Best Humidifier for Baby with Stuffy Nose

Last updated on January 24th, 2018 at 12:14 am

Best Humidifier for Baby with Stuffy Nose

When your baby is sick, no one in the house is happy. WebMD recommends using a humidifier to help soothe your baby’s discomfort when they have a stuffy nose.

The hardest time for a baby when they are sick is at night. It is difficult for them to sleep with sinus pressure and congestion. We have identified a list of ‘must-have-features’ to look for in the best humidifier for your baby. Since we have already identified night time as a difficult time for a sick baby, that is where we focused our research on humidifiers.

Must-have-features include

Silent operation – Some humidifiers make noise when they are operating. While it is usually similar to white noise, it still makes noise and could disturb your sleeping baby. We researched only silent humidifiers.

Capacity to run through the night without a refill – This keeps you from needing to go in and out of your baby’s room to check on water levels in the humidifier’s reservoir.

Cool mist operation – Warm mist humidifiers heat the water to produce humidity. This adds a slight risk for burns if the unit is tipped over.

OPTIONAL: Built in humidistat – This feature will automatically shut off the humidifier when the air in the room reaches a certain level of relative humidity. Because adding too much moisture into the air has the potential to promote the growth or dust mites and mold, we recommend considering a built in humidistat.

Crane Humidifiers

While researching the best humidifiers available to help with stuffy noses we came across a clear winner. Crane makes some of the best humidifiers designed specifically for nurseries. They come in a variety of different animal shapes that can match perfectly with the décor in your baby’s room. The animal shaped humidifiers meet all of the must-have-features we defined earlier in the article. However, they do not come equipped with a built in humidistat.

Crane makes a humidifier called the White Smart Drop Wifi Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with a more subdued appearance that includes a built in humidistat. It has all the features of the animal shaped humidifiers except the fun shape. To be honest, the built in humidistat is such a valuable feature that it is probably the better choice in all circumstances.

Too much humidity and dust mites

Once the relative humidity in a room gets over 70%, dust mites begin to reproduce at incredible rates. If you have a humidifier running all night with the door closed there is a real risk of this happening. If you keep the baby room door open all the time during the day it will probably dry out enough and minimize the risk. On the other hand, a built in humidistat will keep the air from ever becoming that humid in the first place.

Sore throats and other symptoms

Because babies cannot use decongestants the best relief for them is using a humidifier. This is just like an adult taking a hot shower to help relieve their own sinus pressure. The moist air helps loosen mucus and make it easier to breathe. Properly humidified air can also help soothe sore throats that develop from nasal drip and coughing. These symptoms are common at the end of a cold when sinus pressure is decreasing and mucous is loosened.

Hopefully you are able to make a choice on the best humidifier to help with your baby’s stuffy nose. This relief will help you and your baby have comfortable, restful nights when you need it the most. If you are looking for other choices parents make in humidifiers for their babies, check out this article here. We compare the three most popular choices in humidifiers on the market today.

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  1. Thank you for your informative post about best humidifier for baby with stuffy nose. I learned about humidistats- they didn’t have those features back in the day. Only noisy and ones that you needed to refill constantly and they were Not cute like these.

    Would you recommend these humidifiers also for just every day use also?

    If not, what would be a better alternative?

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