The 10 Best Electric Heaters for a Small Cabin

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Just as personal fans make all the difference on a hot summer’s day, electric heaters are a must for keeping you and your cabin toasty in the winter. 

The best electric space heaters are often small and easily portable from room to room. But, they sure do pack a punch when it comes to heating your cabin! And, with well-thought-out design elements and safety features, you can be sure that the newest models are a cut above the rest. 

Here are the top ten electric heaters for your small cabin. 

1. Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater

The Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater offers powerful heating in a sleek and compact design. 

This model allows you to choose from two constant heat settings, but it also includes an adjustable thermostat to maintain your own personal comfort level. 

Thanks to its ceramic heating technology, this Honeywell model blasts out plenty of heat to warm the room you’re in. The unit itself is stylish and modern in appearance, and it’s easy to carry around your cabin.  

2. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

The DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater is considered by many to be the best electric heater thanks to its powerful and efficient heating range. 

In fact, thanks to a combination of convection heat and radiant heat, it reaches its maximum operating temperature within 60 seconds.

This model has high and low heat settings, as well as a thermostat for efficient and personalized comfort. As it doesn’t use a fan, it’s also one of the quietest heaters on the market. Plus, it includes safety features such as a thermal overheat cut-off and an automatic tip-over switch. 

3. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

The Lasko Ceramic Heater has great features and offers efficient heating at a good price. 

With electronic controls, this heater means you can control room temperature to the degree. It also includes a seven-hour timer and a multi-function remote control. 

Thanks to its tall and slender design, it doesn’t take up much room, so it’s ideal for a small cabin. But, in case it gets knocked over, it does come with an automatic shut-off function. 

4. Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater

This Bionaire console heater might be small, but don’t let that fool you. It’s more effective than a lot of larger units, and it starts producing a noticeable amount of heat almost immediately. Plus, it has an adjustable thermostat, which means you can set the exact temperature for your needs. 

This portable electric heater is easy to move from room to room thanks to its easy-glide wheels and carry handle. And, as the name ‘silent’ would suggest, it heats with no noise. 

5. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Dyson is most often associated with state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners. But, as this Dyson AM09 Fan Heater shows, the brand has also produced one of the most efficient electric heaters on the market. 

Thanks to its intelligent thermostat, the Dyson AM09 carefully monitors the room to maintain your desired temperature. It’s also very quick to heat your room, and its wide projection ensures even warmth around the room.  

As well as being stylish, the design is extra safe and easy to keep clean. Plus, with no exposed heating elements, there is no burning smell. 

6. Crane USA Personal Space Heater

This Crane USA heater is super compact but works well to provide heat. In fact, it can heat up a medium-sized room in around 20 minutes. 

Many people love how this Crane model is a lot more stylish than many other electric space heaters thanks to its retro design. And, it’s also very simple to use with a basic dial function as well as a safety feature that automatically turns off the unit if it gets too hot.  

7. Lasko 5409 Portable Space Heater 

Another model from the Lasko brand, this Lasko 5409 Portable Heater is a more compact and economical choice than the Lasko 755320 model. 

This heater comes with 11 temperature settings and an oscillating function to spread the warmth around the room if desired. And, despite its small size, it circulates hot air well and is very reliable and efficient. It also features a cool-touch exterior, meaning the body remains cool even when it’s on the maximum temperature. 

8. DeLonghi EW7707CM Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

Unlike most small electric space heaters, this DeLonghi heater has three heat settings (low, medium and high). This means the automatic thermostat uses less energy to maintain your desired room temperature.  

This heater is filled with diathermic oil, which is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the unit. So you don’t need to worry about refilling it. And, thanks to its thermal tunnels, it maintains a low surface temperature for extra safety, and it automatically cuts off if it overheats. 

It’s also silent and includes a remote control for easy use. But, perhaps most impressive of all is the 24-hour timer, which even allows you to program two different temperature modes over the 24-hour period. 

9. Bovado USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

Small electric heaters, such as this Bovado 166648 model, are ideal for heating your cabin as their compact size makes them easy to carry from room to room. 

Despite its small size, the heater uses a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating system to enhance the transfer of heat in small spaces. As a result, it works quickly and efficiently to heat up your cabin. It’s also very easy to use and comes in as one of the most economical choices compared to other electric space heaters. 

