The Best Humidifier for Bloody Noses

In this article we cover how dry air dries out nasal passages and eventually leads to nosebleeds. More importantly, we explain how using a humidifier helps manage both of these inconveniences.

There is also a specific section comparing cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers when it comes to dry sinuses and nosebleeds.

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Personal Humidifiers

Room Humidifiers

Dry Air and Humidifiers

Halfway through winter your hands are cracked, dry and maybe even peeling. There are a lot of great moisturizers for your skin. But what about your nose? Technically you could use chap stick in your nose if you are so inclined. Or you could do something a little less… involved.

WebMD has a great article talking about low humidity being a common cause of nosebleeds. There are small blood vessels, called capillaries, that line the inside of your nose. They are very close to the surface and sensitive to environmental changes. If this skin dries out from low humidity it will lose some of its elasticity, leading to cracks and nosebleeds.

Room humidifiers and whole house humidifiers are both great solutions. However, they do take some time to significantly change humidity levels inside your home.

Part of the reason for this is every time you open an outside door or use and exhaust fan you are allowing humidified air to escape your home and be replaced by the dry air outside.

If you live in a cold climate, increasing the humidity of your entire house may lead to condensation on your windows. This condensation is impossible to prevent if the weather gets cold enough. The water drips down on your window sill and makes a great environment for mold to gain a foothold.

The best solution to this is wiping down your windows with a dry towel once or twice a day.

Personal Humidifiers

A personal humidifier is a much cleaner way to deliver much needed moisture to your nasal passages compared to chap stick. The steam generated by the humidifier can also reach places you would not be able to moisturize with chap stick. Also, since it is a personal humidifier there is not a lot of extra water being pumped out into the air in your home.

There are a lot of benefits to having properly humidified air in your home year round. If condensation on your windows is a concern, you may want to keep your humidity levels lower than ideal to protect your window sills from mold.

The best way to do this is with a personal steam humidifier. By using a personal humidifier you can prevent humid air from being released into your home in large quantities.

The Best Personal Humidifier for Bloody Noses

The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is the clear winner here. Feel free to continue reading, we do review a few more personal humidifiers further down the page. The compact size, included face mask and Vapo Pad compatibility make this truly the best humidifier for bloody noses.

Using a warm mist humidifier like the ones Vicks makes also allows you to use their medicated pads, Vicks VapoPads, to deliver soothing medication if you choose to.

The list of links below is featured throughout this article. It includes the personal steam inhalers we review in this article. Each link will take you to the product listing on Amazon.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler

Uniclife Personal Ultrasonic Inhaler

Coincidentally, the design of the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler also makes it the best humidifier for sore throats. The hood covers your mouth and nose to deliver soothing moisture to your nasal passages and throat.

There are easy to use controls that regulate the amount and temperature of the steam. Both of these options are important to keep you comfortable while using the personal humidifier.

This is one of the smallest humidifiers on the market today. It’s small size makes it the perfect humidifier for travel. You can easily get this into a suitcase. This product does run off 120 volts. If your travel plans take you outside the United States you may need a converter to be able to safely plug it in to a wall outlet.

If you plan to use it mostly at home it can easily be put away in your bathroom cabinet or stored in a closet. The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler gets our endorsement as the best humidifier for bloody noses. Our rating is 5 stars. We do review two other personal steam humidifiers at the end of this article. They each offer some unique features that may suit your needs better.

The next section explains why personal humidifiers are all warm mist humidifiers. Warm humidifiers make the humidified air more comfortable to breathe in and also take advantage of some scientific principles to deliver more moisture. Read on to learn a little more about how a humidifier can help with dry nasal passages.

Warm Mist Humidifier vs Cool Mist Humidifier

Personal steam inhalers, as their name implies, heat water to humidify the air coming out of the inhaler. Since the air is warmer it can ‘hold’ more water. Basically, warmer air means more water vapor can exist in it. This would be an example where absolute humidity vs relative humidity comes into play. For a more technical read, check out this link.

The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, along with the other personal humidifiers we review in this article, are warm mist humidifier. A warm mist humidifier is the best way to treat symptoms from dry nasal passages or a lot of coughing.

Cool mist humidifiers are generally only made to humidify rooms. We cover those in a later section of this article. You can use this link to skip ahead.

Humidifier vs Vaporizer for Dry Nose

The main difference between humidifiers and vaporizers is that vaporizer implies the appliance is capable of adding water and another substance to the air. An easy example of this is the Vicks VapoPads. These pads add a combination of essential oils to the air in hopes of providing extra comfort and relief.

There are some appliances like the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer that will add the ingredients of the VapoPad to the air without adding any extra water. Because of its small size the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer will fit easily on your nightstand to help you through the night.

The sections that follow finish up our product reviews by presenting a few other options for personal steam inhalers. Each of these products offer some unique features that distinguish them from the Vicks product we discussed earlier in the article.

