Best Electric Fireplace Brands

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This article is a compilation of the best electric fireplace brands. We examined installation manuals from manufacturers and read hundreds of comments about owner’s experience with electric fireplaces. Here is the result of that research. Since there is a lot of material on this page, here’s a quick summary.

Duraflame is the best brand for freestanding electric fireplaces. This means the electric fireplace does not need to be mounted on or in a wall. The DFI-5010 is one of their best models. It uses infrared heating technology that will not dry out the air in your home. Other kinds of heaters can dry out the air and lead to dry, itchy skin.

Best Choice Products makes top of the line wall mounted electric fireplaces. The Large 1500W Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount is their best model in this category. It mounts on your wall similarly to a flat screen TV. This keeps your floor space open compared to other models.

Altra Furniture makes an aesthetically appealing entertainment console with the electric fireplace in the middle of it. Check out the Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace TV Console with a cherry and black color scheme. It also comes in an oak and black style.

PuraFlame makes the best electric fireplace inserts on the market. Inserts like this actually go into the wall like a traditional fireplace. In this situation we recommend the PuraFlame Western 33 inch Embedded Electric Firebox Heater With Remote Control.

Feel free to continue reading for more in depth reviews of each product or click through to Amazon to decide for yourself!

For as long as anyone can remember, fireplaces have staple in households. In the hustle and bustle of life, a fireplace represents that little space where the peace that so often eludes us can be easily found. As you relish the warmth provided by a fireplace, you can naturally lose yourself as you bask in the splendor of its flames.

With the modernization of houses, traditional wood-burning fireplaces are becoming obsolete. Apart from the risk of fire, there is also the discomfort caused by smoke. To address this, architects often incorporate Electric Fireplaces in the modern houses that they design. Electric Fireplaces not only retain the beauty of a traditional fireplace; they are deficient maintenance and environmentally sustainable, as well.

Here is a list of Electronic Fireplace you can consider:

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3-D Flame Effect

The Duraflame Quartz Fireplace Stove provides the warmth you need on a cold night – but is set up such that room will retain its natural moisture as the fireplace provides heat, allowing for a place to not feel dry or congested, and enabling more natural breathing for the occupants.

It gets powered by a patent-pending 3D flame effect technology. The technology displays the flame as a multi-layered panorama that is adjustable with five varying of brightness and even speed. With this setting, you may opt for a roaring flame effect or a gently burning fire effect, depending on your mood. These results can be set up even without real heat getting emitted from the fireplace.

Duraflame also has an overheat protection mechanism – assuring you that your home is safe even if you accidentally leave the fireplace on.

Apart from these fantastic benefits, the Duraflame Quartz Fireplace comes with a remote control and electronic timer that can be set to ensure that you get the warmth you need when you need it. It also has side-viewing windows and is constructed using a durable metal body. The beveled glass door adds to the overall appealing effect of the unit.

The fireplace can cover up to 1,000 square feet of room at any given time. Because the fireplace is cool to the touch, children and pets get exposed to it without any risks.

Best Choice Products Large 1500W Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount & Free Standing Fireplace Heater with Glass XL

A new product of Best Choice, this energy efficient fireplace provides you with the option to choose from two levels of heat – either 750W or 1500W (High or Low). The product promises a fireplace experience that is both elegant and convenient.

The fireplace comes 2-in-1 in design; it can be in wall mount or free standing, depending on the format of your room or the occasion. It is easily adjustable so you can instantly transform the look of your fireplace as you please. This also means that the fireplace can be used anywhere – be it in your office, family room, den or bedroom.

It comes with a remote control that will allow you to adjust heat settings of the fireplace. Also, this fireplace does not emit smoke and does not emit pollution, as certified by CUL/CE/GS/ROHS. The elegant glass front of the fireplace makes it sophisticated to look at.

The only potential downside of the product is that its glass may become hot with prolonged use. It is a good idea to keep children and pets away.

Here are the specifications of the product:

– For Wall-mount Design: 35″(L) x 22″(H) x 6″(W)

– For Standing Design: 35″(L) x 24.5″(H) x 6″(W)

– Product Weight: 30lbs. 60Hz. 110-120V

Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace TV Console, 70″, Cherry/Black

If you need a fireplace that provides you with an illusion of eternally burning flames, then the Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace Console is built just for you.

Its LED light source is environmentally friendly and long lasting – powering the fireplace for up to 50,000 hours! You will have to wait a long time before replacing this unit. The unit also comes with a one-year limited warranty to ensure that the company covers for any damage of the product.

The console does not only house the fireplace, but it also comes with two large cabinets as well as open shelving that can support a maximum weight of 135 pounds. It comes in a two-tone cherry and black finish, providing a sleek and elegant look. Just install a 70-inch flat panel TV in the middle of the console, and you can be sure to impress any visitor with the exquisite look of your den or living room.

The fireplace is constructed in an 18-inch metal firebox and can warm up a 400 square feet room. The console got built of laminated particleboard accentuated by metal. It measures around 26″ H x 63.1″ W x 18″ D and gets assembled very easily and quickly.

PuraFlame Western 33 inch Embedded Electric Firebox Heater With Remote Control, Black

If you are into the classic fireplace look, you may opt to purchase PuraFlame Western Embedded Electric Fireplace instead. The fireplace has a brick wall design on its three sides. It is also designed with a resin log and coal bed to adequately simulate the flame effect that makes traditional fireplaces so endearing, complete with a downlight that will make the hearth appear brighter.