10. Air Choice Ceramic Space Heater

This Air Choice ceramic space heater will warm you up in seconds thanks to its 1500W fast-heating feature. Its widespread 120-degree oscillation function allows you to adjust the heat range from personal to family use. 

This portable electric heater also includes a remote control and a timer function from one to eight hours. And, as an inbuilt safety feature, it also automatically shuts off if it overheats or if it is knocked or kicked over. 

The Best Electric Heaters

As this wide range of electric heaters shows, there are lots of considerations to make when it comes to choosing the right heater for your cabin. 

While the efficiency, temperature, and speed of the heater are key, you also need to factor in whether other features, such as a timer or an auto tip-over function, are important to you. 

To stay in the know when it comes to the best home products, make sure to check out our posts for all the latest information. 

How to Choose the Best Propane Heater for Your Small Cabin

Winter is on the horizon, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to heat your small cabin or small living space. And soon!

You could always use an electric heater, but they can be expensive, not to mention they use a lot of energy. That adds up on the electric bill. So, why don’t you consider using a propane heater instead?

The best propane heater you can find will not only save you money, but it’s a more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your home. 

If you’re thinking about investing in a propane heater but don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re discussing some of the basics about using propane heat and listing some of the best on the market for you to choose from.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Propane Heater?

Propane gas heaters work much like a camping stove. You will use a propane tank sized according to your heater. It will have an ignition switch similar to the one you use for cooking while camping. 

Propane heaters vary in size, construction, and type, including indoor and outdoor models. They are rated by BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Units. This rating measures the heat output according to the square footage of an area to be heated. 

Safety Considerations

Especially if you’re using an indoor propane heater, you’ll need to be aware of some safety considerations before lighting it up. 

Propane produces carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless, and extremely harmful gas. It’s imperative to use your propane heater according to the manufacturer’s specifications up to and including proper ventilation in your home.

Most propane heaters are designed with a tip-over mechanism to prevent the unit from falling over. This can be a dangerous fire-hazard, so if your unit does NOT have this feature, it’s important to keep it in a safe spot where it won’t be disturbed. 

Benefits of a Propane Heater

Most propane heaters are portable, making them extremely versatile for heating various spaces. 

Besides, that, there are advantages of heating with propane as well. We already mentioned the cost savings on your energy bill. And, because propane is a clean burning fuel, you won’t be bombarded with toxic fumes like those associated with wood, oil, and coal.

Propane vs Electric Heat

Propane can be used to power a variety of home appliances, including your cooking range and clothes dryer. And besides the fact that you’ll be saving money on your electric bills, propane heat is actually more efficient than electricity as well. That means your space will heat up in less time and remain warm for longer when compared to using electric heat.

What Is the Best Propane Heater for Your Small Cabin?

Now that you know a little more about propane heat and how it can work wonders for your home heating bill and personal comfort this winter, let’s look at some propane heater reviews. 

Mr. Heater Little Buddy

This portable propane heater will heat up to 95 square feet of indoor space for just over five hours. It has an angled and articulated head, allowing you to project warm air where you need it most. 

Dyna Glo Propane Cabinet Heater

The Dyna Glo Propane Cabinet Heater is great for small spaces up to 500 square feet. It has three burners that each generate 6000 BTUs, and each burner can be shut off individually. You’ll enjoy three heat settings including low, medium, and high.

Dyna Glo RMC-LPC25DG Convection Propane Heater

This handy little device can heat up to 600 square feet with a radiating head that circulates a full 360-degrees for added comfort. While it won’t win any interior decorating contests it does kick out a significant heat. You can adjust the BTUs from 15-25,000.

Camco Olympian Gas Catalytic Heater

The Camco Olympian propane heater is great as a secondary source of heat. It can heat up to 130 square feet of open space with up to 6000 BTUs. It includes a safety shut-off valve in case of emergency.

Mr. Heater Forced Air Propane Heater

For such a small heater, you’ll be surprised to learn that you can heat up to 1500 square feet with a powerful 30-60,000 BTUs per hour. This heater is practical for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re familiar with older models with the horizontal cylinder design you might be worried about the jet engine sound these can produce. It used to be something you had to deal with if you wanted heat in a hurry. Mr. Heater did a great job reducing noise levels with this heater while still retaining incredible heat output.

