Best Fan for White Noise

There are a lot of different options for generating white noise. In this article we specifically focus on fans. Fans are generally the most cost effective way to generate white noise. Because of this our top pick is the ]Kaz Honeywell HT-904 Tabletop Air-Circulator Fan. It’s quite affordable compared to some of the white noise machines on the market today. The Honeywell HT-904 can easily be less than half the price of white noise machines. We have one pictured on the right. The price does make some sense since there are a lot of options that come with it. If you don’t need those options, then there’s no need to pay for them.

Another reason we picked the HT-904 as the best fan for white noise is the adjustable speed. You can turn up the speed to have the fan make louder white noise to drown out bothersome sounds.

If you want to use the fan in your child or infant’s room this fan is still a great choice. The guards on the front and back on the fan can keep their tiny fingers from touching the spinning blades.

Lastly the Honeywell fan can turn the direction of air flow to a very high angle. This means you can basically blow the air at the ceiling. This will keep it from blowing in your face as you try to sleep or disturbing papers in your workspace.

Feel free to keep reading for some more information on white noise.

What is white noise?

There are many contexts in which the term white noise is used. We will focus on the white noise you can hear in this article.

The word gets its name from the word white light. Like white light has all the colors in it, so white noise is also a mixture of many noises and audible frequencies. It is not every possible sound.  White noise the combination of only those frequencies detectable by the human ear. These are the sounds in the frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz.

What is the use of white noise?

The white noise can efficiently mask unwanted sounds of all audible frequencies. It can be of great use in certain situations.

For the users, once they get used to the effect of white noise, it no longer bothers them and merges with the background thereby masking all other unwanted sounds.

So let us try to find various uses of white noise.

1. Helps to be sound sleep by stopping unwanted sounds

If you are a light sleeper, which gets disturbed by external sounds, then white noise can block these sounds for you at night. It can mask the sound of traffic or the television, especially if you cannot stop it.

As white noise is a combination of all audible frequencies, so it fills your ear, and you are not able to hear other external disturbing sounds.

If you wish to increase the effect of white noise, then you need to make it loud merely enough, and all unwanted sounds will be blocked from reaching you.

2. Helps babies to sleep and relax

Babies are highly susceptible to external sounds and get disturbed by them in the night. In such situations, white noise can help drown the external sounds, and you can make the babies relax and sleep longer.

It has been observed that in womb babies are accustomed to hearing the sound of blood flow, so they feel somewhat comfortable with the white noise effect.

3. Can help improve concentration

I am writing this article and side by side enjoying my favorite music too. One can also hear the noise of traffic very clearly from the workplace, which is profoundly disturbing. The sound of car horns, loud noise from motorbikes, beeping horns of trucks, etc. disturb a lot.

Mostly, it gets used by people working in various other noise polluted environments, like people working at some manufacturing unit, or by people working at some heavy machinery engineering units.

Many people have done a significant research to check its effect on children when they are trying to focus on their studies and specifically on kids who have issues in concentrating on what they are doing.

So, as of now, this sounds a like a developing field, which may still need lots of research. In my personal opinion, white noise is much soothing as compared to listening to the noise pollution which gets created by everyday traffic.

4. Promotes relaxation for mind

But the white noise we get to hear on television doesn’t get considered as safe and good for our health, but natural nature sound gets considered. Presently, various soundtrack creators are busy creating and recording different natural sounds of nature like sounds of waterfalls, oceans, the chirping of birds, rivers, the sound of rain, etc.… these are just a few examples which are considered peaceful and relaxing.

But this may not be true for everyone, as every person is different and may even support the point that the best way to enjoy nature is to just listen to each and every sound.

Where can you find the best white noise?

Nowadays there are many newer types of options available if anyone is interested in white noise audios. The best and the most comfortable option is to just set your television to some empty channel slot or in case of radio you can only set the radio’s frequency to a channel where there is no transmission available.

One can also buy the white noise gadgets, which have been specially created to let you hear various soothing nature sounds or specifically white noise. With the internet doing everything for all of us, there are many websites which will design it for us that too free.

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