Its quality artistry and polishing provide you with a high-value product that is not as expensive. The fireplace gets powered by LED – which is durable and energy efficient. PuraFlame comes with a 1.8meter power cord that enables you to move the unit around. The unit itself is easy to assemble and disassemble – making it ideal for use by the family.

It also comes with a remote control that allows you to determine the exact temperature you prefer, and a quiet air fence outlet to ensure you get the serenity you deserve. With PuraFlame, you get the ideal fireplace experience without the oil, the smoke, and the pollution.

Best Dehumidifer for Gun Safe

It is very important to keep humidity out of your gun safe. If you live in a very humid environment this is a real challenge. Hunting season in colder climates can also exposure guns to humidity. When you come back in from the winter weather the ice cold metal components become saturated with condensation.

This is the same idea of a cold beverage on a summer day. The humidity naturally in the air comes into contact with something cold and condenses. It is pretty easy to wipe this water off the outside of your hunting rifle. But what about the trigger housing and lower receiver? There are a lot of small spaces that are difficult to reach with a cloth or Q-tip.

An easy way to solve this is keeping a desiccant dehumidifier in your gun safe. While you store your guns for the night the dehumidifier will do it’s work. The extra dry air inside the safe turbocharge the evaporation process. The extra water will be removed before it can do any damage or rust metal components.

We recommend the Eva-Dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier to do the job of dehumidifying your gun safe for several reasons. First and foremost is affordability and the fact that you can recharge it without purchasing additional parts. It’s small size and cordless operation also make it a clear winner. Feel free to keep reading for a more in depth review below, or click through to Amazon to see this and other cordless desiccant dehumidifiers.

The presence of extra humidity in places such as safes, closets, bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, inside boats, in RVs and so on, can cause nightmares. This excessive humidity can be taken care of if you use the E-333 dehumidifier.

By using the “Eva-Dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier”, you can save energy as it does not operate on either electric power or on a battery. Though it is not suitable for large areas, it is ideal for small places like bathrooms and closets where there are chances of growth of mildew and molds.

Mode of operation:

The E-333 dehumidifier does not need electric power or batteries but works on a technology that requires replaceable silica gel. The dehumidifier can quietly absorb all the moisture in an area efficiently for an area up to 333 cubic ft. The Silica gel color can be seen in a small window, to assess how much moisture that has been absorbed by crystals.

Note: The unit does not have any indicator that lights up, and only the color of the beads have to be checked regularly. Within two to four weeks, depending on the amount of moisture present, the color of the silica gel beads will change to green when they have absorbed moisture to their full capacity of 4 to 6 ounces. After this happens, the dehumidifier has to be kept in a well-ventilated location for 8 hours to 10 hours to allow the crystals to lose the moisture and revert to their orange color. They can now be used repeatedly and for up to 10 years.

Previously the color of the crystals used was blue which used to change to pink when they became wet. The model E-333 humidifier is effective for small spaces. Remember that the place beside an open window in a large room or an area outside the house is the best place for allowing the humidifier to release the moisture into the air.

No need to buy fresh beads or cleaning up after a spill!

There is no chance of water spilling out, even when the E-333 has absorbed moisture to its full capacity. It can retain all the moisture till the beads are renewed by allowing the absorbed moisture to evaporate. Thus, costly refills can be avoided and the dehumidifier with warranty coverage of 5 years can repeatedly be used for ten years.

Advantages of the E-333 dehumidifier are:

It is non-toxic
It can be renewed and used for ten years
Works silently
No danger to children and pets
No spills and no mess
Can work excellently for an area measuring 333 cft.
Breaking down the characteristics

How it performs

Though the “Eva-Dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier” is small in size, it is a champion for small spaces. It has a full moisture absorption capacity of almost 6 oz. which is enough for a cabinet, a closet or a small bathroom and even for drawers used by some people. Using it to prevent rust from getting to firearms kept in a gun closet is also very popular. The Eva-Dry humidifier takes 10 to 12 hours to become completely dry after it is put in a dry location.

Used commonly in:

Basements – Tools and clothing kept in basements are protected from getting rusty or damp.
Office/Supply closets – Prevents electronic gadgets and stationery from excessive moisture.
Lockers in gyms – Dries out the gym clothes fast and removes odor.
Musical instruments – Saves the devices from damage due to moisture.
Gun-safes – Prevents firearms from becoming rusty and reduces the damage to ammunition.
Safety-deposit boxes – Prevents valuables and documents from getting spoiled.
Silent operation

The Eva-Dry model E-333 dehumidifier works as silently as a mouse as it does not require any external power to drive it or has any moving part like a fan. It does not produce any sound even when it is being allowed to dry.

Highly durable and reliable

The Eva-Dry dehumidifier has an impeccable track record as it neither requires any external power nor does it break down due to wear and tear. The duration of warranty for five years is also quite long.

Best Indoor Safe Propane Heater

Indoor gas heaters are the perfect solution for keeping yourself warm in a cost-efficient manner.

If you are currently browsing to buy a portable propane heater, check out our top pick Mr Heater MH18B Portable Propane room heater, which is also the most popular mobile indoor gas heater in the market.

