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The Dosa Tava is made with the ideal curvature and thickness to deliver outstanding cooking results when preparing dosa (rice and gram pancakes). The flange, which securely connects the handle to the robust steel rivets that are stainless, has a rare make that ensures it doesn’t interfere with the cooking area; therefore, maximizing the cooking surface and enabling the preparation of a large dosa, or many cutlets at a go. The gauge metal is exceedingly thick and heavy thus providing a fast, and even conduction of heat and its heat preservation is excellent.

Hard Anodized Tava is commonly used to prepare roti, phulka (unleavened bread that is puffed) and paratha (unleavened bread that is layered) – all are vital foods for Indians. Also, Tava can perfectly cook griddle cakes, eggs, cutlets, French toasts, and pancakes and so on.

The Hard Anodized Tava’s heavy gauge and well-balanced pans are the specific features that make it desirable as they simplify cooking and provide impressive results. The handles which come in either stainless steel or plastic, are comfy and they keep cool.

Futura Non-stick Tava

We choose this Tava as it never failed to provide excellent Dosa’s throughout the testing that lasted for three months. The Tava, designed with a heavy-gauge and aluminum material, this Tava is unusually long-lasting with heat conduction that is steady for an even outcome. Its thickness is 4.88, so its consumers highly value it. However, its non-induction base makes it only operate on a typical gas unit.

We are pleased by its smooth non-stick surface for a quick removal of dosa’s, its thick bottom that keeps the heat for a long duration and the robust aluminum make with its plastic handle that never heats up. Hawkins provides a two-year warranty for this Tava.

However, bear in mind that this Tava is flat without a lip. Although it is excellent for Dosa’s, chapatis, toasts, etc., it uses up all the oil making it inappropriate for frying bacon, eggs, etc. which are sometimes runny.

Removing the dosa from the pan is easy, and most significantly, cleaning is easy as it is edgeless.

We recommend that 28cm is the best size as a smaller size than this won’t suffice.


It is light

Handles are always cool

Maintenance and cleaning is easy


It’s not durable enough- expect a lifespan of 2-3 years

Replacement is a requirement if it scratched or if the non-stick coating wears off

It only operates on regular burners as it is non-induction based

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Crepe Pan 623-24

This Cuisinart Crepe Pan has a hard anodized thick exterior that is nonporous with a significant wear and tear resistance for extended durability and exceptional performance.

Same to the Tava, it has a nonstick cooking area, and it is not induction ready. However, its interior has quantanium coating having a cooking area with titanium material reinforcement that makes it a healthy option for nonfat cooking needs, and it provides a quick clean up.

Unlike the Tava which has either plastic or a stainless steel handle, the Cuisinart Crepe Pan got designed with sturdy riveted handles made of stainless steel which delivers a secure and firm grasp. Also, the handles stay cool just as the Tava.

This pan is perfect for cooking dosa, eggs, chapatti, etc., and it is a suitable size for any burner.


Easy cleaning

Handles keep cool

Extended durability

It features a tapered rim to prevent dripping

Only made of stainless steel


Non-induction ready

Anolon Nouvelle Hard Anodized Nonstick

Like the Tava and the Cuisinart Crepe Pan, Anolon gets made of aluminum that is hard-anodized for quick heating high-quality griddle food preparation.

Anolon features low sides that enable a quick access when checking for browning when preparing foods hence food turning is fast, and its handles are of stainless steel makes cleaning a simple task. It is nonstick for durability with easy food removal and quick cleaning.

Anolon can be used with metal utensils as its cooking surface is safe and it is suitable for cooking griddlecakes, grilled cheese, French toast and more.

Anolon is also a non-induction base like the rest as regular gas units can only use it. Anolon offers a lifetime warranty making it a better option when compared to Tava.


It has a lifetime warranty

Cleaning it is quick and easy to do

Its lower sides make it fast to turn food


It is non-induction based

The cooking surface chips off, and it needs replacement from time to time

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