How to Pick the Best Under Desk Heater for Your Office

How do you feel about the temperature of your office? Would you say it is perfect, too warm or too cold? About 60% of people say their office temperature is too cold.

If you think your office needs to crank the heat, you’re in good company. In fact, you are in the majority.

However, the company you work for probably won’t change things anytime soon.

Time for you to take control, and you have a few options. Let’s take a look at why you might be feeling a chill, and then what you can do about it. Keep reading to see what some of the best under desk heater options are for you.

You Cold Bro?

Of course you are. That’s why you kept reading. But let’s look at why you might be cold first.

Sitting All Day

Our bodies don’t do well with sedentary lifestyles. The body likes to move. However, our jobs often don’t allow for this.

How much time do you spend at your desk every day? If you don’t know, buy a stopwatch and take it in. Turn it on every time you get up and move around and turn it off every time you sit back down.

In an 8-hour day, you want at least 5 minutes of movement per hour. If you get less than that, your metabolism will take a hit. A hit which will leave your body colder.

Personal Comfort

People, you may have noticed, are all different. And that rings very true for how we perceive temperature.

Have you ever wondered how room temperature developed? There is a range of about 15 degrees where most people feel comfortable. We call that temperature, room temperature.

When the air matches our skin, we feel most comfortable. Most people achieve contentment somewhere between 72 and 79 degrees.

Offices will never be able to accommodate all skin temperatures. Even if they could, they have energy expenses to think about.

Office Thermostat

Offices don’t keep their heat controls out in the open most of the time. Workers would be in a passive-aggressive war with each other all day if this were the case.

Instead, thermostats often sit in places which don’t reflect the temperature of the rest of the workspace.

Best Under Desk Heaters

If you are left feeling uncomfortable, consider getting a space heater. You have many options to consider. And many variables as well.

First, consider the noise level of your heater and the noise level of your office. Many fan-blown heaters create noise. Even those which claim to be whisper quiet, may not be in two months.

Second, talk to your nearest coworkers about their satisfaction with the temperature. If they sit on the same page as you do, a more powerful heater will be welcomed.

But what if they think the temperature needs no improvement? Then, look for heaters with a smaller radius.

Last, try to consider your boss. They have bills to pay both at work and at home. If you and several coworkers bring in heaters, it will show on the electric bill.

If possible, choose a lower energy option. And choose something with a thermostat. Yes, having hot air blowing on you all day can feel luxurious, but think of comfort, not luxury.

Vornado Space Heaters

Vornado heaters come in cost-effective designs to suit every need. Whether you want to heat up the entire room or your own space, there’s a Vornado for you.

Their design is meant to heat greater spaces. But you can set one under your desk for personal comfort. The fan creates a vortex which circulates forced air through the whole room.

But in a cubicle or under a desk, the unit will read the temperature as much warmer. It will be turning off and on as the warm air dissipates into the room. And, if not set too high, nearby coworkers will barely notice.

But what if the room is more open and coworkers want to share the heat? Vornados can put out large amounts of heat and increase the temperature of a whole room.

Lasko 100

Let’s say your coworkers all state how comfortable or even that they are too warm. Anything which puts out a lot of heat or noise may add to their discomfort.

Lasko’s model 100 heater will come to your rescue. This heater stands less than 8 inches tall and uses about 200 watts of energy.

You can keep it on or under your desk without fear. And it doesn’t have the power to circulate much air or heat a room. Beyond that, it is budget friendly.

Between the low cost and low energy, you and 6 other coworkers could each run one simultaneously. And there would be no fear of tripping breakers. In fact, all 7 together would use less than one 1500 watt unit.

For heating up a small space, nothing beats a Lasko.

Comfort Zone CZ998

If the Lasko doesn’t quite do it for you or makes too much noise, try a reflective heater. This Comfort Zone model doesn’t blow air.

Instead, a bright metallic dish throws heat out into the room from small filaments at the center of the unit. This heater will warm you up in a big hurry. But, it won’t spread out into the room.

Instead, the area under your desk or in your cubicle warms and you get to feel toasty. But again, with the higher power consumption, best not to leave it on all day.

Freezing, Not Your Only Option

Plenty of options exist for small and portable heaters. But these three are the best under desk heater options you can buy for a reasonable cost.

Others can run upwards of $400. None of the ones listed here will break the bank for comfort. Plus, each can fit in smaller spaces.

If you seek improved comfort in the office, check out the best humidifiers for the office.

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