With amazing features like multi-directional heat production, multi-level intensity, easy operability, etc. packed in an ultra-portable and durable package that too at an affordable price makes it a product worth purchasing.

Besides, it is much better than electricity based heaters due to the following reasons:


The propane based portable heater is up to 50% cheaper than the electric heaters to operate and maintain. It makes them an affordable solution for everyone. No wonder this model is one of the most popular heaters in North America

Easily Portable

You can take your Big Buddy along with you wherever you go. Take it in your car or RV or Minivan on your trips, or to your farm, or for camping outside; it will keep you warm everywhere. On the other hand, electric heaters can only operate where you have an electrical connection, rendering them useless in situations as mentioned above.

No effect of a power outage

During a power outage or cases where electricity can’t be used, electric heaters just can’t function at all. But propane based Big Buddy heater will work and save you from the freezing temperatures.

Mr-Heater-MH18B-Portable-Propane Room Heater Features

Here are the fabulous features that make Big Buddy the best-selling heater in the market today.

Multi-directional heating

Mr. Heater’s patented technology ensures that their flagship portable heater radiates heat sideways as well as upwards. It may seem like a mundane thing, but the results are mind-blowing. This bi-directional heating, when combined with its 18000 BTU/HR capacity can heat up a 400 sq. Ft. space, much faster than any other heater in its category.

Efficient everywhere

Big Buddy heater is suitable not just in the regular indoor conditions, but also in the harsh outdoor conditions. Its high efficiency, as well as safety in any circumstances, makes it such a versatile companion that’ll keep your family warm every time.

Radiant and convective heating

With a built-in blower fan integrated into its design, Big Buddy efficiently combines radiant heat with convection heat. The heated air flow rapidly reduces the temperatures in the surroundings and makes the environment cozy in an efficient manner.

Ultra-portable and stylish

This heater will go wherever you go while making a style statement of your own. Its Easy-carry handle ensures that carrying it is a smooth affair and anyone can travel with it. Swing-open hatch doors on the cylinders provide styling besides an added protection.

Easy and Safe to operate

Starting the unit is a child’s play. You merely have to press and rotate the knob to light up the unit, thanks to its Piezo-sparking mechanism. It directly connects to two cylinders of one pound capacity each, while ensuring the maximum safety possible. Besides, there is an embedded low oxygen sensor coupled with a tip-over switch that cuts off propane supply in the absence of oxygen. Mr. Heater cares for the safety of you and your family.

Multi-position Settings Control

Not all days are the same and may require different levels of heating. Big Buddy heater gives you the flexibility to maintain the right temperature in your surroundings with the provision of four level of possible settings to define your comfort level. Choose from the pilot, low, medium and high to suit your mood.

Flexible usage

If you are present in an area where remote gas supply is present, you can take advantage of that too. Simple purchase a safety hose and filter and connect to the supply instead of cylinders through two swivel regulators. Big Buddy is adaptable and entirely safe for use.

Convenient and Safe

Besides the above features, it has many other properties that make Big Buddy an excellent choice for safety and efficiency. It has a heavy-duty wire guard which makes it ultra-durable and provides additional tile protection. Its reflector is porcelain coated to extend its life, and the burner tiles are ceramic, topped with insulation that absorbs shock.

Although better than electric heaters in most areas, one should always use the propane-based heaters like in places with adequate ventilation only for safety purpose. So, merely take necessary precautionary steps and enjoy the benefits of Mr-Heater-MH18B-Portable-Propane room heater.

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Best Furnace Filter for Allergies

The quality of indoor air has a significant impact on the occupants’ health. It can cause or aggravate several medical conditions like asthma and bronchitis. It is more so if there are people that have dust or pet allergies.

We reviewed many different manufactures of furnace filters. Since different furnaces will require differently sized filters, we cannot say which one is the best. What we can tell you is that Honeywell makes the best furnace filters if you suffer from allergies.

Further down in the article we go over many of the different features to look for and consider when purchasing a filter for your furnace. Some of these include the MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and the type of material the filter is made of.

It is essential to undertake scheduled preventive maintenance of your HVAC systems so that you can breathe fresh and healthy air in your home. Changing the furnace filters or air filters of your HVAC system is an integral part of the maintenance routine and must be carried out monthly. This is very important if your pet sheds a lot of hair or you are allergic to pet dander.

Although this process doesn’t take much time, many of us fail to do so merely because of the weather conditions or the lack of knowledge about the right filters to purchase.

Local HVAC experts can help you out with changing or upgrading your air/furnace filters, but you should have the basic knowledge about these filters to keep your furnace running optimally.

Benefits of replacing your air filters at regular intervals

Better indoor air quality
It is the most crucial benefit of frequent air filter replacements. With the passage of time, dust particles accumulate on the filter surface and can infiltrate into the indoor space. Such replacement is especially recommended if you have pets at your home or someone in your family is allergic or asthmatic. This will cut down a lot on airborne pet dander.

Enhanced life of HVAC unit
Accumulated dust particles can severely clog the pores on the filters and result in a restricted air-flow making the HVAC system motors work harder. This increased strain reduces the life of the complete system and can be prevented by merely changing the filters on time.