Comfort Glow GCH480

This portable heater easily moves from room to room with four rolling casters. It also features a built-in oxygen depletion shutoff valve and a self-contained propane cylinder. You’ll enjoy the three-plaque heating system with adjustable settings to achieve your preferred temperature quickly and easily.

Mr. Heater Blue Flame

The Mr. Heater Blue Flame propane heater is a versatile unit that can either be installed or mounted to a wall or left freestanding. It offers an easy to use thermostat and quick start electronic ignition. 

With 30,000 BTUs, this heater will warm up to 750 square feet in no time. It’s perfect for supplemental heat in a larger area or to heat your entire cabin on a cold winter day.

Mr. Heater MH18B Big Buddy

One of the most efficient propane heaters on the market is the Mr. Heater Big Buddy. With three temperature settings and up to 18,000 BTUs, this heater will warm a 400 square foot space in about an hour. You’ll appreciate the accidental tip-over shutoff and swivel regulators for easy installation. This is also a great option for heating your garage.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best propane heater to heat your small space doesn’t have to be overwhelming and expensive. Just keep these tips in mind when you start shopping so that you’ll know what to look for.

And, remember, propane heaters can produce moisture and condensation in your home. Check out our blog post on dehumidifiers so you can shield your home against mold and illness.

What Are the Different Types of Humidifiers?

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There are many different types of humidifiers, but they can be grouped into one of two main categories: Cool mist and warm mist humidifiers. While they sound like polar-opposites that would result in very different outcomes, the reality is that they do the exact same job.

By the time moisture from the humidifier reaches your nose, it is already at, or near, room temperature, regardless of what condition it was in when it left the machine.

So, the choice really comes down to a matter of safety: Humidifiers that produce warm mist can pose a mild risk of burning to infants and small children, due to the heat they put off when processing the water.

Let’s take a look at the subcategories of humidifiers on a deeper level:

Cool mist humidifiers

The four most common types of cool mist humidifiers on the market are ultrasonic, evaporative, air washer and impeller. The most quiet of the three is usually the ultrasonic model, as it does away with the traditional internal fan and uses a vibrating nebulizer instead. Evaporative models tend to be noisier, by comparison. These models blow air over a wet wick, and as expected, this produces some sound effects.

An impeller humidifier breaks water into fine droplets by flinging water at a diffuser with a rotating disc. Sounds a bit crude, but these types of humidifiers get the job done well. The mist produced by these humidifiers tends to be more fog-like.

Rotating discs in an air washer humidifier help to remove airborne impurities, such as pollen particles and dust. While this doesn’t necessarily replace a quality air purifier, it can significantly improve the cleanliness of the humidified air coming your way.

All four of the above mentioned cool mist humidifiers are hard-workers, and they do an effective job at raising the moisture levels in your home or office to alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies.

Warm mist humidifiers

These are your more “traditional” consoles that emit steam produced from heating water to a boil. A common name for one of these types is the steam vaporizer. Some people refer to these as being different from humidifiers, but in reality, a vaporizer is essentially the same thing as a humidifier. These models are also relatively quiet, just producing the occasional hissing or steaming sound in the background.

During the winter months, the idea of having a machine produce warm mist can seem appealing. As we pointed out earlier, the temperature of the mist as it leaves the machine will quickly adjust to room temperature, so the result is the same.

One of the benefits and advantages of a warm mist humidifier is that they often have mineral filters to trap tiny deposits in the water. If you’ve wondered: “Can you use tap water with a humidifier?” the answer is that you shouldn’t, but a steam vaporizer with a mineral filter can help in the event that you do.

What is the best type of water to use in a humidifier? You should use demineralized or distilled water to help prevent bacterial growth (as well as the risk of breathing in airborne minerals dispersed from the machine).

To avoid the burns, care must be taken to place these devices out of contact with children. Warm mist humidifiers also come in an ultrasonic option, with some machines having a “cool mist” feature that doesn’t heat the water prior to it leaving the machine, meaning that the mist will be a friendly 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below, we’ll cover some of the perks and compromises of each type to answer the common question: “Is cool mist or warm mist better?”

