Oil Warmers 101: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil warmers may look like a humidifier, but they do no necessarily act like one.

While a humidifier increases the level of humidity in the air, an oil diffuser breaks up water molecules and essential oils into small particles. It releases these particles into the air, and the air carries them throughout the room.

Diffusers are one of the most popular ways to use essential oils. They give your home a pleasant smell and provide several health benefits to you and your family.

The oils purify the air by removing any kind of seasonal threat, and they can even uplift your mood.

Does This Really Work?

A lot of us have heard about the benefits of essential oils, but it can seem a little farfetched. Can breathing in a nice scent actually make us any healthier?

Yes, it can.

Many scientists have proven that essential oils can have a positive effect on both physical and emotional health conditions. You can use these oils as a natural medication, beauty products, or a method of relaxation.

Here’s how it works.

When you smell essential oils, your brain gets stimulated. Depending on the particular components of the oil, your mood and emotions start to shift. You can feel anything from a strong sense of calm to a new bout of energy. In other words, essential oils are natural mood modifiers.

They can even help you get to sleep at night.

Studies show essential oils reduce stress and anxiety and give people a higher quality of sleep. In many cases, it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep as well.

So all these essential oil benefits aren’t made up or overexaggerated. They do work. The hardest part of incorporating these oils into your everyday life is picking the right kind of diffuser.

Types of Diffusers

There are several types of essential oil diffusers out there, and they all come with their own features. Choosing the right one comes down to how you want to use your diffuser and your personal preference.

Here’s a quick list of the most common types of diffusers to you know what you’re looking at when you start shopping.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

An ultrasonic diffuser uses water to disperse the essential oils throughout the room. After mixing a few drops of essential oil into the water, the diffuser will release the liquid into the air as a fine mist.

This diffuser uses a smaller concentration of oil, which can be beneficial for people who have trouble with higher amounts. In turn, this means you use less oil every time you turn the diffuser on. It’s also quiet, so the noise won’t distract you as you’re working or trying to fall asleep.

You do have to clean this diffuser more than other models, and it doesn’t work well in large spaces.

Nebulizing Diffusers

This type of diffuser doesn’t use any water. A nebulizing diffuser pulls the essential oil out from the bottle, which leaves a strong concentration in the air. This allows it to fill large spaces, but it can be overwhelming for people who don’t like powerful scents.

A nebulizing diffuser is also loud and expensive. You have to spend extra money on the diffuser itself, and you go through a lot more oil a lot quicker than other diffusers.

Heat Diffusers

A heat diffuser is similar to a wax heater, but it warms up essential oils instead. This diffuser is inexpensive and quiet, but it does have a higher risk of accidents. If you have a lot of young children in your home, you may want to pick another type of diffuser to avoid burns.

This diffuser also evaporates the oil faster than others. The warmth breaks down some of the therapeutic qualities, so the oil loses some of its benefits.

Evaporating Diffusers

This diffuser uses a fan to blow over a cotton pad infused with essential oils and sends the oils into the air. It’s inexpensive, simple, and a good diffuser to bring along with you during trips.

However, is has trouble distributing oils in an even way, and you have to change the pads more than you might want to. Like heat diffusers, an evaporating diffuser doesn’t deliver as many therapeutic benefits from the essential oil.

How Do You Plan to Use the Diffuser?

Is this something you’ll use in your office as you work? In meetings with clients? In your home? As something to help you sleep? As a nightlight for your child?

The answers to these question might change the features you need on your diffuser.

For example, if you want to use a diffuser in your office, you’ll want something that can fit on your desk. If you want something to help you get to sleep at night, it will need to be quiet and shut down on its own. If you want to use it as a nightlight for your child, it’ll have to light up.

Diffusers come with a lot of different features, so make sure you figure out exactly what you’re looking for before you buy anything.

Where Do You Plan to Use Diffuser?

What size room are you planning on using the diffuser? Depending on the type of diffuser you get, it may not work well in a large space. If you want to fill your living room with essential oil benefits, you may need to get a larger diffuser.

You can also buy two small diffusers and put them on different sides of the room. A single diffuser is a good option for smaller rooms, like bedrooms or offices.

What Is Your Budget?

While many diffusers are affordable, there are some, like nebulizing diffusers, that can cost a lot of money. But if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, you can find diffusers for under $20.

Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for cost. A cheap diffuser may not take as much money out of your wallet, but it may not work as well as others either. In fact, it may have a shorter lifetime and cause you to spend more money in the long run.