Reduced energy costs
Since HVAC motor has put more effort to make the air pass through dust saturated filters, it consumes more energy too. The back pressure that old filters create is a primary cause of increased electricity bills. Ensure that you change the filters without fail during the summer and winter seasons when there is a maximum load on your air conditioner and furnace respectively.

Reduced break-down maintenance costs
“A stitch in time can save you nine.” If the HVAC motor continuously works under the high strain conditions created by old clogged filters, it becomes susceptible to complete mechanical failure. Such a breakdown can cause a massive dent in your pocket as repairs often require a change of parts or even the whole HVAC system in some cases.

Peace of mind
As seen from the above points, changing air filters at regular intervals is a simple activity that doesn’t take much time, money or effort but generates high-value benefits. With energy savings, cost savings and clean air, your family would experience a complete peace of mind.

Furnace filter options

There is a wide range of filters available in the market and are categorized by their MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and can vary from 1 to 12.

Higher MERV rating implies a smaller mesh size to catch minute dust particles and signifies a better filtration capability of the filter, but the cost increases too accordingly. Hence, you must factor in the MERV rating while shopping for the right filters for your HVAC system to balance cost and value.

The types of filter options are as follows:

Fiberglass Filters
These entry-level filters are the cheapest of the lot, have a MERV rating between two to three and are capable of filtering bigger dust particles and lint only.

Pleated Filters
Slightly higher in cost than Fiberglass, these filters can separate smaller dust particles and even pollen too apart from bigger particles. They have a MERV rating of six.

Electrostatic Filters
These have a MERV rating of ten and are pricier too. But their higher cost is justified by their superb performance in separating micro-dust impurities from the air, thanks to their electro-statically charged fibers.

Permanent Filters
Well, as the name suggests, just wash and reuse these filters and eliminate the need to change your filters for up to eight years!

It is advisable to consult an HVAC expert before changing the air filters because sometimes selecting a higher MERV rated filter can put increased pressure on your HVAC motor.

Besides changing air filters, it is also recommended to get your unit examined by a certified HVAC consultant. They’ll test the electrical connections, equipment and ducting to check for fire hazards, carbon monoxide and calibrate the thermostat.

So, just change your air filters timely to ensure a healthy home environment and a complete peace of mind!

Best Dehumidifier for Basement Mold

It can be hard to treat mold in your basement. Since there is less air circulation and generally cooler temperatures, it makes a good opportunity for pockets of moisture to build up. Things like mold and other fungi can take hold in these moist areas. Keeping your basement dry is an important part of removing and keeping mold out of your basement. This is especially important if you have a finished basement and a bathroom or shower installed.

We go over a list of different features that make desiccant dehumidifiers the best ones to help remove mold from your basement. Further down the article we review some of the features for our top pick – EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Desiccant Dehumidifier.

Moisture can also leak in through the walls of your basement. If your home is situated at the bottom of a hill this is very common. Rainwater will soak into the hill and gradually flow down with gravity. As the water moves through the soil it will run into the side of your basement. Over time this water seeps through the walls.

Dehumidifiers that rely on compressors do not function very efficiently in colder environments like the basement. Compressor dehumidifiers have peak efficiency around 68 degrees F. If you need your dehumidifier to work well in the cold, look for one that is a desiccant dehumidifier. They will function all the way down to 34 degrees F.

Desiccant dehumidifiers use small wheels or discs with silica gel to remove moisture from the air. They continuously regenerate the silica gel with slightly heated air so that you do not need to replace the silica gel. Another advantage desiccant dehumidifiers have over compressor dehumidifiers is that they can run very quietly. They only use a fan, which does not make as much noise as a compressor will.

Compressor dehumidifiers use a compressor to cool down metal coils. This is the same idea as condensation on the outside of a glass of ice water. This condensed water from the air falls into the tank or gets drained by a hose. The problem with compressor humidifiers is that if the air is already cold, they will struggle to cool their coils enough to cause condensation. This is why we recommend using a desiccant dehumidifier to help remove mold from your basement. Water damage restoration professionals rely on commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers for this same reason.

Below we review some of the functions and capabilities of the EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE dehumidifier.

Operating Temperature Range

DD122EA-SIMPLE operating temperature range is 34 to 95 degrees F. Compressor based dehumidifiers have a peak efficiency of 68 degrees F. If you need the dehumidifier to work in a place with temperatures lower than that, the desiccant dehumidifier is the best choice. It is sufficient for most of the operations, and thus it makes the design one of the best suited for diverse applications.


Though there is no digital display for showing the readings of the humidistat, similar to what you get on a compressor based unit. But, the design comes with a built-in humidistat. You can buy a separate hygrometer unit, to measure the humidity in the room, else you can also reply on the dehumidifier set to do the work without any need to measure it.

The EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE can be set to a relative humidity range of 40% to 80%. It is done by manually adjusting the knob and works fine.

Number of Fan Speeds

Usually, the compressor based units come with two fans setting, high and low. It helps in controlling the noise due to fan operation, higher the fan speed more will be noise, the choice is to the customer if they are ready to adjust their dehumidification needs in exchange for quite an operation. Though in case of EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE one cannot directly regulate the fan speeds, the operation logic does use the feature of automatically adjusting the fan speed as per the operational needs.

Extra Modes

The unit EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE has relatively simple control consisting of one adjustable dial knob and one selection adjustor switch.

