What’s The Best Electric Can Opener For People With Arthritis?

Arthritis affects 54 million adults, but most of them lead relatively normal lives at home.

Some may need special accommodations and other need help with just a few tasks. Simple things that most of us take for granted become difficult with arthritis, including taking out the garbage, using a blender, or chopping up vegetables.

One of the things many arthritis suffers complain about is the ability to use a can opener. The twisting motion can cause excruciating pain to already inflamed joints.

If your arthritis is making it difficult for you to open up your favorite can of soup, read on to learn about the best electric can opener for people with arthritis!

Best Electric Can Opener Overall

The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener is our favorite. To start, this can opener cuts the sides of the can rather than the top, leaving smooth edges, thus eliminating a safety concern.

All you need to do to get things started is lightly push the ergonomically-designed lever and the can opener goes to work. It comes in black and chrome and you can get it on Amazon.

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An Electric Can Opener and More!

Another choice that tops the list for best electric can opener is the Black and Decker Space Maker Multipurpose Can Opener.

This low profile can opener is also a bottle opener, bag cutter, and knife sharpener.

What’s even better is that it can be mounted to the underside of a cabinet, saving you valuable counter top space. This machine also weighs less than a pound.

Best Budget Can Opener

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America. That often means living on a fixed income. If you’re on a budget, there are still excellent can openers available to you.

The Proctor Silex Power Opener comes in a slim design. It can even handle some taller cans if you keep your hand on it.

The handle twists off, making cleaning a snap. It has cord storage and comes in either black or white.

This is the best electric can opener for the price!

A Handheld Option

This 7-ounce handheld can opener is made by Bangrui and we love how it looks like a computer mouse. Our favorite feature is that it cuts smooth edges with no risk for getting hurt. The price is right on this one too, only around $30.

Though it may initially appear confusing, it is so easy to use. All you have to do is line it up along the edge of the can and press the button. It circles around the can making a cut, then stops when it’s made the full rotation.

Best Electric Can Opener For People With Arthritis

When choosing an electric can opener, a few things to consider are ease of use, cost of product, and durability in the long term. Be sure to examine all of these in order to pick the best electric can opener for you.

Once you’ve picked one, you’re sure to be busy cooking. After a while, you might start to notice some the lingering scent of food in your kitchen. Check out our blog on removing cooking smells.

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