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

The Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask has a lot of the same features of the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. It is small and also has an adjustable steam control for comfort. Additionally the 11-525 includes two different styles of face mask. These make the Veridian a great steam inhaler for dry sinuses and sore throats. the larger mask attachment also helps provide restorative moisture to chapped lips

Another advantage is the angled stem that the Veridian has. This make sit a little easier to keep the inhaler level to prevent spills while using it. However, it lacks the VapoPad compatibility. If you did not plan on using the VapoPads then this is not a big deal. It comes in at a comparable price to the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler.

The list of links below is featured throughout this article. It includes the personal steam inhalers we review in this article. Each link will take you to the product listing on Amazon.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler

Uniclife Personal Ultrasonic Inhaler

Other causes of Nosebleeds

There are a few other things that can cause your nose to dry out besides dry winter air. Using decongestants to relive sinus pressure can cause excessive dryness in your nose and throat. Antihistamines and medicated nasal sprays can also have this side effect. You can use a steam humidifier to help moisturize the dry nose and throat from using these medications too.

MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler

The MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler comes in a few different versions. The versions are the same functionally. The other versions look like a cow and a dog, designed for children to use when they have colds or experience nosebleeds caused by dry nasal passages.

The significant difference between the MABIS and the other personal humidifiers is that it was also function as an aromatherapy diffuser. It allows you to add your own essential oils if you want options besides the VapoPads that come with the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler.

Other Uses for Personal Steam Inhalers

There are a number of uncomfortable conditions that personal steam inhalers can help with. They basically revolve around dryness in your airways caused by air with very low humidity. Here’s a short list:

  • Dry nose or nasal passages
  • Sore throat caused by cold air – a personal steam inhaler can really help you if you run outdoors during winter
  • Chapped lips
  • Soothing irritated airways caused by asthma or allergies

Personal Steam Inhaler vs Nebulizer for Dry Nose

People use nebulizers to deliver inhaled medications. The most common use for these medications is to relieve asthma symptoms. For small children, they are much easier to use than pocket sized inhalers. Another advantage they can have over the pocket sized inhalers is that they can deliver more than one medicine at a time. Adults with very severe asthma may use nebulizers as well.

The main difference here is that personal steam humidifiers need to turn water into a mist and nebulizers are doing the same to a medication. In this way nebulizers and vaporizers are very similar.

Nebulizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller, battery powered nebulizers are portable and easy to transport. These are similar to the personal steam inhalers we reviewed in this article. Our pick for the best portable nebulizer is the Uniclife Handheld Inhaler.

The feature that sets the Uniclife Handheld Inhaler apart from the other personal steam inhalers we review is the medicine cup feature. It has two medicine cups that let you add prescribed medicines or essential oils to the vapor it makes.

When to call a Doctor

A nosebleed can be a sign of serious problems. WebMD lists various ways to treat a nosebleed as it is happening on this page here. They also give some direction on when to call a doctor. For example, if the nosebleed has continued for a long time or happens too many times in a single week.

The list of links below is featured throughout this article. It includes the personal steam inhalers we review in this article. Each link will take you to the product listing on Amazon.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler

Uniclife Personal Ultrasonic Inhaler

Room Sized Humidifiers for Nosebleeds

Of course there are other options available to help humidify the air in your home to prevent nosebleeds. This section of the article covers humidifiers designed for covering an entire room. These are great to put on a dresser or nightstand in your room. You can fill up the water reservoir before bed and let it run during the night.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Silver Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This is an ultrasonic humidifier that features a 1.5 liter, or just over 1.5 quart, water reservoir. On the low setting the water will last for 25 hours while the high setting will empty the tank in about half that time.

The MistAire is designed to humidify a room up to 250 square feet. This is the size of an average bedroom. You can definitely use it in a larger room but it may not work as well as you expect.

Like most humidifiers on the market today it has an automatic shutoff. You won’t need to worry if you left the humidifier on because it will take care of itself.

Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool Mist Humidifier

This Vicks cool mist humidifier has a few advantages when compared to the MistAire. The most notable is the 1.5 gallon tank. That’s a 400% increase in the size of the water tank.

Another feature that separates the Vicks from other humidifiers is the ability to use a Vicks Scent Pad. These pads are designed to last between 6 and 8 hours. They provide a cooling menthol vapor along with the water vapor.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

We saved the best for last. People love the Crane drop shape humidifier, it has a unique shape and gets a ton of moisture into the air in a hurry. If you need relief from dry sinuses you have found it here.

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has a 1 gallon water reservoir and can humidify areas as large as 500 square feet. It’s pretty difficult to find a humidifier designed for a space that big for under $100.

Wrapping it all up

We covered both personal and room sized humidifiers in this article. They both come with their own advantages. A personal humidifier can provide on the spot relief while a room humidifier can work while you sleep.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave a comment in the space below! You can also reach out to

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  1. My nose was bleeding for several years. Every winter my nose starts bleeding because of the dryness in my house. But now it doesn’t happen. Now I use a steam inhaler. You have talked about one and it’s great. There are other in the market that works great. MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler, Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler Also works really great.

    1. The MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler is quite a bit more expensive than the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. Are there any features that you think justify the price difference between these two humidifiers?

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