Laundry mode

The unit is equipped with a continuous mode-called laundry mode, in which the unit will not shut off, irrespective of what the humidistat reads as the ambient air’s humidity level. The unit will shut only when the water collection bucket is full, that has the switch to turn off the dehumidifier unit.

The DD122EA-SIMPLE also has the provision of multiple auto modes of low, medium and high settings.

Economy/Turbo Modes

In DD122EA-SIMPLE you can set the unit to the economy or the turbo mode. This can be done by operating the switch on the control panel. The economy mode is for low power consumption, in which the low fan speed is used. In turbo mode, the dehumidification shall be achieved to the desired level faster due to higher fan speed, but you will have to face higher energy bills and more noise levels.

Energy Efficiency

As per the mode selected by the user, the DD122EA-SIMPLE consumes from 300 to 615 watts power. The power consumption in high, dry or the turbo mode can be as high as 615 watts. This comparable to the compressor based units, which consumes 300-400 watts with low capacity designs of 30 to 40 pint. The bigger units can consume power up to as high as 700-800 watts.

Moisture Removal

The DD122EA-SIMPLE units have many modes to achieve different humidity levels as low, medium and high. The same can also be obtained at various speeds by selecting the economy or the turbo modes.


DD122EA-SIMPLE is easily portable. This is one significant advantage compared to the compressor based units that are heavy as they consist of heavy parts like compressor, condenser and the evaporator. The desiccant design, similar to the DD122EA-SIMPLE, has lighter parts. The unit weighs only 13.2 pounds. The compressor-based unit of similar operation capacity will weigh as much as 30-50 pounds. If you have to move quite often, then DD122EA-SIMPLE is the best choice for you.

Warranty (Manufacturers)

The DD122EA-SIMPLE has two years manufacturer’s warranty. This is better than the compressor based units that come with one year warranty. Extra warranty of any covers typically only the compressor.


The DD122EA-SIMPLE is one of the cheapest in the range. Its price comes somewhere between the cost of 30 to 50-pint compressor based designs. But, looking at the versatility of DD122EA-SIMPLE it is the best value for money.


Due to its time-tested and rugged designs, with minimum electronics, the design of DD122EA-SIMPLE works fine for the long duration of operations.

Best Mini Split Heat Pump for Cold Weather


There are a lot of different numbers and measurements to consider when looking for the best mini split system for heating in cold weather. In the first part of this article we talk about a few of these numbers. Later we go over two very similar mini split heat pump product lines. The first one, Air-Con, is available in the United States and the second brand, Senville, can be purchased and shipped in Canada. Both of these brands are incredibly efficient and have SEER ratings over 20. The last part of the article is dedicated to the Pioneer Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System.

SEER Rating

SEER is seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It is an easy way to compare between mini split systems that have different voltages, BTUs and designs for different sized rooms. The higher the SEER the more efficient the system. Some other factors like how many square feet the mini split can heat or cool may be more important for you. For more information about SEER and how it is calculated, check out this Wikipedia article. As you consider different mini split heat pumps to keep you warm through the winter the SEER rating is an important thing to be aware of. Having a high SEER rating is important it you want to keep your energy bills as low as possible. Any rating above 20 is on the high end of the efficiency scale.

AHRI Certified

AHRI certification is another important thing to look for when you consider different heat pump systems for your heating and cooling needs. AHRI stands for Air-conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute. They have been recognized by the ENERGY STAR program as a certifying body. The AHRI is able to certify appliances and machines as being in compliance with efficiency standards. The AHRI certification is recognized by agencies in the United States and Canada, you can read more about it here if you like. AHRI certification is another way to compare between mini split heating and cooling systems. We recommend using this as a pass-fail test, meaning if the mini split does not have the certification, do not consider purchasing it.

Air-Con Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Air-Con has an extensive lineup of ductless heating and cooling systems. All the units we found in our research use GMCC Toshiba compressors. These are some of the most efficient and reliable compressors on the market today. They also use the R-410A refrigerant which is important for two reasons:

  1. R-410A refrigerant contributes to higher SEER ratings that keep your energy costs lower
  2. R-410A refrigerant does not deplete the ozone. This means you can expect to be able to recharge your mini split without worrying about the refrigerant being phased out due to environmental concerns. This phase out process happened with ozone depleting refrigerants.

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Mobile versions of this web page will not display the search ad to improve the reader’s experience. To make up for this we made this Amazon text link just for you – 12000 Btu Air-Con Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System


Senville AURA

Senville makes mini split systems available in both the U.S. and Canada. All of their units in the AURA series have a SEER rating over 20. The smallest unit at 9,000 BTUs is rated for a space up to 500 square feet. Their large 24,000 BTU mini split is rated for up to 1,500 square feet and still has a SEER rating of 20. This is a very efficient and powerful heating and cooling system. The high SEER rating is in part due to the R-410A refrigerant we discussed earlier in the article. Senville AURA units are able to provide heat all the way down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a text link to see the Senville 24000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump on Amazon. compressor

Pioneer Air Conditioner & Heat Pumps

Pioneer designs some of their mini split systems with auxiliary electric heaters. There heaters are part of the outdoor portion of the unit and allow the units to provide optimal heat in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The units can still provide heat in colder outdoor temperatures. However, automatic safety measures to protect the unit will kick in and reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Pioneer’s more popular units range in SEER rating from 16 up to 18. Their most popular model is the 12000 BTU 230V mini split. Here is a text link to be taken to the PIONEER Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 230V on Amazon.

