What are the Best Camping Stoves With Legs?

Are you looking to purchase a camping stove with legs? If so, read on to learn how to choose the best ones.

Given that 40 million people go camping across the country every year, each one of them has their own ideal list of items to have in the woods.

While most want Wi-Fi at campsites, many just want to have nicer camping stoves with legs. Finding the perfect camping stove makes life easier as you can have better meals that are cooked well with all of the care and flavor you expect at home.

Here are five things to look for when you’re seeking the perfect camping stove.

1. Capacity

When you’re looking for the right camping stove for your next vacation or adventure, you need to make sure it can do the trick. When you buy a camping stove with legs that can’t handle the capacity that you need, cooking is going to take twice as long.

If you’re traveling with a group of four and your stove only has enough room to cook for two, then you need to cook two rounds of food before you’re satiated. This causes you to have to do more work and spend more time over your stove rather than enjoying nature. While you’re camping, some things are going to be naturally harder, but that doesn’t mean you have to make them harder on purpose.

Getting a stove with the proper capacity is a good way to ensure that you’re prepared for being outdoors. When you have a camping stove with legs, you have one that’s more substantially built than others. However, if it can’t handle the amount of cooking that you need to do, then it’s not worth the price.

The CONCORD Triple Burner Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker has one of the best capacities on the market when it comes to camping stoves. Like the name says there are three burners, most camping stoves max out at two burners. 

Another nice feature the CONCORD has is that the wind protection is built into the burners themselves. This means there are no walls at the edge of the cooking area. The wind guards will not limit the size of the pans you can use. This can be a hinderance with other camping stoves.

2. Portability

Camping means packing up and moving around quickly. When you’re out camping, you want to have equipment that’s easy to move around and doesn’t take up too much space. A portable camping stove needs to also meet your other needs.

There are plenty of small camping stoves with legs that are portable but don’t hold up under the pressure you put them under. Some are unnecessarily bulky or heavy and should be avoided. If you’re struggling to move your camping stove, then you can’t exactly consider it portable.

Portability is vital if you’re a serious camper. The most dedicated campers are the ones that are willing to go on long hikes, miles away from their vehicles, with their equipment in tow. They’ll be in treacherous areas for hours at a time in uncomfortable temperatures and be excited to sit down for a meal at the end of the day.

If it’s hard to move your camping stove around, then you’re not going to enjoy that meal at the end of your hike. If it takes longer because your stove is too heavy, you’ll be too frustrated to have a good meal.

When it comes to portability, the Coleman Fyre Captain 2-Burner is great. It comes in at a featherweight 15.4 pounds. The reduced weight does come at a price though. The maximum output for each burner is 11,000 BTUs. This is still a ton of heat but lower than some of the others. For example, the CONCORD Triple Burner Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker puts out just over 18,000 BTUs per burner. However, the CONCORD weighs a hefty 39 pounds.

3. Easy to Use

When you’re out camping, you’re going to be out on the treacherous ground in territory that’s unstable and potentially uneven. If this is the case, you need to have an easy to use camping stove where you can adjust your legs easily. If you can’t you’ll struggle to get your stove upright and balanced on the area that you’re sitting on.

Finding a stove that’s easy to set up is one thing. It should also be easy for you to cook on. If it’s hard to use, then you’re set up with a stove that you should consider replacing so that you have an easier one to use.

On top of the ease of use, your stove should be easy to clean. One of the most frustrating things with a camping stove is when it’s difficult to clean and all the old gunk from camping trips past are stuck in it. If your stove isn’t easy to clean, then you’re going to be carrying around gunk from campsite to campsite for the rest of your life.

4. Fits Your Budget

No matter how much money you devote to your camping equipment, no one ever overlooks the vital matter of how much things cost. When you’re spending an arm and a leg on your camping stove, you’re going to feel pressure to get the most out of it. If you’re not prepared to pay top dollar, you need to know what your bare minimum needs are.

The price of your camping stove is going to depend on the types of features it has. The more tricked out your camping stove is, the more it’s going to cost you.

Don’t just go for name brands though. Go for features and look at the reviews you find of these stoves. It’ll help ensure that you find the right one that suits what you’re looking for.

The Coleman Fyre Captain 2-Burner and Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer 2 Burner Camping Stove are two of the more affordable camping stoves with legs. 

5. Works With Your Accessories

When you’re looking for a camping stove that works for your needs, think about the tools and accessories you already have for a camping stove. If you already have a propane tank, maybe you want to find a stove that uses propane tanks. If you want to ensure that you find one that can handle your coffee percolator, measure the grill at the top.

The accessories that make cooking while camping fun for you need to match up with your new camping stove. If it doesn’t match, then you’re going to have a frustrating time matching your favorite accessories with your stove. For the perfect camping experience, check and see if any other items are recommended for use with your stove before you commit to it.

Camping Stoves With Legs Make Life Easier

When you use camping stoves with legs, you get a much more substantial and robust cooking environment for better meals. You’ll find it’s much easier to cook and to appease everyone in your party when you’ve got the perfect camping stove.

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