MyPurMist vs Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler: Everything You Need to Know

Stuffy nose? Sinus pressure and pain? Suffering from allergies or a cold and looking for relief?  

A personal steam inhaler is a safe and effective way to get immediate relief from sinus pressure and congestion. 

Traditional steaming occurred by sticking your face over a pot of boiling water and breathing deeply. The downside? The real possibility of burns to your cheeks or eyes.

Today’s steam inhalers cover only the nose and mouth, so you get user-targeted relief. 

Two of the best-selling inhaler brands on the market today are MyPurMist and Vicks. Here are some specifics on each to help you choose.

VICKS Personal Steam Inhaler

The newest version of the Vicks steam inhaler features a larger, softer humidifier mask than earlier models. Other Vicks advantages include: 

  • can use regular tap water for 99.9% germ-free steam
  • adjustable steam control allows you to control the intensity of the steam
  • automatically shuts off when water runs out in the unit
  • very portable, making it ideal for travel 
  • a single treatment lasts up to 15 minutes

However, this improved model comes at a higher price, compared to its predecessor. And if you choose to add the suggested Vicks menthol or lavender vapor pads, you will need to purchase those separately.

MyPurMist Personal Steam Inhaler

MyPurMist has also recently produced an upgrade to their very popular classic steam inhaler, also with an increase in price. New additions to this model include:

  • HEPA filter to remove dust and other impurities from the air you breathe
  • temperature control dial
  • self-cleaning technology
  • hospital-grade ceramic construction for high durability
  • steam occurs instantly, no need to warm-up

MyPurMist comes with purified water, or distilled water can be used. Tap water is not recommended. MyPurMist vapor pads are also recommended for use. 

Which is Best?

In terms of pros and cons, most review sites online are split between these two models. 

  • Best price: Vicks 
  • Most prestigious: MyPurMist
  • Best Portability: the classic Vicks inhaler is cordless  
  • Durability: MyPurMist

Overall, your choice depends on your priorities, and how much you are willing to spend. 

Whichever you choose, make sure you consult the directions to your inhaler to avoid any kind of injury from misuse. Remember that these units are personal, so do not share your steam inhaler with another person, to keep germs at bay.

Certainly an improvement over the old-fashioned pot-on-stove top steamer, your inhaler will ease the discomfort of mild nasal ailments with soothing warm-air and relaxing heat. With appropriate supervision, even children can benefit from a steam inhaler as a sound alternative to over-the-counter or prescription decongestants.  

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