How Can I Create a More Comfortable Home When I’m on a Budget?

You’ve pinned magazine-worthy inspiration rooms on Pinterest.

You browse the home decor aisles of your favorite shops with ease.

But the price tag to create the cozy, comfortable inviting room in your head doesn’t align with your budget.

How do you create a comfortable home when you can’t order everything you want from Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma?

Getting creative with what you already have and adding some inexpensive touches can make your home feel cozier.

Check out these ideas to get started.

Identify What Feels Cold

If your home isn’t comfortable or inviting, figure out what makes it feel cold or unwelcoming.

Is the lighting too harsh? Do the colors say stay away?

Maybe it’s a furniture issue with your sofas feeling like you’re sitting on boards.

Once you know why your home doesn’t feel comfortable, you can create a wish list for home improvements and DIY projects.

Spread Out the Projects

A budget-friendly way to improve your space is to work on it a little at a time. You don’t need to do a makeover on every space all at once.

Start with simple, inexpensive projects that you can do right away without breaking your budget.

Schedule other projects in the future as the budget allows.

Declutter Your Space

A simple decluttering can transform your home for free.

You might not notice the piles you have lying around your home if they’ve been there a while. But you’ll notice the difference once they’re gone.

Mental benefits of decluttering include reduced anxiety, confidence, reduced tension, and increased energy. Getting rid of things you don’t want or need can help you feel much better, which turns your home into a comfortable place you want to be.

Repaint the Walls

Paint can give your home a completely new feel and look. It’s an inexpensive makeover option that can shift the mood in your home.

Use color psychology to pick the paint colors for your rooms.

Green and blue offer a calming effect, which can make you feel more comfortable. Green can also stimulate feelings of harmony, joy, stability, balance, and energy. Blue is associated with strength, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

Brown is an earthy option that pulls in nature. It’s a comforting color that also inspires feelings of security, simplicity, and contentment.

If you want something brighter, orange generates warmth, balance, and enthusiasm.

If you like to keep things neutral, avoid stark white colors, which can feel cool. A warm white hue creates a cozy feel.

Let in Natural Light

During the day, lots of natural light makes your home feel more uplifting and helps make you feel happier.

Washing your windows and opening your window coverings completely during the day helps get as much sunlight in as possible. You might need to rearrange furniture to allow more light into your room.

Add Layers of Artificial Light

Even if you get plenty of sunlight in your home during the day, you’ll need artificial lighting for nighttime.

Having different layers of lighting lets you create a cozier feel.

General lighting includes overhead fixtures that cast light throughout the room.

Task lighting provides focused light for specific activities. That might include under-cabinet lighting for cooking, pendant lighting over an island, or lamps for reading.

Accent lighting can highlight specific features in the room, such as artwork or architectural features. It gives the space visual interest.

Layer all three types of light into your home to make it feel inviting.

Dimmable fixtures let you customize the light intensity. It can help set the comfortable mood you want.

Control the Environment

The physical feeling of the environment within your home can affect how comfortable you feel.

If you’re too hot or cold, you’ll feel physically uncomfortable, which makes your home less inviting.

If the air is dirty, you can’t breathe easily or feel comfortable.

Even the humidity of your home plays a role in your comfort level.

You don’t have to replace your HVAC system to improve the temperature control in your home. If you have colder rooms, consider using space heaters to make them feel warmer and cozier.

Add an air purifier to your home to clean the air.

If the air feels dry, choose an energy-efficient humidifier to add moisture to the air.

Add Soft Touches

Soft finishing touches ease up the harshness of your decor. They can also provide physical comfort with softer, plusher surfaces.

If your living room furniture isn’t as soft as you’d like, add throw pillows. You can lean against the soft, cushioning pillows to create more comfortable seating.

Pillows also add a decorative look. You can use them to sprinkle in color or add thematic decoration.

Decorative throw blankets have a similar effect in the living room. Fold and display them on the back of chairs and sofas. If you feel chilly, grab a blanket for cuddling.

Rugs can soften your floors, especially if you have hard-surface floors such as tile or hardwood. Choose a thick, plush rug for the coziest option.

In your bedroom, upgrade your bedding to a plush, soft option. It makes your bed feel cozy and inviting after a long day.

Thick, plush, indulgent towels offer an inexpensive way to get a pampering spa-like feel in your master bathroom.

In any room, soft window treatments can create a welcoming feeling.

Incorporate Personal Items

What truly makes you feel most at home is showing your personality in your decor. Whether it’s personal mementos or decor pieces that reflect the things you love, having those personalized decor pieces can make your home more comfortable.

Artwork is an easy way to create a home vibe that you love.

Instead of buying a canvas print that hangs in millions of other homes, consider finding a local artist that sells paintings. You can often find local artists who sell their work for a similar price as mass-produced prints.

Not only do you get a unique piece for your wall that fits your style, but you can also support a local artist who is also likely on a tight budget.

Make a Comfortable Home

When you spend a lot of time at home, you want it to be cozy. Creating a comfortable home doesn’t require a hefty budget. It just requires some creative thinking and planning.

Check our archives for more recommendations to make your home cozy and comfortable, from vaporizers and humidifiers to heated socks.

