage, so you can travel with your air purifier. For those who suffer severe allergies, hotel rooms, family members’ homes, and other locations may have allergens or pollutants. The mini air purifier can easily be pulled out while on vacation, and set up in a hotel room or spare bedroom. It won’t use too much energy, and is safe to leave working while you are out enjoying your travels, allowing you to return back to a bedroom or hotel room that has fewer pollutants, dander, and other allergens. As many hotel rooms around the nation still can be smoked in, a mini air purifier is a must for anyone traveling who has allergies or sensitivity to cigarette or cigar smoke.

For someone with very severe allergies to dust and dander, the size of the mini air purifiers means they can be unobtrusively taken with you almost anywhere you will be long enough for the purifier to work. Some people with severe allergies use mini air purifiers for their offices outside the home. As office buildings can be a source of many allergens, and as many companies or office buildings have regulations about bringing in outside appliances, mini air purifiers are typically small enough and use such little power that most office buildings or workplaces will allow them. If not, you can ask your doctor to prescribe that you use a mini air purifier at work, which may require your employer to allow the use of a purifier, even if their normal rules do not allow this.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

Finally, mini air purifiers are great for people who love to cook, but have confined kitchens or live in small apartments. If you have ever cooked onions or fish in a kitchen with poor ventilation or in a small apartment, the smell can be overpowering and linger for days on end! However, having a mini air purifier in the kitchen can help cut down on such odors and prevent them from spreading throughout the home. A mini air purifier is small enough it won’t take up too much space in a small kitchen where space is already at a premium.


For small apartments and kitchens, for those who suffer from severe allergies, the benefits of mini air purifiers are significant. For those who live in confined spaces, have pets, or travel often and stay in hotels, mini air purifiers can be a lifesaver. Their size allows them to be used in multiple places, and allows for them to be easily carried from room to room or even from place to place in one’s luggage. Mini air purifiers are a great innovation for those who suffer from allergies, but for whom space is at a premium.

If you’re looking for specific examples of a mini air purifier, check out the reviews we posted earlier this year. We compare three GermGuardian mini air purifiers to help you decide the best one for your needs.


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