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Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot Review

The Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot is one of the best-cast iron teapots from Japan. Most avid tea lovers swear tea made from the iron teapots bring out a natural and unique taste. The pots were used to provide warmth and humidity in the past during winter and the goldfish design represent the good fortune.
Many people, however, are concerned about the safety of using cast iron teapots.

Are Cast Iron Teapots Safe?

Yes, they are. Cast iron teapots have been safely used for hundreds of year. They were initially used to boil water but later became a household item for boiling tea. Here are few reasons why cast iron teapots are safe.

Chemical Free

They are made of pure cast iron which is free from hazards present in industrialized materials.

Possible Solution To Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is a treatable health problem some people experience, especially if you are limiting red meat consumption. Brewing your tea in a cast iron teapot infuses some iron into your tea which can benefit people with iron deficiency.

Can Last For Decades

As long as they are properly taken care of, they can last for decades. This is the same reason people consider buying cast iron pots and pans.

Better Heat Absorption

An iron cast teapot distributes heat evenly and retains the heat. The gradual approach releases the entire flavor in the tea and infuses it in the water.

What makes the Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot the best cast iron teapot set? Besides the documented benefited of using the tetsubin cast iron teapots, their elegant design and improved functionality stand out from the rest.

Large Capacity

The teapot has a 22-ounce capacity which can prepare tea for three to four people per filled pot.

Stainless Steel Infuser

It has a stainless steel infuser which is easily removable. This also makes it easy to clean.


Its interior is enamel coated which prevents the rusting and staining you may expect from iron.


The Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot has superior quality and is long-lasting. Its beauty and durability earn it a reputation as one of the best iron cast teapots globally.

Affordable price

The pot sells at an affordable price and is a great appeal to people who love collecting decorative items.

Easy To Pour Spout

It has an easy to pour spout that does not dribble or drip tea down to the sides even when you pour from a full pot. You do not have to worry about creating any spills or messes.

Perfect For Various Tea Types

The Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot is perfect various tea types by steeping tea bags and the loose leaf tea. You can make all tea types ranging from mint to green to white teas among many others.

Some of the buyers felt it was small and so were its matching cups. It is also slightly heavy compared to the ceramic and stainless steel teapots.

It should not be used on an open flame.

The Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot gets a 4.8 out of 5 rating because of its beauty, durability, utility. Its heat retention and equal distribution of heat outperform the other ceramic pots. It is made from the real cast iron in Japan making it popular among people seeking a certain d├ęcor in their living spaces. It is also highly sought after by those wishing to avoid chemicals produced by heated plastic.

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