Best Mini Split Heat Pump for Cold Weather

Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 115V

Space saver: One of the most significant advantages of a mini-split system is that it takes up very little space. It is entirely out of the way when the internal evaporator is fixed up high on the wall and requires no significant holes to be made in the wall to accommodate the whole unit as in the case of window type air-conditioners. It also does not block any space which any window-AC might do if installed in a window to avoid damaging the wall.

What does Mini-split mean, as it acts both as an AC and a Heat Pump?

Given below is an overview which can help those who have just started their research on this system with ever-growing popularity.

The term mini: The external unit or the condenser of the mini-split system, as it is technically known, has been named so as it is smaller than the condenser of a standard design. Though the capacity of the mini-split system is less than a conventional system, it is more compact, and its installation can be done either on the roof, on the outer wall or at the ground level outside.

Meaning of split: This means that the system has two units, the external condensing unit and the internal evaporator unit which acts as the air-handler. This system is different from the package system which has a combination of both the heat source or the condenser and the evaporator or the air-handler to form one unit. Each external condenser can work with eight separate air-handlers installed in different rooms or areas. Depending on the type of installation, the smaller size evaporators can be fixed on the ceiling while the small and medium-size evaporators can be set on the wall at a height. The larger size evaporators can be attached to the floor.

Ductless: As no ducting is required for these mini-split systems they are also known as ductless products. They have separate pipes connecting the condenser and the evaporator through a hole made preferably in the wall or the roof as done in the case of commercial areas. The internal evaporator receives heat from the refrigerant that flows from the external condenser when the system is acting as a heat pump in cold weather. The refrigerant from the condenser helps to cool down the air in the evaporator when the system works as an AC during hot weather. The water formed during condensation in the evaporator when the system acts as an AC is drained out through a separate line. In this way, the same mini-split system can be used as a heat pump to heat the air in the room during winter while it can also be used to cool the air in the place during the summer when it is used as an air-conditioner. When used as an air-conditioner, it also dehumidifies the air inside a room to make it dry. A less expensive mini-split system is the type which can be used as an AC only for places where the climate is warm, or as a heat pump just for areas where the weather is cold.


Ways to choose the mini-split system with the correct efficiency

Use your common sense as a guide to select the right system, such as:

A space located in an area with a cold climate needs a smaller AC than a space with the same volume situated in an area which has a hotter climate.
A space located in an area with a cold climate needs a more significant heat pump than a space with the same volume situated in an area which has a hotter climate.
Entirely replacing the whole mini-split system can be costlier than changing the insulation of the existing space or upgrading and modifying the system with more energy-efficient solutions.
It is more appropriate to buy a system with higher efficiency if you are thinking of staying in your current house or using your existing space for commercial purposes for more extended periods as you have to pay for energy bills regularly every month.
If you are considering the sale of your establishment within a short time, then it would be sensible not to pay extra for a highly efficient system though it might look attractive to potential customers who are conscious about saving energy.
Let us consider an excellent model in the area of mini-split AC and heat pump systems next.

Pioneer ductless inverter wall mount AC and Heat Pump mini-split system with model no. WYS012-17

This model is the latest of mini-split AC and heat-pump systems without ducting that has been launched by Pioneer. The full system consists of the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, remote control and other accessories required for installation.
You can quietly cool or heat any contiguous space with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency when you use this system from Pioneer. The capacity of this system varies from 36,000 BTU per hour to 9,000 BTU per hour.
The Inverter system made by Ways is very efficient and is equipped with a variable mode speed control for the compressor. The digital wireless remote control allows you to select any of the four modes of operation, such as heating, cooling, ventilation or dehumidification.
In addition to this, an onboard computer provides automatic operation. The timer feature allows you to stop or start the system at particular times. The night-mode feature changes the settings in the temperature automatically by sensing the level of the temperature of the body.
If there is any temporary power outage, then the auto-restart feature uses the data in its memory to restart the system automatically with the same settings when the power comes on again. Remote access feature for Cloud programming through Wi-Fi connection is also there. The system’s high reliability, quality, performance and affordable price attract the smartest of buyers.
This product from Pioneer with the latest technological developments has been designed to provide the best in performance, efficiency, and comfort. The model WYS series with the 17 SEER rating used for a single zone in a residential area or commercial space has a capacity that varies from 9,000 BTU per hour to 36,000 BTU per hour. Highly sophisticated electronic control circuits automatically slow down or speed up the compressor to take correct care of the loads. It maintains the best environmental conditions in any living quarters by consuming the least amount of electrical energy. Fans as quiet as a whisper on both the outdoor and indoor units provide entirely silent operation. Full systems with all the advanced features including a remote control are available at very reasonable prices ready for installation. Designed attractively, it can blend with all kinds of décor.
What the system includes:

Indoor unit without ducting:

The indoor unit is beautiful, sturdy and robust equipment, and comes with an outdoor unit, a remote controller, a set of pipes with 16 feet length and a kit for installation. A shorter or a more extended set of tubes can be selected by placing special orders.
The system comes with a flat, attractive and dimmable front panel, air-discharge louvers that swing automatically, permanent air-filters that are washable, fan motor with multiple speeds, and operates with absolute quietness.
The range of settings for indoor temperature varies from 62 to 90 degree Fahrenheit, for vacation mode and low heating is 46 degrees Fahrenheit, for outdoor operation in the cooling mode ranges from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and for outdoor service in the heating mode varies from 5 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Wireless remote controller with LCD Screen:

It has an LCD screen which is large and backlit.
A dongle is sold separately with a different ASIN for getting access to Cloud programming through a Wi-Fi connection.
Outdoor heat-pump unit:

The outdoor unit has a compressor with DC inverter and is highly efficient. It is made from a galvanized sheet, coated with epoxy paint and is highly durable. The power cable has a single entry point, and its operation is very quiet.
Full installation kit with 16 feet pipes:

Consists of two copper tubes with insulation and flare connections, wiring for interconnectivity and for carrying signals, wall sleeves, and caps, tape for wrapping, putty, and pipe for draining condensed water.
Each part of the system is tested thoroughly by AHRI and listed and approved by ETL to comply with UL standards before delivery.

Superior support is available on the hotline to provide answers to all queries and issues regarding installation, usage, warranty, availability of spares and troubleshooting.

Shipping to any part of the continent comprising the US is done on the same or the next day with the assurance of delivery at the destination within the next 3-10 days.

PIONEER is always the first choice of all house owners and professional people as its best selling products have the highest ratings and provide the highest customer satisfaction.


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