Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

When looking for an electric tea kettle, there is a lot one needs to consider. There are a number of options to consider like cordless serving, the material the kettle is made of and whether or not there is a built in infuser.

When I bought my first tea kettle, the only thing I considered was the capacity. The Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle offers you so much more than just capacity. You get a high quality kettle in this one. This is why I give it a 5 star rating. So what makes this tea kettle stand out from the rest? Lets have a look.


This is the kettle that allows you to have a whole new experience when it comes to making tea. It is a versatile appliance that will change your brewing experience. It comes with a convenient programmable temperature to allow you heat water at the right temperature. So you can brew your perfect cup of tea, cocoa or pour over coffee.

This is simply the best electric tea kettle with infuser. The infuser can be lowered or raised so that you can brew your drink at the desired temperature. The GDK290 Kettle is all about convenience. I love the fact that I can customize my flavors safely without having to open the kettle.


Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

Its design is also something to talk about. This product has a glass and stainless steel design to suit different preferences. Most people love the fact that it has a cordless base. This is a detachable base that makes it easy to maneuver. You can also carry it to the dining table or any other room you want to take your Tea from. So it is easy to Use as a pourer.

I love a transparent kettle that allows me to see how much water I have left before I run out of tea. This one gives you that privilege. So it is easy to refill knowing how much water you need. The body of the kettle also has markings for convenience. So you can measure just the right amount of water you need to have that tasty tea.

What attracts tea lovers to this product is the keep warm feature. Everyone wants to have their cup of tea hot or warm but not cold. So this one allows you to enjoy that warm cup long after brewing. You will not need to reheat your drink if the visitors take longer to arrive. This can also help you save on energy since keeping the water warm is much easier than heating up cold water.

Various parts of the Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle With Precise Steeping Infuser are removable and the body is stain resistant. It is very easy to clean and store your kettle. And although it comes with a user manual, it is quite easy to use. If you make this your first tea kettle it will likely be your only tea kettle.

It comes at a great price and is quite affordable as compared to others out there. You also get a lot of value for your money considering the incredible features.

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