Best Space Heater for a Large Room

Here’s a quick article on space heaters for large rooms. We specifically picked the DFI-5010-01 as the best space heater for large rooms for several reasons. Ability to heat a large room, up to 1,000 square feet is an obvious reason. It also has a remote and is child and pet safe.¬†Click here to jump down to the product review for the Duraflame DFI-5010-01.

Space heaters are the most energy efficient devices when it comes to supplementing the heat produced by a source which is not adequate or in the case when installing or operating a system for providing centrally heated air becomes too expensive. Selecting a good space heater can be of great importance for cold countries because during winters space heaters consume a significant part of the electricity bill and an essential device in the household.

Usage of a space heater can be quite cheap for warming a small space or room. Additionally, their efficiency is almost 100 percent as there is no loss of heat due to any combustion or due to the damage caused by any ducting. Nearly the whole heat generated by space heaters is confined to the room.

Types of Space Heaters

Heaters operating on fuel such as propane or kerosene are great when used for industrial workplaces as they require very little electricity or sometimes none at all. But they can cause some safety hazards when used in places which have insufficient ventilation.

Space heaters are most suitable for home usage. A large number of space heaters use convection currents for heating a room. Cheap portable space heaters using electric power can be used to supplement the heating effect combined with central systems.

Some of the heaters using electricity also use infrared radiation to warm the room just like the sun which uses infrared rays to increase the temperature of the earth. The energy efficiency of such type of heaters is best as they warm only things that are in their vicinity. They provide transference of heat directly to the people occupying the room and not all over the place. Their beams can be precisely directed to warm a room or a particular area very fast.

Also, just like space heaters using electricity, radiation heaters using oil as a fuel are the best for supplementing an inadequate system used for central heating. They provide noiseless operation, perfect safety, high efficiency and optimum temperature control.

Space heaters used in heating large rooms should not pose any safety hazards to pets and children by maintaining an outer surface which should feel cold when touched. They should also have an automatic shutdown feature to avoid causing fires due to any overheating.

The process of heating by infrared rays maintains the level of humidity in a room which is important as other types of heating can make the air in the place dry. A remote control becomes additionally handy when the room is a bit large.

Saving Energy with Space Heaters

When you use any of the choices given above, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills while keeping your living area and your home comfortably warm.

The following tips can help you save more money:

Select a heater that has a timer or thermostatic control. You can prevent overheating and the wastage of energy in this way. Take the help of a professional person when installing the thermostat control if you are not familiar with the electrical connections.

Buy a heater which can heat your room adequately. Take care of the wattage and avoid buying an oversized heater. Considering a ratio of 10:1 between required wattage to the square feet to be heated, a space heater with a rating of 120 volts and 1500 watts should be sufficient for an area of 150 sq. Ft. with proper insulation, while a heater with a rating of 5000 watts should be enough for an area of about 400 sq. ft.

Always keep the space heater at its lowest setting and powered off when you are not present in the room or using it. It can use up a lot of energy if left in working condition.

The doors and windows should be kept closed to keep the loss of heat to the bare minimum and to keep the heating effect within its maximum limit. More energy is consumed if the heater is powered on and switched off frequently.

Selection of the best space heater depends on various factors as the purpose for which it is being used, the size of the room to be heated and the initial room temperatures. Generally speaking, heaters using oil or heating panels can provide a sure and steady rise of temperature in a room, while heaters using convection currents formed with the help of fans can raise the temperature of the room at a rapid rate.

Review of the Duraflame DFI 5010-01

The DFI 5010-01 has a ton of great features. The first thing to note is that the last digit of the product changes with the color. The 01 in this case means that is the number for the black finish. Here’s a list of all the product codes and colors:

Five different finishes

  • Black – 01
  • Bronze – 02
  • Cinnamon – 03
  • Cream – 04
  • French Grey – 05

The heater produces up to 5,200 BTU which will provide supplemental heat for up to a 1,000 square foot area. It operates off infrared heat. This means the heater won’t dry out the air in the space that it’s heating. That is a great thing to have in the winter. Outside air is already very dry and stealing precious moisture from your skin and airways.

The 3D flame effect is only for looks. The flames can operate at 5 different brightness levels independently of the amount of heat produced.

It has a cool touch exterior that makes it safe for children and pets to be around. The adjustable thermostat lets you decide the temperature of your room. If you only want the space heater to run for a certain amount of time, you can set it for 30 minutes up to 9 hours. There’s also a convenient remote control so you can easily change the way the heater is working from a distance. Since this is an electric heater there is no additional installation required like adding an exhaust pipe or routing fuel lines.

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