The full system consists of the indoor unit and the compressor which is installed outdoors. The digital remote control allows you to select any of the four modes of operation; heating, cooling, ventilation or dehumidification.

Additionally, an on board computer provides automatic operation. The timer feature allows you to stop or start the system at particular times. The night-mode feature is especially useful. It changes the temperature automatically at night when you may want your room cooler.

In the event of a power outage the auto-restart feature uses the data in its memory to restart the system with the same settings.

It is also possible to remotely control and monitor this system through Wi-fi. This is a great feature to have if you are using this mini split heat pump to keep an outbuilding warm during the winter to prevent damage from frozen pipes.

Best Mini Split Heat Pump for Cold Weather

We reviewed three different mini split heat pump brands in this article. Pioneer has a well known name and a history of dependability. Air-Con and Senville use newer technology that allows for greater efficiency.

If you are still undecided, try clicking through to Amazon to see what people have to say about their recent purchases.

We have included a functional search bar in the ad below. It has been prefilled with a search term to show products relevant to the content on this page. Feel free to use it to explore similar products on Amazon. Click on any of the images to be taken to the product listing.

Mobile versions of this web page will not display the search ad to improve the reader’s experience. To make up for this we made this Amazon text link just for you – PIONEER Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 230V

Humidifier vs Nebulizer

This post talks about nebulizers for medical applications like using asthma medication. If you are looking for information about nebulizers that work with essential oils, check out this article.

Humidifiers and nebulizers have a short list of similarities. Humidifiers help add moisture to the air in your home or office. Nebulizers are used to administer medication. has a pretty good description of how to use and clean a nebulizer. The medication used in nebulizers will be prescribed by a doctor. First we provide a short list of uses for humidifiers. Further down the page we give a quick overview of nebulizers, how they function and their uses. All the way at the bottom we go over a few ways that these two devices are similar to each other.


People have a lot of different reasons they use humidifiers.

Vick’s is one of the most well known humidifier manufacturers. They have a strong line up of humidifiers that are useful for any of the reasons we listed above. We have included a functional search bar in the ad below. It has been prefilled with a search term to show products relevant to the content on this page.


People use nebulizers to deliver inhaled medications. The most common use for these medications is to relieve asthma symptoms. For small children, they are much easier to use than pocket sized inhalers. Another advantage they can have over the pocket sized inhalers is that they can deliver more than one medicine at a time. Adults with very severe asthma may use nebulizers as well.

There is not an exhaustive list of uses for nebulizers. They are used to turn liquid medicines into a vapor you can inhale. That’s it!

Nebulizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller, battery powered nebulizers are portable and easy to transport. Others need to be plugged into an outlet on the wall and set up on a table. They work by compressing air and moving that compressed air through the liquid medication. This process turns the liquid into a mist that can be inhaled. Humidifiers may rely on evaporation, use ultrasonic vibrations or heat to turn the water in their tanks into a mist.

The main difference here is that humidifiers need to turn water into a mist and nebulizers are doing the same to a medication. Different asthma medication may have very different properties that do not allow them to be turned into a mist the same way that water can.


If you look back to the list of reasons use humidifiers you may notice that asthma is on that list too. Very dry air can exacerbate asthma symptoms. You can fix this in a number of ways by using whole house humidifiers or a humidifier designed to treat a single room. There’s also the option of using a personal humidifier.

Personal humidifiers come with a mask-like attachment that helps contain the steam so the user can easily breathe it in. A nebulizer without medication in it would function in a similar manner.

Humidifiers vs Nebulizers

This article named some differences and similarities between nebulizers and humidifiers. If you have any questions or would like to see something clarified, leave a comment below! We have included a functional search bar in the ad below. It has been prefilled with a search term to show products relevant to the content on this page.

Best Range Hood for a Gas Stove

Pairing a great range hood with your gas stove can make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you do it right, your new range hood will blend in seamlessly with your current appliances. A range hood that does not have a matching color or that is sized incorrectly will stick out like a sore thumb. We researched a variety of range hood brands and looked for product lines that came in a large number of sizes. This was quite easy to find since most manufacturers know that cabinets and stoves come in a number of different sizes. The next aspect we considered was color matching and we found the same results. Most manufacturers accounted for this as well. The determining factor we encountered that set our favorite brand apart form the others was quality. Based on our research and product comparisons, Broan makes the highest quality range hoods for gas stoves.

There are a few things you still need to consider like the size of the range hood. This is as simple as measuring the space above your stove. Other considerations include how the range hood moves the air that it filters. Some of them pull the air through a filter that captures cooking smells. Others move the air out of your home, similar to the exhaust fans found in bathrooms.

Our top pick for range hoods that work well with gas stoves comes from Broan. They have a wide variety of range hoods to fits your needs. They offer ducted and non-ducted range hoods. Their range hoods also come in a variety of colors and finishes to match the décor of your kitchen. Be sure to check for replaceable filters. Some of their filters can be washed while others need to be replaced. In either case it is important to keep your filter in top condition to filter out cooking odors you do not want lingering around your home.

