Electric Fireplace vs Baseboard Heater

There are some pretty easy to see differences between electric fireplaces and baseboard heaters. We’ll go over some of those later in the article. Right up front we go over one of the more important but least obvious is how efficient they are.

Efficient Heaters

The baseboard heater has the potential to be more efficient for two reasons:

First, you can install the baseboard heater directly under a window. In fact they are almost always installed here. This is because windows are the least insulated part of a home. They cause the most heat loss. Placing a heater underneath the window helps keep the temperature in that room more stable. Basically, you can put to most heat where the room is the coldest.

Baseboard heaters can be more efficient for another reason too. Some electric baseboard heaters are hydronic heaters. This means they heat up a liquid, usually oil, which then transfers heat to the surrounding air. The liquid retains heat and continues to warm the air even after the unit has stopped drawing electricity. Think about boiling a pot of water on the stove. Even after you turn the burner off the water remains hot for a long time. The same thing happens to the liquid inside a hydronic baseboard heater. We have included a search bar in the ad below to help you find relevant products based on the content of this page.

Hydronic heater considerations

There is a downside to using a hydronic heater though. When the heater first turns on, it can take longer for it to provide heat. This is really only an issue if you are turning the heater on in a very cold room. For example, a hydronic heater is probably not the best choice for a shed or separate garage where you occasionally work. In this scenario you might keep the shed around 50 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time and then increase it to 70 or so when you are working. An indoor safe propane heater would probably be a better choice then. For a home however, the temperature will remain fairly consistent. A hydronic heater that warms up more slowly and is more efficient is a good choice.

Other differences: electric fireplaces vs baseboard heaters

Some electric fireplaces come with cool touch technology. The cool touch feature is very important if you have small children in the house. Baseboard heaters do have guards in place to help reduce the chances of burns and they do a good job.

Electric fireplaces almost always have a more appealing look to them. They also come in a variety of styles. Conversely, baseboard heaters are discreet and have the potential to take up less space. If space is a concern it may be worth checking out an entertainment center style electric fireplace. Since it serves two functions, it can cut down on the amount of furniture in your living room.

Similarities between the two

Both types of heater can be permanently installed or portable.

240V baseboard heaters must be permanently installed by a qualified professional. If you want to be able to plug your baseboard heater into an outlet on the wall, look for one that is 120V.

Some electric fireplaces are standalone appliances that can easily be moved around. Others are actual inserts installed into the wall like a wood burning fireplace.

Electric Fireplace vs Baseboard Heater

We discussed a number of different situations where and electric fireplace or baseboard heater would be a better choice. Each type of appliance has a unique set of advantages that makes it better depending on where you intend to use it. Duraflame makes some of the best electric fireplaces on the marketplace today, so we recommend taking a look at their models first.

If you think of anything we may have missed in comparing these two types of heaters, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. Thanks!

We have included a search bar in the ad below to help you find relevant products based on the content of this page.

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