The Best Window Fan

The best window fan is reliable and powerful. Rain or shine your window fan will help keep your room cooler and feeling great. In this article we talk about the most important features to look for when buying a window fan. Near the end of this article we have a nice table that helps you compare features and find the best window fan for your home.

Benefits of using a Window Fan

Window fans are a great solution to a number of problems:

Removing cooking smells

Removing the heat and humidity from cooking

Cooling your home or room

Providing white noise to help you fall asleep more easily

Removing chemicals or fumes from cleaning or painting


Window fan features

What does a great window fan look like?

Here are the four most important features to consider when purchasing a window fan for your home:

Rain resistant – The air in your home will become more humid during rainy weather. This is one of the times you will want your household window fan the most. Make sure the one you get is rain resistant.

Airflow – The best window fans have two fans in them with multiple blades on each fan. The window fan needs to be strong enough to move a lot of air if you want it to help ventilate your entire room. If there is a single fan in the window there will be a lot of ‘wasted space’ due to the shape of the fan. Window openings are square or rectangular. The best way to fill that space is with two circles instead of one. Window fans with three fans in them use smaller blades. While the overall blade count is higher, the size of the blades is smaller. We recommend window fans with two fans unless there is a unique constraint from the shape or size of the window it will be installed in.

Extender Panels – It is unlikely that the window fan you purchase will be exactly the same size as the window you intend to use it in. The best window fans come with extenders included. These extenders fill in the space between the fan and the window to keep out bugs and rain.

Adjustable speed – Moving air creates noise, there is no way around it. It is important to be able to adjust the speed of your fan and lower the noise level. Some people appreciate the white noise provided by fans to help them get to sleep. If the fan is too loud it may keep you up at night. The noise of a window fan can also make watching TV or listening to music difficult too. Again, and adjustable speed setting can solve these problems.

Extra Features

In the table we also highlight a few nice-to-have features. Here’s a quick description of these features.

Adjustable thermostat – This is one of the nicest features to have in a window fan. The fan will only run when the desired temperature is reached. An adjustable thermostat can keep your pets comfortable during the day while you are at work or away from home. At night the thermostat does it’s job while you sleep soundly.

Type of control – There are a few different types of manual controls. We combine all of these and simply label them ‘manual.’ The other type of control is with a remote. A remote is nice because you do not need to walk over to the fan to change the settings.

Reversible airflow – Some models have electronically reversible airflow. This means you can press a button or toggle a switch to reverse the airflow. If the unit does not have electronically reversible airflow that means you will need to remove the fan from the window and install it the other way to change the airflow. In spring and fall when temperatures may fluctuate, the electronic version is a lot more convenient.

Window Fan Reviews

The fans listed below have all of the important qualities mentioned above and we highlight which ones have extra features. We organized them in a table to make further comparison easy. All the way at the bottom of this article we show you our top choice and it’s outstanding features. Because of the strict standards we imposed on our choices there are only three fans in the table. Most window fans available on the market today are not rated to be used when it is raining. We believe that this feature is very important for your safety.

And the best window fan is…

The Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control – this fan meets all of the ‘important’ criteria we established in the first part of this article. It also has all of the extra features we highlighted like an adjustable thermostat. The single aspect that sets it apart is the remote control.


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