Best Humidifier for a Baby with a Stuffy Nose

Does your baby have a stuffy nose, a cold, congestion, or maybe even the flu? When they’re in any amount of discomfort, you want to do everything you can to fix it, and it’s possible that a room humidifier is the missing ingredient that’s going to give them relief.

Many pediatricians recommend using a humidifier in your home to help alleviate these symptoms and even help with dry skin, itchy skin, and allergies. Humidifiers are also known to help eliminate germs from the air, making it the healthiest option for your baby to breathe.

Before you hear the good news and go rushing out to get a humidifier right away, make sure you get the best humidifier for babies.

How Do They Work?

There are warm mist and cool mist humidifiers, both of which work to bring moisture to your home.

Warm mist humidifiers heat up the water inside of their storage and produce warm steam that tends to be visible. You can also feel the warmth of the steam. The warm mist of the steam helps to kill bacteria in the air.

Cool mist humidifiers release cool mist into the air in a plume and tend to be quieter than warm humidifiers. These humidifiers typically use filters to help to remove impurities in the air.

If you buy an ultrasonic humidifier, which are the majority of the higher end humidifers on the market, you’re getting a humidifier that uses ultrasonic vibrating to shoot water in the air that’s micro-fine by going through a vibrating diaphragm device.

You can also opt for an in-duct humidifier that has the capacity to humidify your whole house. These are more pricey than other regular humidifier units, tending to range anywhere from one hundred to two hundred dollars. With an in-duct humidifier you can appropriate the humidity levels through your whole home, but a regular standing unit should be more than powerful enough to humidify a nursery.

What are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

Humidity levels in a home should be around thirty to fifty percent. Most humidifiers have a measurement for this built into them so you can monitor the indoor humidity. If it doesn’t have a this measurement function, you can use a hygrometer, a device that measure the optimal humidty levels in the air.

Humidifiers aid in the prevention of germs. Moisture in the air can help to eliminate viruses that might be floating around your home that survive more easily in drier air.

The humidity in the air helps to sooth irritation that your baby could be experiencing in their throat, nose, sinuses, or eyes. They also help to ease up the symptoms of a common cold by spreading moisture in the air that helps combat the germs, and returning necessary hydration to the body.

Humidifiers also aid in relieving dry skin, and break down the build-up of mucus that can easily accumulate.

Most warm mist humidifiers emit white noise that can benefit your baby’s ability to go to sleep and stay asleep. They help open up nasal passageways and give you a more clear passage from which to breathe.

When you have optimum humidity levels in your air at home, you can even protect the integrity of your wooden furniture and wallpaper.

Humidifiers can also help alleviate nosebleeds that are caused by dry nasal passages.

Be sure you are in fact monitoring the moisture you’re using, because too much moisture can actually be a bad thing. Too much moisture can cause mold growth, and not properly cleaning your humidifier when it needs maintenance can cause it to grow as well. Some people reccomend using a vinegar solution and running the humidifier to make sure that there’s no risk of mold growth.

Get the Best Humidifier for Babies with Stuffy Noses

Be sure that you’re looking at humidifiers, and not diffusers, a mistake that’s not difficult to make. You can also compare humidifiers to diffusers if you’re thinking of using one for yourself, but a humidifier is the way to go for your baby.

Best All Around Humidifier

This top pick MistAire humidifier is equipped with a one-gallon water tank and uses ultrasonic cool mist technology.

This humidifier is whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry about any sounds if your little one is a light sleeper. It’s big enough to fill a large room, up to 500 square feet.

Still, when using it in a nursery, you can adjust the amount of humidity output it creates so that you don’t overwhelm a smaller room. It additionally comes with a nightlight that you can use for your child’s room that’s adjustable according to how much illumination you need. The light turns off when the water tank is empty.

Some people reported this humidifier lasting up to four nights if the mist was on low. It comes equipped with a directional nozzle so that you can choose where you want the mist to be aimed.

The duration of the tank is up to twenty-four hours, which means that you don’t have to keep refilling it with water, especially if you have it on a lower setting. It comes with a cleaning brush that self-stores, so you can conveniently keep your humidifier clean.

It also comes at a relatively affordable price point at around sixty dollars.

Because this machine is so efficient, it’s easy to over-do the function. Once you get used to the way it outputs steam, it’s a perfect, simple, and beautiful addition to any nursery to start alleviating stuffy noses.

Best Warm Mist Humidifier

The Vicks V745A humidifier is one you can’t go wrong with when you’re looking to help soothe a stuffy nose. It supplies you with one gallon of water for a runtime of twenty-four hours.

With warm mist humidifiers, it’s important to watch out for your child’s safety. Because the nature of the humidifier means that it needs to heat up in order to function, you’re going to need to ensure that your baby can’t get anywhere near the humidifier because of the hot water and safety concerns.

