Rtic Softpak 30 Vs 20

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, sports fan, traveler, or one of the 40 million Americans who go camping each year, you know you need the right gear to keep you cool on the trail.

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to coolers for any of your outdoor needs, but a Rtic Softpak cooler is the most economical, most durable, and most lightweight for your needs. Campers and outdoor sports fans use the Softpak every day to keep their cans, food, and other necessities cool as a cucumber when it’s warm outside.

But what’s the difference in the Rtic soft cooler 30 and the Softpak 20? We break it down to help you make the best buying decision you can.

Why a Rtic Soft Cooler?

When you’re camping, hiking, or trying to keep your bulk down, you’ll want a soft cooler instead of a hard one. Despite their shells, hard coolers are not more durable than the soft ones.

And soft-sided coolers are much easier to pack out when they’re empty because they can fold up smaller and don’t have to be lugged around. Pro hikers and campers love a soft-sided cooler because they can pack it in their backpacks or camping packs after it’s empty. They often couple a cooler with camping stoves with legs.

Rtic soft coolers are the best you’ll find because they are made of extra durable fabric and keep cans and other items colder longer than most soft-sided coolers out there. There’s a reason campers from all over the world stand by their Rtic to keep their perishables at arctic cold temperatures!

Rtic Softpak 30

The Rtic Softpak 30 holds 30 cans and has thick insulation and a tight-fitting lid opening. It’s a perfect larger mid-sized cooler, and it’s about half the price of a Yeti that’s the same size. It can hold ice for three to five days if it’s kept in the right environment.

There’s a pocket on the front for a bottle opener, key, or other small items. And it’s been said that the zippers on the Rtic soft coolers can be difficult to open and close. It’s all due to the impeccable seal that your food, snacks, or drinks will have when they’re enclosed in your Rtic Softpak cooler.

Rtic Softpak 20

Just as sleek and well-designed as its larger cousin, the Rtic Softpak 20 holds less material, but it just as expertly crafted. It can hold 20 cans, and also has several days worth of ice retention. These soft coolers really give Yeti a run for their money — and the price is right!

The only real difference between the Rtic soft cooler 20 and the Softpak 30 is the size of the interior. One holds 20 cans, and one holds more than two dozen. This means one holds more food than the other, as well.

The Soft Cooler Size for You

Whether you need a small-to-medium sized soft-sided cooler or a larger-to-medium sized container, Rtic Softpaks are the way to go! Campers, hikers, sports fans, and day-trippers everywhere agree: Rtic soft coolers pack in tons of cool and value!

Next time you need a cooler, consider one of these great little soft-sided wonders!

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