Pros and cons

This list of bullets isn’t exhaustive, but it will give you a quick rundown of the benefits or drawbacks of some of these models:

  • Ultrasonic – Pros: Usually very quiet, can be found in cool mist and warm mist versions, uses the latest technology with minimal energy footprint. Cons: Can be more expensive to purchase than the others, accumulates mineral dust, bacterial contamination is possible
  • Evaporative – Pros: Safe and affordable, self-regulating, simple to clean and maintain. Cons: Loud, bacterial contamination is possible, accumulates mineral dust
  • Air Washer & Impeller – Pros: Little maintenance or cleaning required, can be used with inhalants for respiratory treatments, useful for asthma and allergies, waterborne impurities are often filtered out. Cons: Loud, bacterial contamination is possible, accumulates mineral dust
  • Steam Vaporizers – Pros: When used in normal mode (not cool mist) it obliterates bacteria with heat, fairly quiet, can be used with inhalants for respiratory treatments. Cons: Risk of burning, difficult to clean, uses a lot of energy

What is better for allergies – humidifier or air purifier?

Air purifiers help remove allergens from the air, while humidifiers help relieve the symptoms of allergies by moistening your skin and alleviating your mucous membranes. It’s impossible to say which is better for your individual situation. Read more about this in the freshairguide to the best air purifier and humidifier combo products on the market right now.

Choosing what’s right for you

In the end, it comes down to preference. All these humidifiers achieve the same outcome: Improving the humidity levels in your home to make life more comfortable.

There are only a few considerations that need to be made, including: Whether or not you have little ones or pets running around the house, how much free time you have available to clean and care for the unit, how quiet you need it to operate, and the level of energy consumption that is suitable for your monthly budget.

Choosing the right type and model for your home or office is easy with the simple tips we’ve shared above. Enjoy cleaner, more breathable air and less allergy symptoms thanks to your new humidifier.

Which Mini Split Systems Are Best if You Live in a Hot Climate?

When the Montcalm County Animal Shelter in Michigan needed new air conditioners, they opted to replace the old window units with a mini-split AC system.

Why? To quote the Humane Society’s director, “It would save energy and money, and it would work better.”

Mini split systems are gaining popularity because they are relatively affordable and ductless. Replacing your system doesn’t mean you have to update your ductwork.

Most importantly, they provide welcome cost savings, especially during those hot summer months. While there are ducted mini-split units out there, this article focuses on the ductless AC units.

Read on for information about mini-split systems and reviews of the best systems available.

What Are Mini Split Systems?

Most heating and cooling systems are called split systems. They have interior and exterior components. Central air conditioning systems have interior and exterior components as well, but they also use ducts to move the air through your house.

A mini split AC unit doesn’t require ductwork. Instead, these ductless AC units have a condensing component that expands and compresses refrigerant. It pulls both moisture and heat from the air in your home.

The split AC unit then sends cool air into the house through lines connected to the interior component(s). These components include blowers, air handlers, and evaporators. The air handling units are with the walls and ceilings.

They are installed throughout the home. Though, they aren’t window units. So, your window space remains free and clear.

Mini-Split AC System Benefits

A mini-split air conditioner can have multiple air handling units. This means you can create multiple cooling zones in your home. You can control the temperature in different rooms.

And, because they don’t use air ducts, they don’t have the same rate of energy loss as central air conditioner systems.

Versatile and Easy Installation

Mini-split systems are easier to install than central AC systems. You will still need a licensed HVAC company install your system. Though, they can do so quickly. Also, they can install the handling units in different ways.

Meaning, the units can hang from the ceiling, on a wall, or mounted flush if you have drop ceilings. There are even floor standing models.

Extra Features to Look Out For

Mini split systems have convenient remote controls and run more quietly than window units. Some models have a dehumidifier mode to keep out moisture.

They also have automatic modes that adjust the temperature throughout the day. And, many have programmable timers that let you adjust the temperature automatically.

All mini-split AC models provide better air quality because they are ductless. There is no place for dust, mold, and allergens to collect.

Benefits of Having Multiple Zones

A single-zone mini-split AC is the least expensive option. Though, many homeowners rave about the multi-zone split HVAC systems because you can control the temperature in each room separately.

You can also lower or shut off the air conditioning in a room that no one is occupying. This option brings significant cost savings. Anyone looking to purchase a mini-split AC should definitely consider a multi-zone system.

Most mini-split AC systems can accommodate up to four zones. There are models available that can handle up to six zones. Each zone (room) has a handling unit. Refrigerant lines connect it to the outdoor unit. These lines are long enough to allow for zones on different floors.

