Best Tea Kettle for Electric Stove

If you can never start your day with a cup of tea or you are used to taking hot water or coffee now and then, then you need a teakettle and not just any of them but the best. There are many good ones in the market which may make it hard for you to make up your mind on the perfect one. They come in different designs, sizes, and colors which presents even more choices to make. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have done a review of the best tea kettles for electric stoves. Read on to know which one it is and also its features.

Circulon Sunrise Whistling Tea Kettle

The popularity of whistling tea kettles has skyrocketed nowadays after people realize just how convenient they are and when it comes to listing the best ones, the Circulon tea kettles sunrise whistling teakettle never misses out. It prides itself on some top-notch features which make it convenient than others.


Because appearance matters, this teakettle comes in an appealing navy blue color and a distinctive oval shape with a broad base which makes it easy for you to place on the gas stove. Besides its shape and color, it also features a modern phenolic black handle and a perfect looking spout. All these aspects combined bring out one of the best-looking tea kettles in the market, not to mention how good it looks on your shelve or when you present it to your visitors. It is also available in three other colors thus you can select according to preference.

Performance features

The saying looks can be deceiving does not apply here because this kettle from Circulon boasts both excellent design and performance features as you can see below.

Easily conducts and retains heat

One of the aspects which people consider while purchasing a tea kettle is its ability to absorb and maintain heat. After all no one wants to buy a tea kettle which takes time to heat up and one which makes tea or coffee go cold within minutes after being removed from the source of heat. With Circulon, you don’t have to worry about that because it is made of durable stainless steel material which conducts and also keeps its temperatures warm.


In regards to capacity, you no longer have to worry about preparing tea twice because your friends have visited or your family is big. Reason being, it will comfortably hold six cups of tea, coffee or whatever you are having. Its interior is made of enamel, and hence you don’t have to worry about the odd tastes which are usually created by other metals to your tea.

Other features to note

Additionally, it is compatible with both electric and induction stoves thus if you have only one of the two then there is no need to worry. The whistle comes in handy because it alerts you when your water, tea or coffee is hot because it gradually increases as the temperature increases. Nevertheless, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to live with it because it is removable and it is also easy to clean.

Our verdict

Thanks to all the features it packs such as the squeeze and pour spout operation, and many other epic performances features not forgetting its pocket-friendly price, we give the Circulon Sunrise Whistling Tea Kettle a 3.9 stars out of five rating.

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