Best Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses

Take a deep breath. How does the air feel? How does it smell? Do you trust that the air in your home is clean?

It is definitely NOT clean!

A 17-week study of two cities in Texas shows that there are up to 2,000 dangerous microbes present in the air that we breathe every day! Some of these germs are the ones that can cause diarrhea and ulcers in humans! Gross!

It is vital to make sure you are scrubbing your air clean of these harmful bacteria and viruses so you can protect yourself and your family in your own home.

Read on to learn about the best home air purifier we could find and how you can get one.

What You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

The market is flooded with air purifiers that make various claims about what they can do for you. It can be overwhelming to sort through the heap.

A good thing to note is that the best home air purifier may not be the cheapest one, so don’t sort the list with that in mind.

A common phrase that describes air purifiers is HEPA filter. HEPA is an acronym meaning High-Efficiency Particle Arrestance. These kinds of filters have at least 99.97% filtration rates to meet required standards.

If you are trying to scrub the air of bacteria and viruses, you also want to look for an air purifier that boasts germicidal properties. For home purifiers, the germicidal quality is usually provided by a UV light inside the unit.

UVGI Air Cleaners, Viruses and Bacteria

Both air purifiers we review on this page include ultraviolet lights to treat the filtered air. These lights are inside the purifier and pose no risk to people or pets in the room. Air purifiers that use ultraviolet lights to sanitize the air they purify are called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation cleaners, or UVGI cleaners for short. The light they use are designed to destroy air borne pathogens like bacteria, viruses and mold.

UVGI Air Cleaners and Mold Allergies

The ultraviolet light these air cleaners use does a great job destroying mold spores so they cannot gain a foothold and establish a colony. However, dead mold will still cause an allergic reaction in people who suffer from mold allergies. Make sure your air purifier has a HEPA filter if removing mold spores is a priority for you.

The Best Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses

After scouring Amazon for the best home air purifier that would remove bacteria and viruses from the air, one model rose to the top.

The Surround Air Multi Tech II XJ-3000D is currently rated very well with Amazon users. Some of the key features are a HEPA filter for dust, UV lamp and ionizer for bacteria and micro-organisms, and a carbon filter for smoke or chemicals.

This air purifier also boasts low energy operation and inexpensive replacement costs and it is quiet when running. The Surround can sanitize the air in a rather large room up to 600 square feet.

The images below are all clickable links that will take you to the product listing on Once you are there you can explore other product listings as well. These images include both products we review on this page.

The Surround can be a bit pricey, but it is well worth it for the air scouring power you receive.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, we have you covered!

The Hamilton Beach 04162 air purifier has many of the same features, such as HEPA filter and UV light to remove dust as well as microbes, but it is much more gentle on your wallet.

The lower price point may be an issue if you have a large room though. The Hamilton Beach version can only clean the air in a room of 350 square feet or smaller.

Humidifiers, Bacteria and Viruses

The EPA regularly conducts a Community Water System Survey. In the last survey took place in 2006 and it indicates not all community water systems treat their water.

It is reasonable to assume there are unwanted contaminants in your drinking water. (Remember Flint, Michigan?) If you use a humidifier in addition to an air purifier be sure you take steps to clean the water.

There are also humidifiers that comes equipped with ultraviolet lights designed to destroy bacteria, viruses and molds that may be present in water. The two top models are the Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier and the Vicks V3900 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. Check out this article that provides an in-depth review of the Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. Alternatively, check out either of these products on Amazon by clicking the links below.

Need More Help Cleaning Your Air?

The world of home air purifiers is very confusing and packed with brands and models that do not perform the way they claim or may not work for your home.

If you have any other questions about home air purifiers or if you would like to give us your thoughts and experiences, contact us today!

The images below are all clickable links that will take you to the product listing on Once you are there you can explore other product listings as well. These images include both products we review on this page.

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