Best Space Heater for a Garage

Space heaters for your garage

Garage heaters add a lot of comfort to your home in the winter. By keeping your car warm they help the engine reach operating temperature faster when you start driving. It also keeps your car comfortable when you get in it. They are easy to install, clean, maintain and to store when not in use in offseason.

There are many types and designs of garage heaters, but the common ones are:

Electrical space heaters – these generally do not require any complex installation and just plug into the wall.

Propane space heaters – propane is capable of burning very cleanly. Because of this there are propane space heaters that are approved for use indoors like the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater. Since this model is portable you can use it in sheds or garages that have limited outlets. If you are using power tools propane heaters offer even better advantages by reducing the electrical load. This is our top pick based on how easy it is to use and how much heat it puts out.

Piped gas space heaters and wood burners – as the name implies these are not entirely clean burning and will need an exterior vent to get smoke out of the building. Since they require an exhaust port they also lose the convenience of being portable. The advantage they do offer is that they can put out significant heat that it may be hard to find in portable versions.

Radiant Tube type heaters

Ductless garage heaters with A/c

Keep reading for other things to consider when purchasing a space heater for your garage.


The installing process is the DIY type and quite smooth. It does not need calling the service company, and you can do the ductwork and wiring by self with no fuss. Though there are different types of garage heaters, the installation depends on the way you intend to run it because the basics are same.

The garage heaters usually are compact machines that come with the bracket. It can be secured to the wall anywhere in the garage as per your need, thereby leaving the floor space for other purposes.

The heaters come with the manufacturer’s instruction. Refer them carefully and make sure that the heaters are installed accordingly. If you feel it a bit too much for you to handle, call for the assistance.


You must refer the manual to get conversant with the auto-programming of the unit. It helps in cutting down the energy bills substantially. It will also ensure that the heater will not be turned on automatically when there is no one in the house, thus leading to safety issues.

We suggest that you can call the service engineer as part of the purchase process to come and guide you on the nuances of programming the heater for different seasons during the year.


To prolong the useful life of the garage heater, you must know the minimum preventive maintenance to be done for the unit. But, we suggest that at the time of purchase; choose the machine that requires less of the maintenance efforts. It will make the life simpler in the course of its usage. For example, you can select the garage heater with lubricated fan motor. It requires much less maintenance. Similarly, find a design with an air intake filter grill. It will protect the heating surfaces of the heater from being clogged with dust and debris. You will only need to remove the external filter, wash and dry, and then put it back. It is more like the filter cleaning of your air conditioner.

So, before finalizing the purchase, always enquire that the selected design is easy to maintain and to do this ask the relevant questions from the heater or surf online.


Regular cleaning of the garage heater is essential to maintain its effectiveness and also to reduce the energy bill. Proper cleaning can reduce the energy consumption by as must as 70%.

While cleaning the heater, first turn off the heater and let it cool down completely. Take a microfiber duster and wipe clean the heating surface of the heater. Some heaters come with the safety grill equipped with a regular filter. So, first remove the filter, unscrew the cover, take a vacuum cleaner and run its brush gently on the complete equipment, especially the heating surfaces.

If the inner surfaces are filthy, then take a damp cloth and adequately clean the internal surfaces. Once you are done, make sure that the interior of the heater is dry before putting back the covers and the filters in place.

And there you are! Your heater is once again as fit and new, and you are the hero of the house.


The heaters are used in the winter season, and many leave them unattended during the offseason, only to find that when they fire it again next time, it may just refuse to start. To avoid this, one must store the heater properly during the offseason.

For this, you remove the energy supply. Allow the heater to cool completely. Remove the cover and filter of the heater, clean it properly as explained above. Allow the heater to go completely dry after cleaning and then re-assemble it again. Check the heater for any repair and if need be get it attended through the maintenance reps of the supplier. Tighten any loose screws or electrical fittings. Once it is done, wrap the heater in a thick plastic to protect it from rust, dust, and corrosion during the offseason.

If you follow all that is detailed above, your garage heater will always be on your side to get you enjoy the warm temperatures again and again during the winter seasons.

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