Once you take the proper precautions, this is a powerhouse of a humidifier that easily humidifies a room up to 350 square feet, which is more than the average nursery needs.

For a warm air humidifier, it barely emits any noise. While it’s on, it’s helping to kill 95% of the bacteria in the air, so you can feel good about the environment you’re putting your children in.

For stuffy noses and colds, you can use this machine in conjunction with Vicks’ medicated vapors in order to kick those colds to the curb faster than with traditional steam. This humidifier will literally let you breathe easy once you have it.

The Cutest Humidifier

The Crane Elephant humidifier is one of the cutest ones out there that you can buy, which makes it not only perfect for putting in your nursery, but also for getting rid of that stuffy nose.

If an elephant doesn’t match the decor of your room for whatever reason, you can also choose from a number of other animal humidifiers from the Crane line, including a polar bear, a monkey, a tiger, a penguin, a hippopotamus, and more.

When things are this cute, they sometimes sacrifice the quality for the gimmick. This is not the case when it comes to the Crane humidifier. The humidifier lasts for twenty-four hours without having to top it off, so you can let your baby get a whole day’s worth of relief from stuffy noses without having to adjust this humidifier at all.

It’s also surprisingly energy efficient. This humidifier uses less electricity than a small light-bulb, so you can also be worry-free when it comes to cost-efficiency.

This is a small humidifier, so it only maintains humidity across rooms that measure about 250 square feet or less.

The Most Innovative Humidifier

This Miro CleanPot is a cool mist humidifier that’s extremely different from its competitors in that it doesn’t have any water tank at all.

The humidifier floats in a bowl. This way, you can refill the water without having to stop operation of the humidifier at all. All you have to do is have water on hand and pour water into the bowl whenever you need to fill it back up.

Because of the bowl design, this humidifier has no pumps and no filters. When it needs to be cleaned, you can easily disassemble it and wash it when you wash the dishes. When you’re busy taking care of your baby, even a simple step like this can seem like a time-saving miracle.

The capacity is also larger than most competitors, the bowl allowing you to vaporize a little over two gallons of water, which lasts well over a day. It uses ultrasonic technology and is extremely quiet in use.

You’ll never have to worry about mold growth because of the design – it’s the easiest humidifier out there to keep clean. You can also use it as an essential oil diffuser by simply adding the oils to the water bowl.

You can use the essential oils that you choose to include in your humidifier to assist in clearing up your baby’s stuffy nose. Lavender essential oil helps to maintain a feeling of calm and other oils like tea tree and lemongrass help to remove bacteria and have antibacterial properties that can help to squelch that cold.

Because of its innovative design, you’ll be intrigued by it – which means that your little ones probably will be, too. One of the few drawbacks of this machine is that it can easily attract the attention of your baby. Make sure that it’s stored and used in an area that they won’t be able to access it and cause an unwanted accident by touching it.

Best Humidifier for Travel

If you’re going on a long road trip and taking your baby with you, you want them to be as comfortable as possible – which is difficult if they have a cold or a runny nose.

You can take this Boneco humidifier with you on the road to help alleviate cold symptoms, and maintain a properly humidified car or hotel room nightstand.

This humidifier is super compact. It can easily be slipped into luggage and is no larger than an average laptop charger. Even with its size, it still has a high output of up to one gallon of water that lasts about twenty-four hours.

It works by allowing you to input a water bottle into the device, or any other compatible water tank. It comes with a water bottle adapter. Insert a water bottle into the device, and you’ve suddenly got a diffuser that you can use to clear up the mucus that’s blocking your little one’s nose.

This humidifier can last for up to five hours depending on the amount of water you input. It will fill a small to medium room and is also easy to clean because you just throw away the water bottle when you’re done using it.

This humidifier will surprise you with its strength and proves that good things do come in small packages. It’s the perfect humidifier to take with you on vacation and still allow your baby to clear up dry skin or congestion.

Always Do Your Research

Doing your research on the best humidifier for babies will pay off when you’re totally satisfied with your purchase and your baby is breathing in the benefits.

You can also find out which one you need for yourself when it comes to air coolers versus humidifiers.

Once you start doing research that benefits your decisions, you won’t be able to stop. And you shouldn’t – a well-researched product always turns out to be the best product. In fact, 81 percent of people do online research before making a purchase of a product.

Make the most of the internet by doing your research on any product you might be looking for. No one ever said they regretted looking into a potential purchase too much.

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  1. Thank you for your informative post about best humidifier for baby with stuffy nose. I learned about humidistats- they didn’t have those features back in the day. Only noisy and ones that you needed to refill constantly and they were Not cute like these.

    Would you recommend these humidifiers also for just every day use also?

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