Mini Split AC Systems and BTUs/Power

You measure mini split AC unit’s power in BTUs. The higher the BTUs, the more area the unit can cool. For example:

  • For a 150-250 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 5,000-6,000 BTUs.
  • For a 250-350 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 6,000 to 8,000 BTUs.
  • For a 350 to 450 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 8,000 to 10,000 BTUs.
  • For a 450 to 550 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 10,000 to 12,000 BTUs.
  • For a 550 to 700 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 12,000 to 14,000 BTUs.
  • For a 700 to 1,000 square foot room, you need a mini-split AC with 14,000 to 18,000 BTUs.

Check the Voltage Requirements

Most mini-split ACs come with the typical 110- to 120-volt plug. Though, the larger units may require a 220- to a 240-volt outlet.

You may need to have an electrician come out and upgrade your existing outlets to accommodate your new mini-split AC.

Understanding Compressor Types

The external component of a mini-split AC is the compressor. There are two types: a rotary compressor and an inverter compressor.

Rotary compressors, the most common type, turn the AC on and off to regulate the temperature in your home. The AC operates full force to cool the room. Then, it cycles off and on again as needed based on temperature.

Inverted compressors are a newer, energy-efficient technology. Inverted compressors don’t operate at full power. Instead, they use only the amount of energy required to attain the set temperature.

Mini split AC systems with inverted compressors cost more. Though, you will save money on your energy bills.

Invest in Reusable Filters to Keep Maintenance Costs Low

Any AC unit needs clean filters to operate correctly, even mini-split AC systems. If you choose a unit with reusable filters, you’ll save money in the long run. Disposable filters get expensive.

Mini-Split AC Systems Pricing

Mini-split AC prices vary based on the number of BTUs. Prices for these systems range from $600 to $3,500 for a single-zone AC unit. The price increases as you add zones. Again, there is added benefit from investing in a multi-zone system.

Below are reviews of the ten best mini split AC systems available.

1. PIONEER Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System

The Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless wall mount system is our top choice. It heats or cools, giving you year-round comfort in your home. This unit rates at 18000 BTU. With that amount of power, you can be assured it will work throughout your home.

This is AC and heat pump has a high-efficiency inverter. It cools or heats quickly. It features a remote control so you can change without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair.

Check the current price on Amazon with this link.

2. Senville SENL-18CD 18000 BTU 15 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

The Senville SENL-18CD split air conditioner and heat pump comes in as a close second to the Pioneer. The Senville has 18000 BTUs. The system comes with an inverted compressor by Toshiba, which has a five-year warranty.

This mini split unit has a low ambient kit, which means it cools or heats even during extreme temperatures.

The Senville features “whisper technology.” It operates with almost no audible sound. Because of this, it performs well in smaller spaces where extra cooling is needed. The installation kit is concise and makes for easy installation.

Here is the direct link to this product listing on Amazon.

3. MRCOOL DIY 24K BTU 16 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

The MRCOOL Ductless BTU 16 SEER mini-split air conditioner has a seven-year warranty for the compressor. The parts carry a five-year warranty. Engineers designed the MRCOOL for ease of installation.

It comes with everything a technician needs to install the AC system. It also contains an instruction booklet in case someone less familiar with HVAC is installing the unit as a DIY project.

This compact mini-split AC system includes pre-charged line sets. You don’t have to add refrigerant during installation.

This unit cools well no matter the room. It comes with a handy remote control app. You can download, connect to your Wi-Fi, and control the unit from your phone or tablet.

Check the price on Amazon here.

4. 12,000 BTU Innova Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioner

The Innova 12,000 BTU ductless mini-split AC operates quietly. It cools without adding noise distraction. It comes with a one-year parts warranty and a five-year warranty on the compressor.

The outdoor unit is pre-charged with eco-friendly refrigerant. In addition, the system includes all the accessories you need for installation, including 16 feet of copper wire and a manual.

The indoor unit has an attractive modern look. That look is enhanced by a bezel-less display along with a hidden LED display. You won’t see the LED display when the unit is turned off.

To see this and other mini splits available on Amazon use this link.

5. Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter++ Ductless Wall Mount Multi-Split System

The Pioneer Air Conditioner Ductless Wall Mount Split System comes with a high-efficiency converter. The system cools your space with efficiency but without wasting energy. This Pioneer system also features a five-zone heat pump.

