What Are the Best Mini Split AC Brands?

It’s blistering hot outdoors and you can hardly take it anymore. Unfortunately, your indoor environment isn’t giving you as much of the reprieve from the heat as you’d like to have.

Fortunately, there’s a mini split air conditioner (AC) out there with your name on it.

A mini split AC is a wonderful investment if indoor comfort is a priority for you. It can also be a costly mistake if you choose one that’s wrong for you.

Here’s a rundown on the hottest mini split AC brands to choose from this summer. In this review style article we cover the following mini split AC brands:

  • Pioneer
  • Kilmaire
  • Senville
  • DuctlessAire

You can also check out this huge article here that compares even more brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin. The linked article focuses more on the heating capacities and outdoor operating temperatures. It is also a much more technical read.

We separated out the better cooling models and organized this article to focus on the cooling capacities of each mini split. With all that said…

Let’s get started!

What Exactly Are Mini Split ACs?

Before we go over the best mini split AC brands out there, let’s take a quick look at how this piece of equipment works.

A mini split AC has a number of possible applications in homes as well as institutional and commercial buildings.

This type of unit is especially handy if you have added on to your home. That’s because sometimes it’s simply not feasible to install distribution ductwork or extend your existing ductwork to accommodate your home addition.

A mini split is similar to a central AC or heating system in that it has two chief components: an air-handling part that is located indoors, and a condenser/compressor part that is located outside.

There’s also a conduit that houses your condensate drain, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing and power cable. This conduit links your indoor and outdoor units.

Benefits of Mini Split ACs

A major benefit of a mini split AC compared with its central cooling or heating system is that it is smaller in size. It also offers flexibility for cooling and heating individual rooms.

On top of this, a ductless system is usually simpler to install compared with other types of systems designed to condition spaces. And since it doesn’t feature any ducts, you won’t lose as much energy as you do with the ductwork of a central system.

Also, you can mount a mini split in a spot of your choice inside your home. For example, you could attach it to a room’s wall or suspend it from the room’s ceiling. You could also mount it flush into your room’s drop ceiling.

Now let’s take a glimpse at the most in-demand mini splits around and their unique benefits.

1. Pioneer Ductless AC

We’re starting this list with Pioneer because it is known across the globe for generating some of the top ductless ACs.

This particular AC model features a high-quality heat pipe. That means you can use it as a powerful heater, too.

The unit’s inverter compressor operates at different speeds to help you to maintain your desired indoor air temperature. As a result, the Pioneer Ductless AC is very low maintenance and extremely quiet.

Another reason this AC unit is so in demand has to do with its convenient WiFi capability. The unit also features a handy remote control for adjusting your room temperature virtually from anywhere at your house, for greater comfort.

In addition, you can toggle your temperature to decrease your energy consumption and thus lower your utility bill.

Many restaurant and bar owners have purchased these units and claim that they are very easy to install. This is a major benefit for those who may not be very technically inclined.

Here are a few advantages of these AC units:

  • Heating capacity of 11,800 British thermal units (BTU)
  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 16 (anything at least 13 and above is generally considered efficient)
  • Liquid-crystal display (LCD) wireless remote
  • Air filters that are washable
  • Four operating modes: heating, cooling, ventilation, and dehumidification

2. Pioneer AC and Heater (Wall Mounted)

This is yet another Pioneer brand AC unit that we would be remiss to exclude from this list.

This AC unit is known for its extremely high efficiency. In fact, it’s among the best ones on sale when it comes to being energy efficient. So, it’s a great choice if you’re serious about trimming your AC bill this summer.

However, you can use the unit for both heating and cooling with the press of a button, which makes it handy for year-round use.

Here are some of the major benefits of this wall-mounted AC unit:

  • Heating capacity of 23,475 BTU
  • Cooling capacity of 19,900 BTU
  • SEER of 21.3
  • Two-zone heat pump
  • WiFi programming
  • Auto swing discharge louvers

The con of this mini split? It’s pricier compared with similar units.

3. Pioneer AC, Ductless Inverter

This Pioneer mini split AC is also worth a look if you’re ready to control your indoor temperature more efficiently.

This unit has been widely praised for its functionality and compact design. It’s also received accolades for being the easiest on to wash.

The unit comes with a permanent filter that you can wash and then reuse over and over again. This will extend your unit’s life and makes it easier to maintain.

Here are some other highlights of this AC unit:

  • Heating capacity of 11,800 BTU
  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • SEER of 22.5
  • Arctic heating
  • LCD wireless remote
  • The ability to get down to negative 12 degrees Fahrenheit

The disadvantage of this unit? Your unit’s warranty will be valid only if you have a licensed contractor install it.

4. MRCOOL Ductless Unit

If you’re looking for a relatively super-easy mini split AC to install, look no further than this unit.

The MRCOOL Ductless unit comes with an easy-to-use design and electrical connections. These features make setting up the unit a breeze for just about anybody.

