Is White Tea the Healthiest? 3 of the Healthiest Teas You Should Try

Do you know what the world’s most consumed beverage is after water? Here’s a hint: it’s not coffee, soda, or Gatorade.

The answer is tea.

Why is tea so popular? A mug of tea is tasty and soothing. A cup of English Breakfast tea can warm you up at work while calming Chamomille puts you to sleep at night. 

In addition to its delicious flavor, tea is good for our bodies. Various types of teas provide different health benefits.

Is white tea the healthiest tea, or should you be loading up on green and black tea? Keep reading to learn more about the healthiest teas to add to your diet.

Is White Tea the Healthiest Tea to Drink?

White tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are covered in white hairs, which is where the tea gets its name.

White tea is healthy because it is less processed than other teas. It retains high levels of antioxidants, making white tea a very healthy drink.

White tea reduces the risk of heart disease, assists in weight loss, and protects teeth from harmful bacteria. White tea may protect against osteoporosis, which affects 10 million Americans.

White tea can also benefit the skin and protect against aging. White tea extract prevents external skin damage from UV rays, helping the skin maintain a youthful glow.

Overall, white tea provides numerous benefits to the body. Its light flavor makes it easy to drink, even for those who don’t enjoy tea.

The Healthiest Teas to Drink

If white tea isn’t what you’re craving, don’t worry. There are plenty of other delicious and nutritious teas to indulge in. Here’s our list of some of the healthiest teas for your body.

Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, which is why many people claim it’s the healthiest tea in the world.

Green tea antioxidants provide numerous health benefits, such as:

  • Boosting brain function
  • Increasing metabolic rates to improve weight loss
  • Protecting against cancer
  • Enhancing immune health

Green tea leaves are not oxidized, so they retain a lot of their caffeine. Many people drink green tea in the morning or to help them power through a long afternoon.

Black Tea

Black tea is strong and powerful. It’s most commonly served as a breakfast tea.

Black tea contains flavonoids. Flavonoids lower a person’s risk of heart disease, aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, and can decrease the risk of stroke.

Black tea is also good for the gut. The polyphenols in black tea promote the growth of healthy bacteria and prevent the spread of harmful viruses.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a cross between green and black tea leaves. Its calming abilities make it a popular nighttime tea. Many people believe drinking oolong tea improves sleep quality.

Oolong contains polyphenols that benefit the heart, brain, bones, and teeth. Oolong tea also boosts metabolism rates and protects against type 2 diabetes.

Oolong tea can also decrease inflammation, aid in gut health, and lower blood pressure.

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Is white tea the healthiest? White tea is excellent for people at risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and sun damage. Other teas, like green and Oolong, provide alternative health benefits.

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