This split system AC from Pioneer has five indoor units, each with its own a remote control. If you have a small home, this allows you to put a heating or cooling unit in the rooms you use the most.

This unit includes a complete installation kit, including a 16-foot line set. You can also request customization by placing a special order with Pioneer.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

6. 24000 Btu 20.5 SEER Ductless Mini Split DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The SEER ductless AC system is a powerful unit with a split DC inverter. It has a removable and washable panel for ease of maintenance. It features a compressor by Toshiba with a seven-year warranty. The unit itself has a five-year parts warranty.

This mini-split AC unit has some attractive features such as auto-defrost and intelligent pre-heating. It also has a self-clean mode that you can use as needed.

The installation kit comes with insulated copper tubing, 15 feet of communication wire, a drain hose, a power cable, and a wall cover. And of course, the system comes with a remote control.

This link takes you to the listing on Amazon for this mini split.

7. PIONEER Air Conditioner

The Pioneer Air Conditioner rates in at 12000 BTU. This unit features a high-efficiency inverted compressor. You’ll receive formidable cooling that won’t inflate your power bill.

This ductless mini-split is also a heat pump that is easy to install. The installation kit includes everything you need to install the system.

This compact AC has the expected remote control. The system features multiple settings for cooling and heating. You’re able to maintain a comfortable temperature.

This Pioneer system also has a convenient vacation mode to lower usage when you’re away for an extended period.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

8. Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Cooper and Hunter’s Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump connects to your Wi-Fi so you can control the system with any compatible smart device. This min split AC is energy-efficient.

So, you don’t see an ugly increase in your electric bill. The Energy Star certification is assurance that you can enjoy your new cooling unit without paying a hefty price later.

This unit is compact and comes with an installation kit, which includes 15 feet of wire. This heat pump is wall-mounted and is embedded with an activated carbon filter. It also comes with an anti-corrosion coating designed to last.

Take a look with this link.

9. Senville 9000 BTU Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The Senville 9000 BTU Mini-Split Air Conditioner has advanced DC converter technology. It provides powerful performance and high efficiency. This unit is quiet enough to use in any room.

It also works well in non-residential spaces like offices and other workspaces. It comes with a remote control for easy control.

This mini-split AC comes with a complete installation that includes a sixteen-foot copper line.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

10. Okyotech 18,000 BTU 1.5 TON 14 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The Okyotech mini-split AC features 3D airflow technology to provide smart heating and cooling. This unit is compact and works well in those small spaces where a full-size unit just won’t fit.

It operates quietly, so it is suitable for any space. The Okyotech has a convenient sleep mode as well as a 24-hour timer mode.

This AC unit works with efficiency with a capacity of 18,000 BTU. With it, you can cool you a space as large as 900 square feet. All this makes it a solid choice for apartments and smaller homes.

If this seems like a good fit for what you need, here’s the product listing on Amazon.

Mini-split Air Conditioner Systems for Hot Climates

All in all, mini-split systems provide an affordable option when it comes to cooling your home. If you live in a tropical climate, you understand the need to keep your home cool during those extended summer months.

Mini-split AC systems give families options. Some like a chilled bedroom at night, even in August. A mini-split system allows them that luxury without freezing out the rest of the family.

If you enjoyed this article, please visit our site again for more articles that help you enjoy the comforts of your home.

What Are the Best Mini Split AC Brands?

It’s blistering hot outdoors and you can hardly take it anymore. Unfortunately, your indoor environment isn’t giving you as much of the reprieve from the heat as you’d like to have.

Fortunately, there’s a mini split air conditioner (AC) out there with your name on it.

A mini split AC is a wonderful investment if indoor comfort is a priority for you. It can also be a costly mistake if you choose one that’s wrong for you.

Here’s a rundown on the hottest mini split AC brands to choose from this summer. In this review style article we cover the following mini split AC brands:

  • Pioneer
  • Kilmaire
  • Senville
  • DuctlessAire

You can also check out this huge article here that compares even more brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin. The linked article focuses more on the heating capacities and outdoor operating temperatures. It is also a much more technical read.

We separated out the better cooling models and organized this article to focus on the cooling capacities of each mini split. With all that said…

Let’s get started!

What Exactly Are Mini Split ACs?

Before we go over the best mini split AC brands out there, let’s take a quick look at how this piece of equipment works.

A mini split AC has a number of possible applications in homes as well as institutional and commercial buildings.

