Best Range Hood for a Gas Stove

Pairing a great range hood with your gas stove can make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you do it right, your new range hood will blend in seamlessly with your current appliances. A range hood that does not have a matching color or that is sized incorrectly will stick out like a sore thumb. We researched a variety of range hood brands and looked for product lines that came in a large number of sizes. This was quite easy to find since most manufacturers know that cabinets and stoves come in a number of different sizes. The next aspect we considered was color matching and we found the same results. Most manufacturers accounted for this as well. The determining factor we encountered that set our favorite brand apart form the others was quality. Based on our research and product comparisons, Broan makes the highest quality range hoods for gas stoves.

There are a few things you still need to consider like the size of the range hood. This is as simple as measuring the space above your stove. Other considerations include how the range hood moves the air that it filters. Some of them pull the air through a filter that captures cooking smells. Others move the air out of your home, similar to the exhaust fans found in bathrooms.

Our top pick for range hoods that work well with gas stoves comes from Broan. They have a wide variety of range hoods to fits your needs. They offer ducted and non-ducted range hoods. Their range hoods also come in a variety of colors and finishes to match the d├ęcor of your kitchen. Be sure to check for replaceable filters. Some of their filters can be washed while others need to be replaced. In either case it is important to keep your filter in top condition to filter out cooking odors you do not want lingering around your home.

Broan is the most popular range hood brand for a reason. They make quality products that work and people love the value they get. Many of Broan’s range hood are under $100.

When you are shopping for a range hood it is a good idea to check the user manual. There should be detailed measurements about the various dimensions of the range hood. In this article we will go over the specifications of the Broan 41000 Series range hood.


One of the reasons we picked Broan as the top brand for range hoods is their detailed documentation. It is really important that your range hood lines up perfectly with the cabinets above your stove. Accurate, detailed documentation helps ensure that you can order one range hood and get it installed without needing to return it for the size that actually fits. Broan includes this kind of information in their Amazon pages. If you click through one of the ads below, search for the ‘User Manual’ (usually in the Product Information section). In the User Manual they have detailed pictures showing the dimensions of their range hoods.

We have included a search bar in the ad below to help you find relevant products based on the content of this page.

How to measure your range hood

There are a few different dimensions to measure correctly to make sure your range hood fits the cabinetry above your stove.

  1. Width – The Broad 41000 Series come in four different widths. This measurement is how wide the range hood is right to left. The unit is available in 24, 30, 36 and 42 inch sizes. Broan does make other sizes in other series.
  2. Cabinet-side Depth – This measurement is the distance from the back wall to the face of the cabinets, if present, above your stove. Be sure not to include the door of the cabinet in this measurement. You will want this to match the top of the range hood. For the 41000 series, this is 12 inches.
  3. Stove-side Depth – This measurement is from the back wall to the front of the range hood. It is often larger than the cabinet-side measurement for aesthetic purposes. On the 41000 series this measurement is 17.5 inches.

Best Range Hood for a Gas Stove

We have included a number of detailed instructions to help you get started purchasing a range hood for your gas stove. We encourage you to read through the available documentation on Amazon before making your purchase. This will help ensure that you have an easy and hassle free experience installing a range hood in your home.

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