How to Pick the Best Oil Warmers for You

Figuring out how and where you want to use your diffuser will help you pick the best one for your needs. And don’t spend too much time focusing on the cost. It’s more important you get a diffuser that’ll suit your needs. The benefits that come with it will pay for themselves once you start using it.

Interested in learning more about oil warmers? This article explains the difference between diffusers and humidifiers.

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Allergies

Using an essential oil diffuser to help with your allergy symptoms is a great idea. These devices help purify the air around you and can make breathing easier. In this article we review essential oil diffusers that add moisture into the air in the same way that a cool mist humidifier does.

Many people use essential oils to help relieve allergy symptoms. There is even scientific support for the use of lavender oil to help manage the inflammation of airways caused by allergies. In case you’re looking for more information about the benefits of lavender oil check out this link too.

The images below are all clickable links that will take you to the product listing on Amazon.com. Once you are there you can explore other product listings as well. These images include the essential oil diffuser we review in this article and two others with similar functions and capacities you may want to consider. We have also included a link for lavender essential oil.

Here at Unhumid we recommend using an essential oil diffuser to help add some much needed moisture to the air in your space as well. The quote below is from Griffith Energy Services

When humidity drops too low, mold, mildew, and dust allergens dry up and become airborne. Dry air also dries out the nasal passages, which makes it easier for those allergens to get into your lungs. Chapped lips and dry skin accompany the dry air allergy issues to create a very uncomfortable environment.

There are many choices to consider. Diffusers are an essential part of aromatherapy and each device has its pros and cons. And paired with the right combination of essential oils, you’ll be well on your way to purer air. And hopefully, an easier allergy season.

We’ve chosen one we think has the best air purifying system and the best diffusing rate. Read on if you would like to learn more!

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Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

When it comes to finding effective allergy relief, many aromatherapists will recommend trying lavender, peppermint or tea tree oils.

Lavender oil relaxes, while peppermint is a natural expectorant and tea tree is an antiseptic.

All of these oils, when diffused, will give your system relief and will hopefully make your allergy season a little less annoying. Be sure to discuss all options with your aromatherapist.

Is My Diffuser the Same as a Humidifier?

Diffusers are a big part of the growing aromatherapy field. Many come equipped with a misting system that acts like a humidifier.

Unlike humidifiers though, they simply disperse essential oils into the air. Humidifiers are great devices for those who use their voices extensively and for those who may suffer from allergies.

Pairing a diffuser with a humidifier will make your home a safe haven for when allergy season strikes. Finding one of these combinations can be tricky though. But we believe we might have found one.

Keep reading for more information on essential oil therapy.

Our Suggestion

When it comes to finding the right one for your allergies, look no further.

There are many different kinds. Some are great for spas, some can serve as nightlights and some even act as dual humidifiers.

After some careful research and much reading of reviews on Amazon, we believe we have found the best one for any allergy-sufferer.

The URPOWER Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is one of those rare combo products that aromatherapists love for allergy relief.

This is a top choice among Amazon shoppers with a huge number of positive reviews. The URPOWER acts as combination air purifiers, ionizers, and humidifiers. It also comes equipped with a light! Which makes it a great nightlight for children who may suffer from allergies too.

While many cannot act as humidifiers, this one can. You can also decide to use it as just a humidifier, making it a flexible little device to have in your home.

It can run for ten hours straight, thanks to its 300ml tank. It will also shut off automatically when it runs out of oil.

Allergy Relief Right at Home

There are many different essential oil diffusers to try and with our advanced searching options, we hope we can help you choose the right gadget for your home.

All natural allergy relief is just a click away.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Car

Essential oils are all the rage right now.

But, these powerful scents have actually been used for years in aromatherapy and other natural healing methods! You can use essential oils topically in lotions and creams or by rubbing directly onto the skin. They also work well sometimes if consumed in drinks.

One thing is for sure, though – an essential oil diffuser is a must-have.

This little machine can have a significant, powerful effect on how you go about your day. Some oils can help you wake up, while others will put you to sleep with ease or improve your focus.

Even better, there are certain essential oil diffusers that you can keep in your car!

This means you can take the benefits of essential oils with you anywhere you go. You just need the right car diffuser to get going.

Here are the top 7 options to consider.

1. Mfeel Car Diffuser

Remember standard car plugs?

You know, the ones you used to connect radios to and use as aux chords? Most cars still have this plug, but more and more drivers have started using USB plugs or Bluetooth features.