Broan is the most popular range hood brand for a reason. They make quality products that work and people love the value they get. Many of Broan’s range hood are under $100.

When you are shopping for a range hood it is a good idea to check the user manual. There should be detailed measurements about the various dimensions of the range hood. In this article we will go over the specifications of the Broan 41000 Series range hood.


One of the reasons we picked Broan as the top brand for range hoods is their detailed documentation. It is really important that your range hood lines up perfectly with the cabinets above your stove. Accurate, detailed documentation helps ensure that you can order one range hood and get it installed without needing to return it for the size that actually fits. Broan includes this kind of information in their Amazon pages. If you click through one of the ads below, search for the ‘User Manual’ (usually in the Product Information section). In the User Manual they have detailed pictures showing the dimensions of their range hoods.

We have included a search bar in the ad below to help you find relevant products based on the content of this page.

How to measure your range hood

There are a few different dimensions to measure correctly to make sure your range hood fits the cabinetry above your stove.

  1. Width – The Broad 41000 Series come in four different widths. This measurement is how wide the range hood is right to left. The unit is available in 24, 30, 36 and 42 inch sizes. Broan does make other sizes in other series.
  2. Cabinet-side Depth – This measurement is the distance from the back wall to the face of the cabinets, if present, above your stove. Be sure not to include the door of the cabinet in this measurement. You will want this to match the top of the range hood. For the 41000 series, this is 12 inches.
  3. Stove-side Depth – This measurement is from the back wall to the front of the range hood. It is often larger than the cabinet-side measurement for aesthetic purposes. On the 41000 series this measurement is 17.5 inches.

Best Range Hood for a Gas Stove

We have included a number of detailed instructions to help you get started purchasing a range hood for your gas stove. We encourage you to read through the available documentation on Amazon before making your purchase. This will help ensure that you have an easy and hassle free experience installing a range hood in your home.

Best Space Heater for a Large Room

Buring log

Here’s a quick article on space heaters for large rooms. We specifically picked the DFI-5010-01 as the best space heater for large rooms for several reasons. Ability to heat a large room, up to 1,000 square feet is an obvious reason. It also has a remote and is child and pet safe. Click here to jump down to the product review for the Duraflame DFI-5010-01.

Space heaters are the most energy efficient devices when it comes to supplementing the heat produced by a source which is not adequate or in the case when installing or operating a system for providing centrally heated air becomes too expensive. Selecting a good space heater can be of great importance for cold countries because during winters space heaters consume a significant part of the electricity bill and an essential device in the household.

Usage of a space heater can be quite cheap for warming a small space or room. Additionally, their efficiency is almost 100 percent as there is no loss of heat due to any combustion or due to the damage caused by any ducting. Nearly the whole heat generated by space heaters is confined to the room.

Types of Space Heaters

Heaters operating on fuel such as propane or kerosene are great when used for industrial workplaces as they require very little electricity or sometimes none at all. But they can cause some safety hazards when used in places which have insufficient ventilation.

Space heaters are most suitable for home usage. A large number of space heaters use convection currents for heating a room. Cheap portable space heaters using electric power can be used to supplement the heating effect combined with central systems.

Some of the heaters using electricity also use infrared radiation to warm the room just like the sun which uses infrared rays to increase the temperature of the earth. The energy efficiency of such type of heaters is best as they warm only things that are in their vicinity. They provide transference of heat directly to the people occupying the room and not all over the place. Their beams can be precisely directed to warm a room or a particular area very fast.

Also, just like space heaters using electricity, radiation heaters using oil as a fuel are the best for supplementing an inadequate system used for central heating. They provide noiseless operation, perfect safety, high efficiency and optimum temperature control.

Space heaters used in heating large rooms should not pose any safety hazards to pets and children by maintaining an outer surface which should feel cold when touched. They should also have an automatic shutdown feature to avoid causing fires due to any overheating.

The process of heating by infrared rays maintains the level of humidity in a room which is important as other types of heating can make the air in the place dry. A remote control becomes additionally handy when the room is a bit large.

Saving Energy with Space Heaters

When you use any of the choices given above, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills while keeping your living area and your home comfortably warm.

The following tips can help you save more money:

Select a heater that has a timer or thermostatic control. You can prevent overheating and the wastage of energy in this way. Take the help of a professional person when installing the thermostat control if you are not familiar with the electrical connections.

Buy a heater which can heat your room adequately. Take care of the wattage and avoid buying an oversized heater. Considering a ratio of 10:1 between required wattage to the square feet to be heated, a space heater with a rating of 120 volts and 1500 watts should be sufficient for an area of 150 sq. Ft. with proper insulation, while a heater with a rating of 5000 watts should be enough for an area of about 400 sq. ft.

Always keep the space heater at its lowest setting and powered off when you are not present in the room or using it. It can use up a lot of energy if left in working condition.

The doors and windows should be kept closed to keep the loss of heat to the bare minimum and to keep the heating effect within its maximum limit. More energy is consumed if the heater is powered on and switched off frequently.

Selection of the best space heater depends on various factors as the purpose for which it is being used, the size of the room to be heated and the initial room temperatures. Generally speaking, heaters using oil or heating panels can provide a sure and steady rise of temperature in a room, while heaters using convection currents formed with the help of fans can raise the temperature of the room at a rapid rate.

