Best Essential Oil Diffuser for a Large Room

As the benefits of essential oils become more widely known, the essential oil diffuser industry is growing at a rapid pace. It has become a must-have for any home that’s looking to have inside air that can prevent or treat medical problems.

Diffusers of all shapes and sizes have started to pop out with the most of them promising neat features along with its basic function of dispersing the essential oil into the air. Some you can even control with your voice like the SMART Essential Oil Diffuser by POLEND.

What does this mean for you?

This means that there’s certainly a model for your needs, but it can be hard to choose from the wide array of available products today. If you’re looking for oil diffusers for large rooms, read this in-depth guide for choosing and for the best models in the market.

Don’t Look at the Size

If you think about it, getting a large diffuser for a large room makes sense, right? Well, not exactly.

They don’t work like fans. The best fans have bigger, faster blades but diffusers have much more going on underneath the surface.

The diffuser’s size options, like 150 mL or 300 mL, refers more to the hours of runtime rather than the size of the area it can cover. A larger size will run for more hours, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be able to cover your large room.

You’d need to look at the motor to see if the diffuser will be able to disperse the essential oil into a large space. However, it would still be preferable to get a larger capacity tank if you can.

You May Have to Buy Two Diffusers

It doesn’t matter what the manufacturer says, if you have a room that’s too large, you may have to get 2 diffusers. For example, it’s not realistic to expect 1 diffuser to cover a 1,000 sq. ft. room.

If you want to inhale the essential oil as you enter the room and even if you go to the other end, we recommend buying 2 of the same model instead. This ensures that the mist will travel to all corners of your room, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of diffusing wherever you choose to be in the room.

Oil Quality Matters Too

If you intend to use a diffuser for a large room, make sure you have some quality essential oils as well.

If you have diluted oils, the scent won’t be as strong and you won’t be able to get the benefits of diffusing even if the mist covers the whole area. Avoid those that contain other ingredients and chemicals that don’t have useful reasons to be there.

When putting drops, you also don’t want to put too few in the name of being frugal. Likewise, you won’t achieve the same effects, especially that you’re diffusing in a large room.

What to Look for in a Large Room Essential Oil Diffuser

When choosing the best oil diffuser for large rooms, take a look at its specs and features. Here are a few that you need to look into before you buy it.


Diffusers with a powerful motor can produce mist for your large room effectively. However, they may not be the silent type.

Thanks to technology, there are now diffusers that run quietly and disperse fragrance efficiently at the same time. Make sure the model you choose has this technology by testing it before buying or by reading up reviews online by those who’ve tried it.

This is especially important when you’re buying more than 1 diffuser for a larger room.


As we’ve discussed earlier, the capacity of a diffuser indicates how long it can run before it dries up. A large capacity means it can store a lot of water and oil, hence it will run out less quickly. It also means fewer refills.

You also need a large capacity if you have a diffuser with a powerful motor as it can disperse essential oil more quickly.

Timer Setting

Want to save essential oils? Turn off the diffuser every time you’re not using it. Better yet, buy a diffuser with a timer setting so that it won’t run continuously when you forget to do so.

A diffuser with a timer setting allows you to set the hours you want the diffuser to operate. Note that in order for the diffuser to run for your desired duration, you have to make sure that it has enough water so it doesn’t shut down.

Consider These Things Before Choosing

There are a lot of great diffusers out there, but not every one of them is the best oil diffuser for you. Consider the following before you buy one.

The Duration You’re Aiming For

How long do you want the diffuser to keep running?

Will you be in the room all day, so you’d also want it to diffuse the whole day? Do you want it to run while you’re sleeping? Perhaps, you don’t need one to operate for more than a couple hours at a time?

The capacity you’ll need depends on your answers. If you need one to work long hours, you’ll have to get a large capacity and vice versa.

How Much Space You Have

As we said above, a room too big might require you to get 2 diffusers instead. Measure the room and then decide on the capacity and power of the diffuser you need, as well as the number of units you have to buy.

The Features You Want

If the diffuser has to run for a long time, it must have an automatic power off function, which will turn off the diffuser when the water is low. This ensures that it won’t operate continuously even when the reservoir is empty.

Take into account the design as well. You’d want it to match the room it will stay in.

Your Budget

Your budget is one of the biggest factors as well. If you need 2 diffusers, for example, and you’re on a tight budget, don’t buy the top models with a bunch of features you don’t need. You don’t need that diffuser with colorful LED lights, do you?

Your budget must match your needs, but don’t be afraid to go a little over the budget for a durable model.

Best Oil Diffusers for Large Rooms 2018

Now that we’ve discussed what makes the best oil diffuser for you, let’s look at some of the best-rated ones in the industry. We looked at the price, the capacity, and the reviews to come up with this list.

