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A humidifier is a useful piece of equipment to have in your home if you live in a cool, dry part of the world. Finding the right humidifier can be quite difficult as most are only suitable to work on a few rooms at most. Standalone humidifiers that provide humidification for your entire house are called console style whole house humidifiers. There area also humidifiers that are installed directly onto your furnace. Here we help you find the best whole house humidifier to add vapor back into your air with only one machine.


Before we get started though, we need to answer the question…

Do whole house humidifiers cause mold?

The short answer is, they shouldn’t. As long as you keep your relative humidity below 50% you should be able to prevent mold growth. Invest in a digital hygrometer to keep tabs on the humidity in your home. Check the hygrometer periodically and adjust your humidity levels up or down based on that.

It is possible to have some water condense on your windows during very cold weather. It’s the same idea as when water gets on the outside of a glass of ice cold water. Unfortunately, this can show up even with the best whole house humidifier. The condensation is unavoidable since the air in your home does need humidity in it. This can be frustrating because the air in your home can be too dry while also seeing this condensation on the windows.

If mold does develop on your windows, there are multiple ways to clean it off. Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations to see how to handle this. Different materials in the frame or and coatings on the glass may be damaged by stronger cleaners.


Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier HCM-6009

Designed for multi-room purpose, this Honeywell Humidifier provides top results in your home, whilst also maintaining a quiet noise when placed on a non-wooden or ceramic surface. This model is a console humidifier which means that it is a standalone appliance.


  • The QuietCare humidifier has a 3.4 gallon capacity, which has the ability to add 9 gallons of water back into the air in one day.
  • It is designed to work up to an area of 2300 square feet.
  • Includes an adjustable humidity control with a 3 moisture setting. As well as being 30% quieter than previous models.
  • The air washing pre-filter helps to trap dust, dirt and pollen, and the antimicrobial-treated filter helps prevent migration of mould, fungus, algae and bacteria, making the water completely clean.


  • The downside to this is that in order to put 9 gallons of water into the air in a day, you would need to fill up the tank 3 times a day at regular intervals, which could become very inconvenient.


Overall, this is a good humidifier that helps to add water back into the air, making it more comfortable for you to breath. It has a lot of good features such as the 3 moisture settings and being 30% quieter than previous models. However, it could become inconvenient if you have to add water to it 3 times per day.


Aircare MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier


This Aircare product helps to add water back into the air for your whole home with just one machine. Its console-style allows it to work in a space of up to 2500 square feet, making it suitable for your whole house.


  • Its digital humidistat automatically maintains your desired humidity level with its digital accuracy.
  • It automatically turns off when the desired humidity level is reached or when the tank is empty.
  • It is also very easy to clean with its evaporative wick traps.
  • It can produce 12 hours of moisture in a single day, depending on the humidity level you set it at.


  • The only weakness we could find is that it is not very nice looking and it only comes in white, which may not fit in with your home.


Overall, this Aircare humidifier has a range of top features from the automatic turn off when the desired humidity level is reached to the ability to clean it easily, and for the price it offers very good value. The Aircare MA1201 is an evaporative style humidifier. Evaporative style humidifiers have several advantages over different types of humidifiers.


Aprilaire 500 Humidifier, 24V Whole House Humidifier


This Aprilaire product comes with a range of unique features to make sure that you get the best product available and the best features. Its digital control is one of the most unique features. This is what some people refer to as a furnace humidifier. Furnace humidifiers, as their name implies, attaches to your heating and ventilation unit. There is an extensive installation explanation in the user manual that comes with this unit. You will need some tools and a certain amount of DIY expertise to install the Aprilaire 500 Humidifier yourself. Another option would be to hire an HVAC contactor. Amazon does offer Amazon Home & Business Services. In that section you can look for Hire an HVAC Contractor and see if they are available in your area.


It includes an automatic digital control as well as outdoor sensor, water pad, and a built-in bypass damper.

It also covers up to 3000 square feet, making it suitable to work in your whole house.

This unit has a water feed rate of 3.0 GPH and will deliver an evaporative rate of .5 GPH.


The Aprilaire 500 installation is complex and the manufacturer recommends using a qualified contractor.


Overall, it has a number of good features such as the automatic digital control; however, it is a lot more expensive than others, and it doesn’t offer great value.


And the best whole house humidifier is…

Out of all of the whole house humidifiers we reviewed, the Aircare MA1201 Whole House Console Style Evaporative Humidifier is the best whole house humidifier. This is because it has a number of good features such as the ability to automatically turn off when the desired humidity level is reached or when the tank is empty.

The Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier HCM-6009 comes in second place today. Although it has good features such as the adjustable humidity control with 3 moisture settings, and being 30% quieter than previous models; however, you will have to fill it up 3 times a day to get best results.

In at third is the Aprilaire 500 Humidifier, 24V Whole House Humidifier, this is because that although it has good features it does require some work to get it installed. Consult with a qualified contractor if you are unsure of any steps in the installation process. The Aprilaire 500 installation guide does state that the warranty is void if the product is not installed by a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor.

Be sure to remember to keep track of the humidity levels in your house. If you do decide to use a whole house humidifier you need to be on the look out for mold. Mold showing up is the number one problem with whole house humidifiers that consumers are concerned with. By using a hygrometer to maintain relative humidity below 50%, you can take steps effectively manage your air quality and should be able to prevent mold growth.

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