Review of the Duraflame DFI 5010-01

The DFI 5010-01 has a ton of great features. The first thing to note is that the last digit of the product changes with the color. The 01 in this case means that is the number for the black finish. Here’s a list of all the product codes and colors:

Five different finishes

  • Black – 01
  • Bronze – 02
  • Cinnamon – 03
  • Cream – 04
  • French Grey – 05

The heater produces up to 5,200 BTU which will provide supplemental heat for up to a 1,000 square foot area. It operates off infrared heat. This means the heater won’t dry out the air in the space that it’s heating. That is a great thing to have in the winter. Outside air is already very dry and stealing precious moisture from your skin and airways.

The 3D flame effect is only for looks. The flames can operate at 5 different brightness levels independently of the amount of heat produced.

It has a cool touch exterior that makes it safe for children and pets to be around. The adjustable thermostat lets you decide the temperature of your room. If you only want the space heater to run for a certain amount of time, you can set it for 30 minutes up to 9 hours. There’s also a convenient remote control so you can easily change the way the heater is working from a distance. Since this is an electric heater there is no additional installation required like adding an exhaust pipe or routing fuel lines.

Best Fan for White Noise

natural silence, a forest in winter

There are a lot of different options for generating white noise. In this article we specifically focus on fans. Fans are generally the most cost effective way to generate white noise. Because of this our top pick is the ]Kaz Honeywell HT-904 Tabletop Air-Circulator Fan. It’s quite affordable compared to some of the white noise machines on the market today. The Honeywell HT-904 can easily be less than half the price of white noise machines. We have one pictured on the right. The price does make some sense since there are a lot of options that come with it. If you don’t need those options, then there’s no need to pay for them.

Another reason we picked the HT-904 as the best fan for white noise is the adjustable speed. You can turn up the speed to have the fan make louder white noise to drown out bothersome sounds.

If you want to use the fan in your child or infant’s room this fan is still a great choice. The guards on the front and back on the fan can keep their tiny fingers from touching the spinning blades.

Lastly the Honeywell fan can turn the direction of air flow to a very high angle. This means you can basically blow the air at the ceiling. This will keep it from blowing in your face as you try to sleep or disturbing papers in your workspace.

Feel free to keep reading for some more information on white noise.

What is white noise?

There are many contexts in which the term white noise is used. We will focus on the white noise you can hear in this article.

The word gets its name from the word white light. Like white light has all the colors in it, so white noise is also a mixture of many noises and audible frequencies. It is not every possible sound.  White noise the combination of only those frequencies detectable by the human ear. These are the sounds in the frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz.

What is the use of white noise?

The white noise can efficiently mask unwanted sounds of all audible frequencies. It can be of great use in certain situations.

For the users, once they get used to the effect of white noise, it no longer bothers them and merges with the background thereby masking all other unwanted sounds.

So let us try to find various uses of white noise.

1. Helps to be sound sleep by stopping unwanted sounds

If you are a light sleeper, which gets disturbed by external sounds, then white noise can block these sounds for you at night. It can mask the sound of traffic or the television, especially if you cannot stop it.

As white noise is a combination of all audible frequencies, so it fills your ear, and you are not able to hear other external disturbing sounds.

If you wish to increase the effect of white noise, then you need to make it loud merely enough, and all unwanted sounds will be blocked from reaching you.

2. Helps babies to sleep and relax

Babies are highly susceptible to external sounds and get disturbed by them in the night. In such situations, white noise can help drown the external sounds, and you can make the babies relax and sleep longer.

It has been observed that in womb babies are accustomed to hearing the sound of blood flow, so they feel somewhat comfortable with the white noise effect.

3. Can help improve concentration

I am writing this article and side by side enjoying my favorite music too. One can also hear the noise of traffic very clearly from the workplace, which is profoundly disturbing. The sound of car horns, loud noise from motorbikes, beeping horns of trucks, etc. disturb a lot.

Mostly, it gets used by people working in various other noise polluted environments, like people working at some manufacturing unit, or by people working at some heavy machinery engineering units.

Many people have done a significant research to check its effect on children when they are trying to focus on their studies and specifically on kids who have issues in concentrating on what they are doing.

So, as of now, this sounds a like a developing field, which may still need lots of research. In my personal opinion, white noise is much soothing as compared to listening to the noise pollution which gets created by everyday traffic.

4. Promotes relaxation for mind

But the white noise we get to hear on television doesn’t get considered as safe and good for our health, but natural nature sound gets considered. Presently, various soundtrack creators are busy creating and recording different natural sounds of nature like sounds of waterfalls, oceans, the chirping of birds, rivers, the sound of rain, etc.… these are just a few examples which are considered peaceful and relaxing.

But this may not be true for everyone, as every person is different and may even support the point that the best way to enjoy nature is to just listen to each and every sound.

Where can you find the best white noise?

Nowadays there are many newer types of options available if anyone is interested in white noise audios. The best and the most comfortable option is to just set your television to some empty channel slot or in case of radio you can only set the radio’s frequency to a channel where there is no transmission available.

One can also buy the white noise gadgets, which have been specially created to let you hear various soothing nature sounds or specifically white noise. With the internet doing everything for all of us, there are many websites which will design it for us that too free.