This type of unit is especially handy if you have added on to your home. That’s because sometimes it’s simply not feasible to install distribution ductwork or extend your existing ductwork to accommodate your home addition.

A mini split is similar to a central AC or heating system in that it has two chief components: an air-handling part that is located indoors, and a condenser/compressor part that is located outside.

There’s also a conduit that houses your condensate drain, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing and power cable. This conduit links your indoor and outdoor units.

Benefits of Mini Split ACs

A major benefit of a mini split AC compared with its central cooling or heating system is that it is smaller in size. It also offers flexibility for cooling and heating individual rooms.

On top of this, a ductless system is usually simpler to install compared with other types of systems designed to condition spaces. And since it doesn’t feature any ducts, you won’t lose as much energy as you do with the ductwork of a central system.

Also, you can mount a mini split in a spot of your choice inside your home. For example, you could attach it to a room’s wall or suspend it from the room’s ceiling. You could also mount it flush into your room’s drop ceiling.

Now let’s take a glimpse at the most in-demand mini splits around and their unique benefits.

1. Pioneer Ductless AC

We’re starting this list with Pioneer because it is known across the globe for generating some of the top ductless ACs.

This particular AC model features a high-quality heat pipe. That means you can use it as a powerful heater, too.

The unit’s inverter compressor operates at different speeds to help you to maintain your desired indoor air temperature. As a result, the Pioneer Ductless AC is very low maintenance and extremely quiet.

Another reason this AC unit is so in demand has to do with its convenient WiFi capability. The unit also features a handy remote control for adjusting your room temperature virtually from anywhere at your house, for greater comfort.

In addition, you can toggle your temperature to decrease your energy consumption and thus lower your utility bill.

Many restaurant and bar owners have purchased these units and claim that they are very easy to install. This is a major benefit for those who may not be very technically inclined.

Here are a few advantages of these AC units:

  • Heating capacity of 11,800 British thermal units (BTU)
  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 16 (anything at least 13 and above is generally considered efficient)
  • Liquid-crystal display (LCD) wireless remote
  • Air filters that are washable
  • Four operating modes: heating, cooling, ventilation, and dehumidification

2. Pioneer AC and Heater (Wall Mounted)

This is yet another Pioneer brand AC unit that we would be remiss to exclude from this list.

This AC unit is known for its extremely high efficiency. In fact, it’s among the best ones on sale when it comes to being energy efficient. So, it’s a great choice if you’re serious about trimming your AC bill this summer.

However, you can use the unit for both heating and cooling with the press of a button, which makes it handy for year-round use.

Here are some of the major benefits of this wall-mounted AC unit:

  • Heating capacity of 23,475 BTU
  • Cooling capacity of 19,900 BTU
  • SEER of 21.3
  • Two-zone heat pump
  • WiFi programming
  • Auto swing discharge louvers

The con of this mini split? It’s pricier compared with similar units.

3. Pioneer AC, Ductless Inverter

This Pioneer mini split AC is also worth a look if you’re ready to control your indoor temperature more efficiently.

This unit has been widely praised for its functionality and compact design. It’s also received accolades for being the easiest on to wash.

The unit comes with a permanent filter that you can wash and then reuse over and over again. This will extend your unit’s life and makes it easier to maintain.

Here are some other highlights of this AC unit:

  • Heating capacity of 11,800 BTU
  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • SEER of 22.5
  • Arctic heating
  • LCD wireless remote
  • The ability to get down to negative 12 degrees Fahrenheit

The disadvantage of this unit? Your unit’s warranty will be valid only if you have a licensed contractor install it.

4. MRCOOL Ductless Unit

If you’re looking for a relatively super-easy mini split AC to install, look no further than this unit.

The MRCOOL Ductless unit comes with an easy-to-use design and electrical connections. These features make setting up the unit a breeze for just about anybody.

The great thing about this MRCOOL unit is that it’s not only user-friendly but also it has a powerful motor. As a result, you can expect your room to cool down in seconds.

In other words, you’ll enjoy the cooling capacity that comes with high-end units, but you won’t pay a high-end price. You can’t beat that.

Another reason to go with MRCOOL?

It comes with a nifty remote control that makes this unit among the most efficient units today from a cost standpoint.

You’ll also love this unit if you have an Apple or Android tablet or phone. The unit comes with a mobile application that is compatible with these tablet and smartphone systems. On the app, you can find all of the information you need to help you to use this ductless AC properly.