Now, the Mfeel Car Diffuser is bringing a new purpose to the plug that many have forgotten about. This is how the diffuser connects to your car and starts working.

It’s a small essential oil diffuser that can keep everything smelling great for hours on the road. If you happen to take a short drive and forget to shut it off, though, there is an auto-power feature that tells the diffuser to shut down.

While in use, there are various settings to choose from to get the most out of this tool. You can opt for high or low mist levels, as well as interval settings.

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2. InnoGear USB Diffuser

Another easy diffuser to use in your car is the InnoGear USB model.

This is made to fit your cupholder and take on-the-go. You charge it with a USB and can use it in your car, on your desk, or at home until the battery needs to connect and charge again.

The design is topped off with LED lights for the ultimate essential oil experience.

You can choose to use it in an interval or continuous mist setting. The buttons are simple to use and the auto-shutoff ensures you’re never wasting the oils you load your diffuser with.

3. ZAG Tour Diffuser

Taking the sleek, cupholder design one step further, ZAG made their Tour Diffuser with aesthetics and function in mind. The olive green and white create a beautiful look that you’ll be proud to carry anywhere.

While driving, the diffuser can last up to four hours until it shuts off, making it perfect for your next road trip.

For day to day use, the essential oil diffuser shuts off when the water gets to low. This means you can use it with ease for short commutes multiple times a week, then add water as you need.

4. NexGadget Mini USB Diffuser

Not a fan of the olive green and white? Maybe choose the lovely wooden design of the NexGadget Mini Diffuser, instead.

Of course, the real deciding factor comes down to the use of each diffuser. But, the look plays a small role in getting one essential oil diffuser versus another.

If you purchase the NexGadget, you can expect great results. This diffuser lasts up to two hours and doubles as a humidifier!

5. Skey Upgraded Nebulizer

There are diffusers and humidifiers, and then there are nebulizers.

A nebulizer disperses the scent of your essential oil without any water. Instead, it generates a burst of air that turns the oil drops into a mist.

The Skey Upgraded Nebulizer can do this for up to ten hours!

Talk about some serious oil benefits. This tool can work for a long day of travel or for multiple days at a time until you have to recharge it. It is low-maintenance and extremely beneficial.

It comes in a beautiful silver finish and with a set of lights to always tell you what is going on. Blue lights mean the device is charging and in use at the same time, and there is a red light that flashes periodically when it’s almost out of battery.

6. Navy Penguin Portable USB Diffuser

Are the different spans of time you can use a diffuser catching your attention?

Whether you like a short-term model or a long-term device that can run for many hours at a time, there is one catch. You have to be conscious of this timing and check when it’s time to recharge.

With the Navy Penguin Diffuser, maintenance is a bit easier because you can choose the runtime for every drive. You may opt to only have the diffuser on for 30minutess one day, then 60 or 120 the next.

Such versatility ensures you get the most out of your diffuser without wasting a drop of essential oils.

7. Arospa Electric

The Arospa Electric is arguably the ultimate essential oil diffuser.

This is a diffuser, a purifier, and a humidifier in one. It comes with a power chord and adapter to charge directly in the car, which means there is practically no limit to how long you can use this device during one drive.

It’s another model on the list that is shaped to fit a cup holder, which makes it easy to place in your car.

Plus, the buttons are all on the top part of this essential oil diffuser, so you can simply switch settings while you’re on the road. The settings range between intervals and continual mist options, as well as timing specifics.

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Great Oils to Put in Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Excited to take your oil collection on the road with you?

Whether you’re just headed to work or tackling a travel day by car, essential oils will be boosting your mood every step of the way. The hard part is deciding which oils you want to use in your car essential oil diffuser!

The same ones you use by your bed or at the office may not be the kind of essential oils you want to use in the car. Make sure you figure out the differences to get the most out of your diffuser.

For more essential oil diffuser options and insights, click here.


Best Cold Air Diffuser for Essential Oils

essential oils

This article provides a product recommendation for the best cold air diffuser for essential oils based on a review of essential oil diffusers on the market today. We start with how we defined this product to make sure you are in the right place. Next, we describe the criteria we use to narrow the field and decide which essential oil diffuser is our top pick. Finally, we wrap up the article with product reviews of the top diffusers we found in our research.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers this Article Covers

Cold air diffusers are also known as ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. These type of diffusers produce vibrations that humans will not be able to hear or feel. The vibrations will not disturb you or anyone in your house. These vibrations turn the water into a mist and the mist diffuses into the room.

