AquaPod Vs WaterBOB

How important is water?

The human body consists of over 60% water. Water is being consumed by your body all the time. That means you are constantly losing water from your body. It is no wonder you need to drink several liters of water a day.

Under normal circumstances that is no problem. What happens if there is a water shortage? Natural disasters and unexpected events can lead to water shortages. Perhaps worse, is that population growth and climate change is predicted to seriously affect water supply over the next 50 years.

Gandhi survived no food for about 3 weeks. However, no water will kill you within a week. What if you had a way of storing water and keeping it clean so as to be prepared during water shortages?

You can with an Aquapod or a WaterBOB. Which one is best and which one will suit your needs? Check them out here.

Basics of Water Storage

It is helpful to understand that both the Aquapod and WaterBOB are basically ways of storing water using a plastic container. They both are made from heavy-duty food grade plastic and are BPA free. That means they are completely safe for you and anyone else to drink water that has been stored in them.

Know this, as they are plastic based, they can only be used once.

If you keep them after the first use and use them again, you run the risk of harmful bacteria growing in the plastic and polluting the water.

Water Storage Capacity

The main difference between these two systems is the amount of water storage capacity. The AquaPod can store 65 gallons while the WaterBOB can store 100 gallons.

A man is recommended to drink about 3 liters of water a day. That is a bit less than a gallon. That means one person would likely use one gallon of water a day for drinking and other hygiene requirements. The AquaPod would likely meet the water requirements of a couple for about a month.

Storage Duration

The second significant difference between these two systems in the storage duration. The AquaPod can store water for up to 8 weeks keeping it fresh. In contrast, the WaterBOB can store its capacity for up to 16 weeks.

So the real question is how long you would need to store water. The AquaPod is more suited to a shorter term situation, whereas the WaterBOB is much better suited for a longer term and catering for more people, such as a larger family.

Both are excellent options when you do not have the ability to store water at home because you have limited storage space. The plastic bag from both these systems can be put into the bath and used as a sort of water tank. During a crisis, there may also be a power shortage so think about a heating source for your water also.

AquaPod Vs WaterBOB – Your Choice

In this article, you have read about some of the similarities and differences of the AquaPod and WaterBOB. Both are a good choice.

Ultimately it is up to you but make sure you have one or the other so as to be prepared. Check out this article on insulated water bottles and more here.

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