Essential Oil Burner vs Diffuser

In this article we’re going to go over some of the differences between an essential oil burner and an essential oil diffuser. Most people who use essential oils for their therapeutic benefits will be looking for an essential oil diffuser. This is because diffusers will disperse the oil into the air without using any heat. A burner on the other hand almost always uses a candle usually a tea light to heat up the oil. Once it’s heated up it diffuses it’s scent throughout the room, just like a candle. For those looking for therapeutic benefits from essential oils, this can be a big turn-off. Any time you heat an essential oil you risk damaging the molecules in it. If you’re looking for the therapeutic benefits from essential oils, you want the oil undamaged as it diffuses into the air.

Essential oil burners are still great for adding an interesting ambience to your room. They look really nice and the soft lighting from the candles are perfect for dark corners that might not get enough light. Essential oil burners that use tea lights are great because you don’t need to plug them into the wall. You can easily set them on a higher shelf or cabinet that is out of the reach of pets or children.

When you were using an essential oil burner it is possible to customize the smell that you want the oils to add to your room. Since you can use varying amounts of different kinds of essential oils the possibilities are endless. Essential oil gift sets come in packages that have anywhere from 6 to 24 different essential oils. If you wanted to you could even combine them in a way that reflected the season outdoors. For example you could look for things like nutmeg and cinnamon to use in fall and maybe a lighter, fruit scent for spring and summer.

Custom Scents

Essential oil diffusers also have the same options when it comes to customizing the oils that you use. The main difference is that they do not heat the oils in order to diffuse them into the air. If you have an ultrasonic diffuser it will combine the oil with water and add a silent vibration to that mixture. That causes the mixture to turn into a mist and disperse into it room. This is exactly the same way a cool mist humidifier works. There are also essential oil diffusers that work the same way nebulizers do. They compress air and use that compressed air to turn the oil into a mist. This way you don’t need to dilute the oils with water.

Essential Oil Burner vs Diffuser

The other main difference between essential oil diffusers as an entire category and essential oil burners is that you need to plug an essential oil diffuser into the wall. While this might not be a huge inconvenience it is something to consider.

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