The Ultimate Comfort: The Best Throw Pillows for Your Home

After a long hard day at work, you just want to snuggle up inside and stay warm. Nothing says cozy like retreating to a mountain of blankets and throw pillows.

If you don’t own any, you’re doing yourself (and your home) a disservice.

How does one know which are the best throw pillows for their needs?

Do you want something to complement the decor in your living room or master bedroom? Or are you looking for a comfortable cushion to use as a head or backrest while you lounge?

Regardless of your answer, we have an option for you. Keep reading to find the best living room, outdoor, and bedroom throw pillows on the market today.

Miulee Pillow Covers (2-Pack)

Do you want your throw pillows to scream luxury and comfort? If so, you need to consider this two-pack from Miulee. These covers come in several different sizes and color options. They are no patterns, so you can be sure the pillows won’t clash with your current decor.

Do you need a 12″x12″ cover in chartreuse to match your living room? Or do you need large throw pillows like 26″x26″ in eggplant to coordinate your bedding set? Regardless of your color scheme, there’s something here to match.

While these covers are suitable for decoration purposes, they are even greater to use. Their velvet material makes them so soft and cozy.

All Smiles (2 or 4-Pack)

Summer is right around the corner. With it comes warmer weather and afternoons spent on the patio soaking up the sunshine. What better way to enjoy that warmth than on your outdoor couch with cozy pillows?

This pack of pillow covers is perfect for summer weather. They’re made with a polyester-cotton blend that lends itself well for outdoor use. We recommend using waterproof inserts if you plan to use them outside, though.

There are several different color and design options, so finding cute couch pillows is a cinch.

If you prefer lumbar throw pillows, they have circle and zigzag designs. Each design comes in different colors, from black to rose red. These only come in a pack of two.

If you’re looking for traditional throw pillow covers, All Smiles provides 18″x18″ and 20″x20″ options. There are several color choices to suit your decor. These styles come in a pack of four and feature designs like chevron and circles.

Home Brilliant (2-Pack)

If you like your decor to be a little more subdued, this option from Home Brilliant should suit your fancy.

We loved the pure white option as it goes with almost any decor. If you’re nervous about the color white, this seller has 21 other color options to choose from.

If your pillow inserts are a unique size, chances are you’ll be able to find the right cover here. There are seven different size options from 12″x20″ to 28″x28″.

Use the 12″x20″ to help relieve lumbar pain while you’re driving. The 26″x26″ option is perfect for propping yourself up in bed while you read.

We loved that the manufacturer made these covers with shrink resistant fabric. They won’t shrink, even if you put them in your dryer. We do recommend using a low heat setting, though.

Mika Home (2-Pack)

Do you want your throw pillow to make a statement? How about this beautiful set from Mika Home? They feature a gorgeous tropical leaf pattern that’s sure to complement your couch or bed.

The covers are available in four different colors – blue, green, teal, and coral. You can choose lumbar (12″x20″) or traditional size (20″x20″).

They’re made with high-quality jacquard fabric. This means no fading or wearing, ensuring your pillows have a long lifespan. The double zigzag overlock stitches provide extra protection against fraying.

Artifun (1-Piece)

If you want something a little outside the box, how about this pleated throw from Artifun? It’s available in five different colors – coffee, grey, lake blue, navy blue, or red. The unique pleated and button design is sure to make a statement in any room regardless of what color you choose.

The versatility of this pillow is what sold us on it. Use it on your couch, bed, or even as a floor pillow if you like. Sit on it during yoga or meditation for a comfortable resting spot.

Dahey (2-Pack)

Do you love the shabby chic trend? If so, you’ll adore these macrame throw pillows from Dahey.

Toss them on your couch, add a few houseplants, and transform your space into a boho sanctuary. Put them on your bed to bring together a rustic look.

These covers come in two different design options. They’re both in the same beautiful ivory color that traditional macrame is known for.

The material is soft, durable, and eco-friendly.

DiamondHome (1-Piece)

If you’re looking for the most luxurious feeling throw pillow, look no further. This faux fur option from DiamondHome will fit the bill perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a cushion in yellow, black, or hot pink, this company has your back.

It’s made from 100% polyester material, making them a cinch to clean. Toss it in your washing machine for cleaning. We recommend drying on low to keep the integrity of the faux fur.

Unlike most other options on our list, this listing is for a pillow and not a cover. You won’t need to find the right size insert as it’s already put together for you.

Natural Design Architecture (1-Piece)

We saved the most comfortable throw pillow for last. This option is a step up in comfort because it’s handcrafted with 100% natural rabbit fur. This material adds a level of texture and warmth that synthetic fabrics cannot.

The backside features a soft microsuede material for comfort.

It comes in two different sizes – 12″x20″ or 18″x18″. Both are available in five different colors – black, grey, hazelnut, tan, or white.

Despite being made of real fur, this product claims to be hypoallergenic. It’s also lightweight and built to last.

Each pillow comes with a poly-filled insert, so it’ll be ready to cozy up with right out of the box.

Invest in the Best Throw Pillows

Now that you know about the best throw pillows, the final choice is up to you. Do you want something to complement your decor? Or will you make your decision based purely on comfort?

You won’t have to choose between style and comfort with the cool throw pillows on our list.

Check out our other home product reviews to find more ways to stay cozy at home.