1. URPOWER 1,000 mL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This model comes with a large capacity, a powerful motor, and a lot of features. It has a remote control so you can turn the lights on and off, as well as control its settings.

It has 3 timer settings: 3 hours, 6 hours, and 9 hours. It turns off automatically when it becomes empty. It also has 2 mist controls, low and high.

The low setting allows the diffuser to run up to 23 hours, while the high setting allows it to operate for a maximum of 15 hours. The latter mode is more suitable for larger rooms to ensure that the mist reaches every corner.

One of the best things about the URPOWER diffuser and humidifier is that it’s easy to clean and refill. The interior pops out easily, and there’s a water line so you won’t overfill it with water.

The colorful lights feature is a bonus, but you don’t have to turn it on if you want a peaceful night. It’s quiet as well, which is perfect for relaxation nights.

Because of its high capacity, the URPOWER 1000 ml essential oil diffuser earns our top pick for the best diffuser for a large room.

2. VicTsing Aromatherapy Diffuser, Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the VicTsing essential oil diffuser is its classy design. It will fit nicely in high-end rooms, especially those with wood features. It has nice features to go along with the classic wood grain finish as well: 4 timer options and 7-color LED lights.

You can choose to have it running for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and continuously. Like the model above, it has weak and strong cold mist options.

You can program the LED lights to cycle through all 7 colors or to display only one. Even its brightness is customizable, you can have it dimmed or bright to suit the mood.

It only has a 300 mL-capacity, though. Still, it lasts for 6 to 10 hours, and it shuts down automatically when it runs out. That should be enough for a whole day at work or for a whole night of sleep.

It also doubles as a humidifier, which can treat dry throat and ease flu symptoms. That’s not all, however. We’ve made a list of the other great benefits of humidifiers you should check out too.

3. HouSmile Essential Oil Diffuser

The HouSmile diffuser also sports an interesting design with a lighter wood grain finish. It has non-toxic durable materials that are corrosion-resistant and safe for the environment. It’s pretty quiet, which makes it perfect for the bedroom, but the lights might be too bright for some.

According to HouSmile, this model can cover a 160 sq. ft. room, which means you’ll have to buy 2 if you plan to put it in a bigger room. The good thing about it is that you can control the direction of the mist so that it will go to the middle of the room when you put it in the corner.

This model is more of a basic diffuser; it doesn’t have fancy features like numerous timer options, a remote control, and programmable LED lights. However, it has a rather large capacity of 600 mL, and it also has an auto shut off function for when the reservoir runs dry.

It’s quite easy to refill, but you have to wait a bit for the condensation to drip back down before you open it. Otherwise, it will leave a wet mess. If you know what to expect though, you can refill or clean it immediately after using as long as you don’t let the water flow out of the bowl.

4. Pure Enrichment PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil

If you’re looking for an elegant model that you can display in your modern room, the PureSpa Deluxe is right for you. It has first-grade materials that ensure its durability and its polished looks.

With that said, it’s more expensive than the other options in this list given that it only has a 120 mL tank. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for large rooms as the manufacturer promises that it can cover up to 250 sq. ft.

Despite having a low capacity, it can still run for 8 to 10 hours. However, that also means that the output is minimal. If you’re after a high mist setting, this one doesn’t have it.

The best thing about this model is that it runs very quietly so it doesn’t disturb your sleep. It works fast, too! It only takes about 55 seconds to cover 8 feet of space.

It can also display a light cycle of blue, green, red, yellow, and purple. You get to enjoy the whole rainbow as it doesn’t have an option to stay with 1 color.

5. Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

When it comes to looks, the simple and minimalist look of Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser works for every room as well. It sports a clean white look that comes with extra settings. It produces a lot of mist, so it’s great for large rooms.

It has 4 timer settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or continuously. With a 300 mL tank, it’s able to run non-stop for 6 to 8 hours. Don’t worry about water running out, it also shuts down automatically.

It also makes for a great night light with 7 light colors to choose from: white, blue, pink, green, red, yellow, and purple. You can have the diffuser to display one color or to cycle through it. If you don’t want lights, you can simply turn it off.

The simple design doesn’t come with simple instructions, though. You’d have to read carefully to know which button does which function.


Choosing Made Easy

Remember, the best oil diffusers for large rooms vary by your needs, so you don’t have to get the same model your neighbor got.

Because of its high capacity, the URPOWER 1000 ml essential oil diffuser earns our top pick for the best diffuser for a large room. It has the largest water reservoir out of all the models we reviewed today.

Feel free to read more reviews and look at the features you need to ensure that you get what you expect to get. We hope this guide helps you choose the right diffuser for your home.

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