Here are a few of this unit’s major benefits:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER of 16
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year warranty on parts

The disadvantage of this particular unit? Don’t expect the WiFi to be perfect all of the time.

5. MRCOOL SEER Ductless Unit

This is another MRCOOL unit you can’t pass up.

The manual outlines the unit’s features, specifications, and installation process. And many purchasers of these units say that setting them up is easy.

The unit comes with a mobile app that works with Apple and Android operating systems.

Here are some other benefits of this unit:

  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • SEER of 17.5
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year parts warranty
  • Less costly compared with similar units

A potential flaw of this unit to watch out for? The thermometer may malfunction.

6. MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Unit

This is yet another MRCOOL brand option that may be worth looking at.

Many customers have praised this unit for its several fan speeds combined with its multiple operating modes. Thanks to these features, you should have no problem maintaining the right temperature in your home.

Like the other MRCOOL unit options, this do-it-yourself unit is easy to install using basic tools. It comes with a pre-charged line. So, all you have to do is connect the unit’s parts and then enjoy the cool air it produces.

A couple of other perks of this particular MRCOOL unit is its temperature compensation and automatic restart capabilities. It can even detect leaking refrigerant and comes with a convenient sleep mode.

Check out these major benefits of the MRCOOL DIY unit:

Cooling capacity of 18,000 BTU

  • SEER of 16
  • Direct current inverter technology
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year parts warranty
  • WiFi access plus applications

The main issue with this system? Some customers have complained about occasional mobile app issues.

7. Klimaire Ductless Unit

You’ll find Klimaire mini split units mostly in the United Kingdom. However, the company recently came out with a mini split AC in North America that features cutting-edge direct current inverter technology.

The perk of this AC unit? It will give your room a consistent temperature.

But that’s not all.

The inverter will also help with dehumidification, which means your air will be healthier overall. This is a feature you won’t find in all units.

Another major advantage of this unit is the remote control that comes with it. With it, you can set your room temperature without ever having to get up. It even has a scheduling option.

Let’s check out some of this AC unit’s biggest benefits:

  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • 24,000 BTU power option as well
  • SEER of 16
  • Four-in-one system (dehumidifier, fan, cooling and heating)
  • Compressor warranty (five years) and parts warranty (one year)
  • Low-power ambient mode

The chief con of this unit? It does not come with a mobile app.

8. Senville AC Unit

This is another stellar mini split AC choice, as it is powerful and has received an Energy Star rating award.

During the summer, you can expect your room temperature to drop to as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll likewise experience wonderful heating results during the winter.

Let’s take a glimpse at this unit’s major perks:

Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU

  • SEER as high as 25
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Four-in-one system (dehumidifier, fan, cooling and heating)
  • Compressor warranty (seven years) and parts warranty (three years)
  • Low-power ambient cooling

The only negative of this unit? It might be a little trickier to install compared with other AC units.

9. Senville Split AC and Heat Pump

Thanks to this mini split’s dual capability, it remains among the most in-demand ACs available today. The unit is made to both cool and heat rooms, so you can take advantage of it all year long.

One of the unit’s most unique features is its whisper technology.

With the Whisper technology, the unit won’t produce much sound when you turn the AC on. This feature makes it ideal for places where silence is important — like in your child’s bedroom or in a library or office space.

Here are some of the perks of this AC unit:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER of 15
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Low-power ambient kit
  • Compressor warranty (five years)

The drawback of this AC unit? Professional installation is required.

10. DuctlessAire Mini Split AC

This mini split AC brand is perfect for just about any area type or room size. This is because it comes with a variety of cooling capacity options.

With its high-performance engine, this DuctlessAire unit can cool a large room with lofty ceilings in just minutes — and without overheating.

And because of its high-quality inverter technology, this mini split can heat and cool efficiently year round.

Also, since it has received an Energy Star rating award, you’ll save more money with this unit than you would with some other units.

Here’s a peek at some of this mini split’s advantages:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER as high as 20.5
  • Sleep mode, turbo mode and auto restart
  • The ability to detect a refrigerant leak
  • Compressor warranty (seven years) and parts warranty (five years)
  • High-efficiency particulate air filter

The drawback of this DuctlessAire unit? It’s super expensive compared with other units.

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