The great thing about this MRCOOL unit is that it’s not only user-friendly but also it has a powerful motor. As a result, you can expect your room to cool down in seconds.

In other words, you’ll enjoy the cooling capacity that comes with high-end units, but you won’t pay a high-end price. You can’t beat that.

Another reason to go with MRCOOL?

It comes with a nifty remote control that makes this unit among the most efficient units today from a cost standpoint.

You’ll also love this unit if you have an Apple or Android tablet or phone. The unit comes with a mobile application that is compatible with these tablet and smartphone systems. On the app, you can find all of the information you need to help you to use this ductless AC properly.

Here are a few of this unit’s major benefits:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER of 16
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year warranty on parts

The disadvantage of this particular unit? Don’t expect the WiFi to be perfect all of the time.

5. MRCOOL SEER Ductless Unit

This is another MRCOOL unit you can’t pass up.

The manual outlines the unit’s features, specifications, and installation process. And many purchasers of these units say that setting them up is easy.

The unit comes with a mobile app that works with Apple and Android operating systems.

Here are some other benefits of this unit:

  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • SEER of 17.5
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year parts warranty
  • Less costly compared with similar units

A potential flaw of this unit to watch out for? The thermometer may malfunction.

6. MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Unit

This is yet another MRCOOL brand option that may be worth looking at.

Many customers have praised this unit for its several fan speeds combined with its multiple operating modes. Thanks to these features, you should have no problem maintaining the right temperature in your home.

Like the other MRCOOL unit options, this do-it-yourself unit is easy to install using basic tools. It comes with a pre-charged line. So, all you have to do is connect the unit’s parts and then enjoy the cool air it produces.

A couple of other perks of this particular MRCOOL unit is its temperature compensation and automatic restart capabilities. It can even detect leaking refrigerant and comes with a convenient sleep mode.

Check out these major benefits of the MRCOOL DIY unit:

Cooling capacity of 18,000 BTU

  • SEER of 16
  • Direct current inverter technology
  • Seven-year compressor warranty
  • Five-year parts warranty
  • WiFi access plus applications

The main issue with this system? Some customers have complained about occasional mobile app issues.

7. Klimaire Ductless Unit

You’ll find Klimaire mini split units mostly in the United Kingdom. However, the company recently came out with a mini split AC in North America that features cutting-edge direct current inverter technology.

The perk of this AC unit? It will give your room a consistent temperature.

But that’s not all.

The inverter will also help with dehumidification, which means your air will be healthier overall. This is a feature you won’t find in all units.

Another major advantage of this unit is the remote control that comes with it. With it, you can set your room temperature without ever having to get up. It even has a scheduling option.

Let’s check out some of this AC unit’s biggest benefits:

  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • 24,000 BTU power option as well
  • SEER of 16
  • Four-in-one system (dehumidifier, fan, cooling and heating)
  • Compressor warranty (five years) and parts warranty (one year)
  • Low-power ambient mode

The chief con of this unit? It does not come with a mobile app.

8. Senville AC Unit

This is another stellar mini split AC choice, as it is powerful and has received an Energy Star rating award.

During the summer, you can expect your room temperature to drop to as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll likewise experience wonderful heating results during the winter.

Let’s take a glimpse at this unit’s major perks:

Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU

  • SEER as high as 25
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Four-in-one system (dehumidifier, fan, cooling and heating)
  • Compressor warranty (seven years) and parts warranty (three years)
  • Low-power ambient cooling

The only negative of this unit? It might be a little trickier to install compared with other AC units.

9. Senville Split AC and Heat Pump

Thanks to this mini split’s dual capability, it remains among the most in-demand ACs available today. The unit is made to both cool and heat rooms, so you can take advantage of it all year long.

One of the unit’s most unique features is its whisper technology.

With the Whisper technology, the unit won’t produce much sound when you turn the AC on. This feature makes it ideal for places where silence is important — like in your child’s bedroom or in a library or office space.

Here are some of the perks of this AC unit:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER of 15
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Low-power ambient kit
  • Compressor warranty (five years)

The drawback of this AC unit? Professional installation is required.

10. DuctlessAire Mini Split AC

This mini split AC brand is perfect for just about any area type or room size. This is because it comes with a variety of cooling capacity options.

With its high-performance engine, this DuctlessAire unit can cool a large room with lofty ceilings in just minutes — and without overheating.

And because of its high-quality inverter technology, this mini split can heat and cool efficiently year round.

Also, since it has received an Energy Star rating award, you’ll save more money with this unit than you would with some other units.

Here’s a peek at some of this mini split’s advantages:

  • Cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU
  • SEER as high as 20.5
  • Sleep mode, turbo mode and auto restart
  • The ability to detect a refrigerant leak
  • Compressor warranty (seven years) and parts warranty (five years)
  • High-efficiency particulate air filter

The drawback of this DuctlessAire unit? It’s super expensive compared with other units.

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