Here we will review cold air essential oil diffusers that have capacities of 500 ml or less. If you are looking for an essential oil diffuser designed for a large room, check out this article. Clicking on that link will bring you to an article where we review two products that are designed to provide aromatherapy for spaces over 350 square feet. The article you are reading right now specifically focuses on cold air diffusers for smaller spaces.

Best Cold Air Diffuser for Essential Oils

URPOWER has one of the most extensive lineups of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers on the market today. Our top recommendations comes from their products along with Exqline Diffusers. There are minor differences in the products these two brands offer. The decision between them comes down to the outward appearance being a better match for the room you plan to use it in.

The URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser and the Exqline 1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser are both great products to consider. We review them extensively in this article.

The one downside to these two products is that they are both quite large when compared to other essential oil diffusers. URPOWER and Exqline both make smaller essential oil diffusers in the 300 and 400 ml range. Smaller units are obviously nicer if space is a concern on your desk or counter.

VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

You also might want to check out the VicTsing 500ml essential oil diffuser. This diffuser is both stylish and functional which will give you the best of both worlds. It has super quiet during operation which is always a nice feature to have.

Because the VicTsing diffuser has a large 500ml capacity, it can last much longer than other models. This unit will give you up to 14 hours of mist output! In order to last up to 14 hours, you will need to turn it on the low-speed selection. You can turn it on during the morning and when you get home from work, it will still be working. This will save you time and you will not have to worry about filling it up every day.
essential oils
This diffuser also has a wonderful night light. With the press of a button, you can choose up to 7 different attractive colors. You can also set the mood by dimming the light. This is great for those romantic evenings with the one you love the most.

The VicTsing diffuser is a breeze to operate. This model comes with separate high and low buttons which will help you to control the unit. There are also four different timer selections. Choose between a 1-hour timer, a 3-hour timer, a 6-hour timer or simply press the on button for nonstop use. This gives you more options to choose from which is always nice.

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Bedroom

essential oils


Using an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom is like bringing a spa into your home. It immediately relaxes you and relieves you of all the stress built up from a long day. The item does sound like a luxury and is often priced like one, but it’s all worth when it comes to having a cozy and comfortable home.

There are a number of essential oil diffusers available in the market currently that you can buy to match your style of home. We reviewed the top essential oil diffusers on the market today and picked out our three favorites based on their reliability, functionality and appearance.

All of the diffusers we review in this article are ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. this means they mix the oils in water before getting them into the air. The water is agitated a silent vibration which turns the water at the surface into a fine mist. This mist is then able to fill your bedroom. Ultrasonic diffusers  do not add any heat to the water or essential oils, protecting them from any degradation that may come from heating them up.

essential oils

VicTsing 300 ml Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

With a wood grain exterior, easy use, quiet diffusing, and budget pricing, the VicTsing cool mist essential oil diffuser is a crowd favorite. All you have to do is unscrew its cap, and add water and essential oil. The diffuser can run up to 10 hours and shuts down by itself if it runs out of water. You can also set a timer for it to run every one hour or so.

Apart from that, its ultrasonic technology makes it an extremely quiet diffuser. The only issue the customers have had is that it breaks at times and does not produce as much steam after a while, which is why we give this diffuser 4 stars out of 5.

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URPOWER 1000 ml Essential Oil Diffuser

The URPOWER essential oil diffuser has a simple design and is lies on the lower end of the price spectrum. The large capacity of the diffuser allows it to work for 10-15 hours in the high mist mode and 15-20 hours in the low mist mode. It comes with a wireless remote control which helps you set the misting function and its time interval.

The diffuser shuts down automatically if it runs out of water and has 7 LED options to keep things interesting in your room. The amount of oil required for every 100 ml is merely 3-5 drops. The diffuser also works as a humidifier in the high mist mode.

The only issue the customers have had is that the 1000 ml model is a bit too large for a nightstand. Luckily, URPOWER has an extensive lineup of diffusers in different sizes, all the way down to a 130 ml capacity, which is just under 4.5 fluid ounces.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

The essential oil diffuser by Innogear is a budget-friendly and whisper-quiet diffuser with the combined properties of a humidifier. The diffuser is portable and can be carried around the house and outside as well. Apart from providing good fragrance, it also stops the air from becoming too dry with its mist. It has seven mood changing lights which appeal to the kids as well.

The system can shut itself down if it runs out of water and can easily sustain for up to 6 hours. The Innogear fares well in all the aspects and therefore, we give it a 4.5 stars out of 5.

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